Others are as happy as their first love, and we kill like monsters; Others cinema our highlands; Others tear down the set and we tear down the tower;
Others buy our group.
Ask the street people to buy a bunch of flowers! Let’s ask passers-by to buy eyes!
Onion asks everyone to vote for a red dot collection! )
Chapter two hundred and one The saddest thing is not being killed.
A meat shield is surrounded by the opposite side of the tower, so there is a general result.
That is to see who can hold on long enough!
Unless it’s a bat’s face without a tower and a half-meat shield, the defensive tower around the target will always be a huge threat to the attacker.
However, for professional teams, although this threat is huge, it is not insurmountable.
For example, sharing harm or taking turns to win hatred!
At this time, the target dragon rode in the hands of come and didn’t choose to enter the Woods for the first time. Is it because come didn’t find himself being swam?
It’s impossible, although the former POM team has never shown its way to protect its eyes and there is no trace of the opposite side since it shot the residual blood through a cloud arrow and solved the wild mystery.
However, Lin Feng is not a rookie who has just entered the DOA professional league. Besides, the passerby bureau 2+ competition has not been played for a day or two.
At this time, POM’s big move or trick fog can achieve the way of approaching oneself unnoticed. Besides, judging from the performance of line harmony face mending knife.
Has been very stable and harmonious face unexpectedly lost two very simple knives in this wave of soldiers!
This is not normal.
It’s very abnormal to be able to play in a top club like A, and it may be a careless result for a player to lose the first patch under pressure, but if he loses the second patch, it proves that something will happen at this time.
What is it usually?
Either GANK or GANK!
Before the addition, the mystery was taken away, although I didn’t directly see how the opponent judged that DCG was playing wild in the mystery field, but there was a harmonious face from the line.
In fact, it is not difficult to judge that the dragon riding is likely to be the object of wandering.
However, at this time, Lin Feng still chose to continue the wretched tower instead of pulling the dragon riding into the forest, and harvested a wave of soldiers with limited blue quantity.
At this time, when the clown moved, he harvested a wave of soldiers just as the dragon rode on the dragon’s breath. POM shot an arrow and directly fired an arrow from the wild point.
At this time, I have been nervous. Lin Feng moved the dragon riding. What did he do at this time?
There is a movement of Lin Feng’s left hand on the keyboard, which is directly pulled from the left side of the keyboard to the right side of the keyboard.
Reach for the keypad number keys!
What’s there?
There is BKB!
When the clown POM shoots an arrow, Lin Feng moves before the arrow appears in the dragon riding field of vision!
Actually, shouldn’t the POM arrow appear first, and then the harmonious face is riding gorgeously with the dragon to avoid the POM arrow and then cooperate with the defensive tower to kill the harmonious face?
Wrong, this is a passerby’s drama. In the professional league, these are pediatrics!
Because your roots can’t escape this arrow, because there are no soldiers on both sides in the tower of the former Dragon Ride Harvest Line, and Fang Xiaobing, the former natural disaster, gave the corpse a short view. At this time, the White Tiger Arrow also calculated two kinds of front quantities
In the clown calculation, the dragon riding is most likely to enter the forest on the right side of a defensive tower, and the POM arrow is shot directly from the left to the right.
It’s almost diagonal.