Just now, I made a preliminary estimate that the horizontal range of the King Kong gun break is five meters long, but it is more than twice as wide as that of my frost wyrm break. It is estimated that it should be 1/5 more than that of frost wyrm break, and the wide range of skills is probably the biggest move I have seen now.
Coca-Cola coughed twice and praised, "The attack power of the Star King Kong Gun has been broken by the boss frost wyrm, but the attack range of the knife wave is wider than that of frost wyrm. I don’t know how much it will take. It seems that we have another main force when we go to brush the monster."
"The range is good, but the damage is lower. If the attack power can be strengthened, the effect should be better." Coke and ice said that the stave read the ice magic spell in one fell swoop. "Great ice goddess, please spread your cold to the world and give your opponent a cold attack! Glacier dash "
After the coke ice spell, a vast glacier appeared immediately behind him and was rushing slowly towards the members of the Tiger Shark Gang in front.
Just after everyone released the ice-rushing skill with coke and ice, it was over, but he raised his staff again. Nuo Nuo said to himself, "Great ice goddess, please pour your cold on people and freeze the enemy’s department in front of you for thousands of miles!"
When the glacier broke into the tiger shark gang members’ first contact, the thousands of miles of ice just blocked the mobility of the tiger shark gang. At that time, all the tiger shark gangs were frozen, and it was hard to get close to each other. At the same time, 513, 532, 546, 535, ……………………………………………………………………….
It turns out that the first time Coke added ice to perform glacier dash is a continuous attack skill, and opponents will be continuously attacked if they dash in the glacier.
Generally speaking, the opponent’s health will not be lost in vain after being hit by a glacier, so coke and ice will give them thousands of miles of ice at the moment when they contact the glacier, which not only blocks their mobility, but also enables the glacier to attack and damage more permanently.
It was after 35 seconds of freezing that hundreds of tiger shark gang members were killed by seconds.
After all, 5 points of damage per second is not a small amount. They have been hit by the stars and the sky once, and they have been hit by a combination attack of glaciers rushing thousands of miles into the ice before they can recover their health. If this can not die, then he must be lucky to the extreme.
After these two wars, the Tiger Shark Gang was completely extinct. After all, the peripheral members of a gang are mostly but the main members are rare. The peripheral members are more or less the style of the gang, while the main members are more or less the strength of the gang.
The main members of the Tiger Shark Gang say that there are nearly two people, but when it comes to the elite of the main force, it is just right that two people occupy one tenth of the main force. This time, the face shark and the face tiger are dispatched to the narrow path, and the two members they carry are the main elite of the Tiger Shark Gang. In other words, the dispatched people are already the whole elite of the Tiger Shark Gang.
Two elite members are considerable in the eyes of other small and medium-sized gangs. After all, elite members occupy almost one tenth of the main force, which is lower than that of the seven gangs. Compared with those small gangs, they are really powerful. I don’t know how many, which makes the tiger shark gang look particularly arrogant.
It’s the tiger shark gang leader, the face shark. I believe that two main elite members were easily destroyed by the Dragon Soul Organization, and it seems that there is still room for them to attack. After all, whether it’s the coke and ice goddess spear or the Avengers photo, they haven’t been dispatched yet!
Lying on the ground and waiting for a minute to refresh and resurrect the human face shark knows that the Tiger Shark Gang is nearing the point of being removed from the China area of the world after this battle. At the same time, he also knows how terrible the Dragon Soul Organization is, and it can kill its own Tiger Shark Gang with ease. So if they can do it, which gang can resist it?
Now the shark with a human face finally knows what the seven gangs are talking about: skyfire magic dragon skyfire gang or bully crazy axe bully gang, or iron wolf arrogant iron wolf gang or rose purple rose to help the enemy Xiaoqiang and domineering strong flying gang. Even Qinglong Four Holy Beasts and God-eating God-eating gang adopt affinity policies for the dragon soul organization.
Because the strength of the dragon soul organization is so terrible that even the shark with a human face now has to admit that the dragon soul organization has made him feel fear.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Let a person fear dragon soul organization ()
"Let’s go to the Tiger Shark Gang Base." I looked around at the members of the Tiger Shark Gang who were cleaned up again. I looked at the west side of the narrow path, that is, the headquarters of the Tiger Shark Gang. I smiled evilly. "If the Tiger Shark Gang is so easily destroyed, don’t you feel very enjoyable?"
Coca-Cola leaned in and asked, "Boss, do you have any brilliant ideas?"
I said slowly, "I remember that when monsters attacked the city, there seemed to be a lot of experience. Helping Qinglong every time made our experience go up a lot, and our equipment was refreshed. Today, since we’re here, we have to mix up our experience first, no matter what, or we’ll be too sorry for the tiger shark to help build and help the token."
"Boss, you mean … we help the tiger sharks defend the city?" Star Wu Tian said discontentedly, "This seems to be a little different from our goal here today, doesn’t it? Just a tiger shark gang, a small gang that has a problem with our dragon soul organization, why should we spend manpower and material resources to help defend the city? Boss, you’re not crazy, are you? "
"You are crazy!" I berated the star Wu Tian Hou and explained, "Anyway, even if we don’t destroy the tiger shark gang, they can’t resist the third wave of great apes, so let’s make a good profit and consider it as interest here."
