The surrounding Yunren is a face of decline. Tonight, it is not only the failure of four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai, but also the failure of the whole Yunren Village. The giant wooden warrior who stands in Yunlei Gorge seems to laugh at them wantonly.
In the night, the stars disappeared at random, and more than half of them broke away, which divided the whole day into different scenes.
It’s like when the clouds and mountains emerge at the edge of the sunset and gradually light up. The speed of the light visible to the naked eye floats to dye the sky there, but there are still some stars on the other side.
The wooden warrior turned his back on the mountains, the light shone on his huge body, and a large shadow fell obliquely, covering the bottom cloud and forbearing everyone.
This may not be a coincidence, because this large shadow is just like the portrayal of Yun Ren’s heart at this time.
Completely defeated …
Previously, many topics were discussed, like a slap in the face, which deeply fanned every cloud’s heart.
The sun is about to rise, and the sad and decadent atmosphere fills the air. Please browse and read the mobile phone in songkhla Yunlei Gorge.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six To wage war (at the end of the month, please get a ticket for the seventh watch! )
With soil and coma, Kirby hurried to the rain country as quickly as possible, and captured two people in Yunren Village alone. Then he waited for good news from Yanren Village.
That’s right!
Bringing soil and Bai Jue to Yunyin Village is to catch two tails and tails.
And Hoshigaki Kisame and his white unique member capture the four tails and five tails of Yanyin Village.
I want to come out with so many white sharks and Hoshigaki Kisame sharks. This comes from the rebellious village of Wuren. Even capturing two people’s strength should be easy to get.
After Daitu is willing to believe that there will be a good result, he will wait for Nagato to go to Muye Village …
The pace is approaching the end step by step, almost, almost!
Calm for a long time, the mood is slowly getting excited.
Tread back to Yurencun Road with the fastest speed.
When Lebanon came to the mountains, there was a faint mist, which was so light that it was almost impossible to smell salty and wet.
Send troops to crusade against Yun Ren, a group of soldiers defeated and returned to the village.
All the members of Yunren Village were surprised by the full-fledged battle. The movement caused by the disappearance of the two-tailed column strength not long ago has not dissipated. It is even more difficult for members of Yunren Village to calm down and make waves again.
How did this happen? !
Two tails and two tails were captured by the enemy? !
The cruel reality impacts those who are unwilling to accept the cloud.
Ai, who endured the sadness and anger in her heart, showed the quality of four generations of eyes and thunder shadows and the extremely efficient cooperation between the earth and the platform. She was able to mobilize more than 4,000 companions in a coma to arrange treatment as soon as possible, and at the same time, she had to arrange for the 5,000 or so Yunren to rest.
And more importantly, salvage those who fell into the water.
Can save one is one!
It will be a restless day and a night.
After dawn, the elders of Yunyin Village were invited out by Tutai.
After coming out of the room, I looked at Tutai and looked gloomy to the extreme. The elders’ hearts sank and vaguely speculated that Yunren Village seemed to have suffered a big loss from the enemy.
One man was amazed at whether it was appropriate or not, and he was eager to know the result. He tentatively asked, "Did the operation fail?"
You know, tonight’s troops are all elites, and there are four generations of Lei Yingai, the so-called’ monster’ strong man, and after the enemy catches the two-tailed column force, it is directed at the tail column force.
You know, Tail-man Zhu Li was also great in his third endurance battle, and he had a characteristic that he envied very much, that is, he could control bijuu perfectly.
Adding such a pillar strength will also defeat the enemy?
To think of this possibility, the elder Yun Ren’s heart is full of strength.
In the face of the elders’ questions, Tutai didn’t hide his meaning and said, "Lost."
Actually, it was a terrible defeat
Is a simple two’ lost’ word is the tone reveals a bleak meaning.
After all, two bijuu were arrested, but it was a shaky country that weakened Yunyin Village!
When I heard Tutai’s words, I vaguely guessed that it was confirmed that elders Yunren’s eyes were all fixed, and now they were taken to see four generations of Mu Lei Ying Ai. I’m afraid it’s just to discuss what to do after the village.
And most of the tailpole strength has been succeeded with soil.
The enemy’s acceptance of bijuu is like a heavy stone. I don’t know what the other side’s purpose is, but it gives people a very uneasy feeling
Tutai said that he would take them to Leiying’s office, but he didn’t say anything. The elders of Yunren still don’t know that Yunren not only lost two personal strength but also lost more than 2,000 high-end combat power in this World War I.
Even if I don’t know now, I’ll go to Leiying’s office and I’ll know then.