I decided to see my grandma again, and I want to have a good talk with her.
I want to solemnly tell grandma that I am no longer a child, and it is time for me to learn something. Don’t lose contact like this, at least let me know where she is.
I also want to tell grandma that I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend’s name is Xie Yiming.
The bus will come soon. Xie Yiming and I will take the bus to Xiangbiao Street in fz City.
Bus I heard someone say again that some of them took the bus last night and received the change from the bus master.
As soon as this incident was mentioned, the bus passengers all begged the bus master to be too wicked and want to get rich.
We sat on the bus master and listened to everyone talking about the immoral thing. He never did it to show his innocence. The bus master swore that whoever was going to do the immoral thing had no asshole.
Some people say that it is necessary to remember which route and when the bus master found the customer’s money, and the customer can complain to the bus master.
When the customer who was looking for money said that he couldn’t remember the details clearly, anyway, he usually waited for the bus at the bus place.
The customer who was looking for Mingbi said that because he didn’t notice which bus he was on, he specially asked the bus master if he could reach his place.
The bus master said that he took the bus, but the bus took a different route from usual, but it finally reached his destination.
At this time, everyone said that the customer who was found in Mingbi was too careless to remember the specific time, but even if he couldn’t remember a few buses, he could be a fool for nothing
Listen, everyone, you say something, I raise my eyebrows.
One day, I met two passengers who had lost their money. Is this a coincidence? The bus master is a little bold.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Ran?" Xie Yiming took my hand and asked me.
"It’s all right. It is said that you like this nickname very much." I was overjoyed to think of the nickname given to Xie Yiming by Tang Sike and Han Tianqin.
"Xiao Ran is not good, I want to punish Xiao Ran." Xie Yiming looked at me with a light smile and shook his head.
I nodded and agreed that Xie Yiming would take me to the door of Wang Dalang’s incense mounting shop and said hello to Wang Dalang and left directly.
When Xie Yiming leaves Wang Dalang and asks me where Xie Yiming is going.
I shook my head and said that I didn’t know what the obedient dialogue seemed to be.
Wang Dalang lightly chastised me for saying that I didn’t even know where my boyfriend went and who he met. My girlfriend was not qualified.
I don’t care about Wang Dalang lightly chastising me.
Xie Yiming, an adult, has completely mastered the sense of autonomy. Come to me to explore the trend every day.
If I ask Xie Yiming to report where I went, who I met and what I said every day, I feel that it is too sticky and boring.
Even if Xie Yiming volunteered to tell me that, I wouldn’t listen.
Xie Yiming and I are both independent individuals, and we don’t need to share all the trivial things like conjoined twins.
I went to the second floor of Xiangbiao Store, and I finished these in half an hour. I went to the first floor of Xiangbiao Store again to talk to Wang Dalang about the problem of hiding paper men.
Wang Dalang saw me coming from the second floor and asked me why I didn’t practice drawing patterns by paper men.
I told Wang Dalang that I was familiar with it. For example, a paper man can sketch a pattern accurately and quickly.
Wang Dalang told me that there was no doubt that there was him, and I was telling the truth. I have indeed been able to sketch out the patterns I need accurately and wrongly.
I asked Wang Dalang about the problem of paper men’s concealment. Wang Dalang was surprised to ask which one I was listening to and told me that paper men could conceal their bodies.
"Heirs, no matter which one tells me to keep secrets, it’s wrong." I didn’t intend to give Xie Yiming out.