Even if the main force is here, the Tiger Shark Gang may not be able to resist the attack of the great ape. What’s worse, is the main force annihilated? It’s only a matter of time before the Tiger Shark Gang collapses. Therefore, compared with Tiger Shark Gang, Dragon Soul Group cares more about the monster siege and a lot of experience.
Since we have decided to brush the blame, of course, we can’t let the first two waves of experience be given to the members of the Tiger Shark Gang in vain.
When our small group of people marched to the tiger shark gang headquarters in a mighty way,
It’s been 5 or 6 minutes since the Tiger Shark Gang set off with the elite members of the Human Face Tiger, but the players in the gang still haven’t received the news (the dead player sent a message from Fa, so the news that the Tiger Shark Gang 2 elite army was wiped out has not reached other players in the Tiger Shark Gang today), which makes the gang camp fall into a terrible depression.
The temporary commander of the West Gate Wall of Tiger Shark Gang is appointed by the human face shark. The devil is crying and is anxiously looking out of the city at the moment. But in his dream, the price of building a help token is ten million yuan. The devil is crying and cooperating with dozens of friends to burst out, so it is no less important for him to establish the tiger shark gang than the leader, the human face shark.
It is precisely because of this that the face shark will appoint the devil to cry in the gang before leaving. After all, the temporary commander will build a help token, but the devil will cry and bring it back to the face shark. The face shark has absolute belief that the devil is crying.
Other members of the Tiger Shark Gang naturally have no objection to the designation of the temporary commander of the demon crying. After all, the other party’s contribution to the Tiger Shark Gang has reached tens of millions of gold coins. If he is not qualified to be the temporary commander, who can be qualified to be the temporary commander?
"haven’t you joined the shark master?" The devil is crying and drinking at the moment and asks, "how do we assassins explore?" It’s been so long. What, there’s not even any news? The leader of the human face shark and the deputy leader of the human face tiger are carrying two main elites in the gang. Can’t this strength be destroyed? "
Two main elites VS a small single-digit team. I’m afraid the outcome will be known before the war. After all, two main elites can be destroyed to one player in a joint attack. Even if the other small team is dozens of times stronger than hundreds of troops, there is only a case of hatred.
Although the opponent is now talking about the world’s wind and cloud gang-Dragon Soul Organization, in absolute force, the devil is crying and really won’t recognize his own side. It is precisely because of this confidence that he will be willing to act as a temporary commander.
Because he believes that if the individual strength of the Dragon Soul Organization is discussed, it may be very strong. After all, players need some common sense to know that all members of the Dragon Soul Organization are masters. However, team warfare pays attention to the tactical transport of troops, and it is difficult to defeat four hands with two fists. No matter how strong the individual strength is, it will be wiped out with dozens of troops.
"Report!" At this time, a hand rushed to the devil anxiously and told him in front of crying, "The scout pioneer assassin has replied that the two main elites, the leader of the human face shark and the deputy leader of the human face tiger, were wiped out in the coordinate army of the narrow path … Yulong Soul Organization has not detected the fall yet."
"What? Two main elite troops were wiped out? " He was a little surprised that two main members were directly destroyed, and it didn’t matter that the demon was crying when a shark and a tiger were destroyed. After all, there were many experts in dragon soul organization, but the instantaneous lethality of group warfare was amazing.
"To stick to the gate! Now, we are still braking and should change. "The devil is crying, and his mood is not comparable to that of a shark with a face."
After all, the token to build the guild is not bought by the human face shark, but contributed by the devil crying. Therefore, even if the tiger shark gang creates an adult face shark, there will be no loss. At best, it is only a small regret, but the devil crying is different. Once the tiger shark gang is not created, it will lose more than 10 million gold coins.
When our team arrived not far from the West Gate of Tiger Shark Gang, the demon on the tower was crying and immediately reacted. He quickly ordered the guards around, "All people pay attention to the enemy’s presence. Archers give me arrows and prepare to shoot at my command."
The devil is crying. Just after ordering the archers around him, Hong Liangyin has arrived. "Listen to us, city people. Both your master’s face shark and deputy master’s face tiger have died in the hands of our boss Avengers. We may be merciful to spare you from dying, or we will leave no one behind when the city is broken."
The city star Wu Tian felt that it was not enough, and immediately added a few words, "I also know that your level is difficult to practice. If you don’t want to be demoted, get out of the tiger shark gang station immediately and give you three minutes. After three minutes, we will take siege measures. Players will still stay in the city, so don’t blame me for not waking you up."
After the edification of these words, the tiger shark and the tiger with human face have been hung in each other’s hands, and the tiger shark gang headquarters is in a mess.
Those who have just joined the new members in the periphery know how powerful the Dragon Soul organization is. The theory of terror is whether the Avenger frost wyrm breaks or shines, or the Coke and Ice Goddess Spear. Those are all skills of mass destruction for fear of demotion. Players immediately hit the gang, click to quit the gang, and then immediately take out the scroll back to the city and leave the tiger shark gang station directly.
Some main members of the Tiger Shark Gang naturally associate themselves with their own side after hearing that the tiger shark’s human face and tiger’s department have collapsed. Two main elites should no longer be afraid of the tiger shark gang. The main members also chose to quit the gang and then took out a scroll and left the gang headquarters.
After the statistical results, the tiger shark gang members were scared off by the words "Star Warring States", accounting for about 35% of the total number, and the famous star Warring States brand even carried out the saying that the China region of the world has reached the point of being at home.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Tiger Shark Battalion ()
"Boss has arrived in three minutes." Star Wu Tian looked at the west gate and was already full of power. When he turned his mouth to the fence at the west gate, he said, "Boss, look at your performance. I think a move by frost wyrm should be able to break three defenses, one strength and two wooden fences?"
Tiger Shark helped the construction of this gang, and it can be said that it has already benefited. Even the extremely expensive wooden fence has been purchased for three times at one time, and it has been placed at the original swing gate to the maximum extent.
In fact, the so-called sturdiness of the wooden fence is the same as the player’s health. Once the sturdiness of the wooden fence is consumed, the wooden fence will be destroyed, and the only one who can restore the sturdiness of the wooden fence in a war situation is the vice industry carpenter player. Therefore, the post-gang war carpenter will also be a light occupation.
Of course, the wooden fence is the most basic defense means among all the city gates. If you successfully defend the monster siege and successfully create a gang headquarters, you can also spend gold coins to upgrade the wooden fence into an iron fence, and then there are bronze fences, silver fences and gold fences
After upgrading to a gold fence, it has reached the peak of fence, and then it can be upgraded. However, if the gang headquarters has been upgraded to a village, it can spend a lot of gold coins to turn the gold fence into a wooden gate. Of course, the defense and robustness of this wooden gate are not better than that of even a silver fence.
The only advantage of wooden city gate is that it can be upgraded to iron city gate, bronze city gate and the highest peak of silver city gate. According to official sources, the defense and firmness of bronze city gate are slightly higher than that of gold fence. The Golden Gate is said that even a level 6 fairy beast needs three or five rounds of attack to burst the Golden Gate.
It can be said that the importance of the golden gate in siege fighting is no less than that of the fairy and the artifact. After all, if the other party can’t break the gate, then we can severely attack the other party in the city wall, but the other party has nothing to do.
I’m afraid the Tiger Shark Gang will be broken this time. I said slowly, weighing the grass blade in my hand. It seems that three wooden fences need 30,000 gold coins to buy them. If you convert them into cash, that’s 30,000 RMB. Alas, I really can’t bear to think that this move of breaking frost wyrm means destroying 30,000 gold coins.
"Come on, boss," Coca-Cola immediately said when he saw me with such an expression, "The whole China area knows boss, but you earned 360,000 gold coins converted into cash in the First Martial Art Club, which is 360,000 RMB. I don’t believe that the billionaire boss cares about just 30,000 gold coins."
Since Coca-Cola said so, it would be a little petty if I cared about the 30 thousand gold coins any more.
When the wrist shook, the blade of the grass shovel sword immediately emitted bursts of cold light. It was after frost wyrm broke his hand for three seconds that he accumulated. When frost wyrm broke the sword and came out, my figure flashed and I drifted to the gate of the tiger shark gang by teleportation.
A blade of grass shovel blows a blade of frost wyrm through the sword and majestically impacts the three-story wooden fence.
The whole city wall was shaken, followed by a three-story wooden fence, which collapsed and shattered by frost wyrm.
"What a terrible power!" The demon on the wall was crying and was shocked by the impact of frost wyrm just now. It was an instant shattering of the three-story wooden fence. frost wyrm’s breaking power seems to be stronger than what he said. After a lot of regrets, the demon cried and immediately ordered, "The Knights are ready to charge the target Avengers!"
After the demon was crying and ordered to be armed behind the wooden fence, the knights immediately rode their horses and made their first charge towards the Avengers.
Looking at the impact of the knights, I immediately summoned the flying horse with the holy horn, quickly clicked the riding function and turned over the horse’s back directly. However, at this time, the charging knights were close at hand, and I quickly shook the reins and the white wings of the flying horse with the holy horn flew high in front of the knights’ melee.
The demon on the wall was crying. It used to rely on the speed of the knight’s charge to intercept the Avengers quickly. Unfortunately, a flying horse was killed halfway. The strategy evaded the siege of the knights. Fortunately, the height of the flying horse is not very high now, so the demon was crying and immediately issued an order "The Knights are ready to throw the target Avengers!"
"The little white target wall commander demon is crying!" Riding the flying horse with the sacred horn in the sky, I reached the attack order while drinking the blue medicine. Hey, there are 5 points left in health and mana. Now I have to drink the blue medicine once for a trick of magic. It’s really troublesome.
When the Knights of the City Wall threw the pike, the white heaven cross also broke out. The holy cross light "whoosh" like a laser beam directly hit the city wall. The devil was crying. 679 The injury floated from the devil’s crying body. It is shameful to be the first in the pet list of the Holy Horn Flying Horse.