A word got out of the car and was silent for three seconds.
Moment SiYouning JingDengYuan eye sound suddenly soar "what? Hypnosis? ! You-you mean the little aunt was hypnotized? Now? "
While talking, Si Youning couldn’t believe it and looked at the sleeping woman on the side. It seemed that this was only when she recalled that her little aunt fell asleep shortly after they met.
He still wondered, thinking that his aunt looked at his brother-in-law with an urgent look and didn’t want to go out of shape. Why did his brother-in-law still faint and carry him away?
To the little aunt turned out to be in a hypnotic sleep? !
Si Yunling nodded. "I was skeptical, but it seems that Ayin was hypnotized."
"How did Aunt Coco know that she was hypnotized?" Although he doesn’t understand hypnosis, he knows at least that the hypnotized person won’t notice hypnosis!
Si Yunling was silent for a moment. "That’s because I hypnotized her before."
"Ah?" Si Youning’s eyes suddenly widened again.
Is there something wrong with his ears?
Brother-in-law actually hypnotized his aunt? !
"Maybe she felt too similar after being hypnotized, so she took the initiative to ask me some questions about being hypnotized."
"Then why didn’t she tell Ye Jinze directly?" Si Youning blurted out
Si Yunling slightly twisted the eyebrows. "I asked the same thing. I told her that if she really felt that there was a problem, she would tell Ye Jinze that she would be very safe."
"But she didn’t?"
"No" Si Yunling dropped her eyes and fell into her arms. "She said that she had some doubts about a person, but that person’s identity and night Jinze were special. She was afraid to act rashly. Since that person’s eyes must be hurting night Jinze, she didn’t want to startle him. She wanted to see what that person really wanted to do."
"The little aunt that call is really asking for your help?"
"Well," Si Yunling nodded. "Since you can’t move the Jinze forces at night, you can find me."
SiYouning suddenly suddenly paused fox pupil suddenly nasty up "what is the little aunt hypnosis? Has she induced hypnosis? "
Chapter 73 Goodbye, heart knot (4)
"Has been induced" Speaking of which, Si Yunling’s eyes sank.
It wasn’t long before they met, Ayin fell asleep with a warning. He felt that the situation was not good at that time, but he just sneaked into the palace from the secret passage, so he didn’t make any more noise, and he didn’t disturb the dark person by listening to the sound. He could take the person away first.
When calculating, Jinze should have found Ayin missing. Why hasn’t anything happened yet?
This shouldn’t be.
Si Yunling rubbed his eyebrows and tried to stabilize himself. He was a little flustered and silent for a long time before continuing to answer, "If you want to know what Ayin was hypnotized, you must first go back to the dungeon and find a quiet room to explore the mind."
"good!" SiYouning quickly nodded his head, then Zheng was silent for a long time, and then carefully inquired about it. "So, shall we tell Ye Jinze?" After all, he "
Si Yunling looked up and glanced faintly.
Si Youning suddenly shook his head like a rattle when he was surprised. "Don’t tell, don’t tell! Why tell him! Auntie, it’s not our fault that he didn’t take good care of our family and let Auntie take the initiative to find us! "
At that time, Si Youning never dared to disturb the line of sight again, so he looked at his brother-in-law from time to time and looked at his brother-in-law face from time to time. It was a long story.
Let it be.
Although I don’t want to make my brother-in-law happy, it will only add sadness to the end, but
The line of sight once again falls aside, and the man looks at the beautiful side. The fox eyes are full of warmth and softness, and Si Youning suddenly feels distressed.
He still remembers that some time ago, after his brother-in-law came back from the palace, the whole person sat in the room without eating or drinking. Although he always handled the family affairs, everyone felt that his brother-in-law was wrong.
Brother-in-law usually treats people cold and cheerless, but his breath is quiet.
But at that time, my brother-in-law was full of cold and forced air, not to mention people asking for instructions. Even one side felt numb for a while.
That horrible feeling
Let him think about it now, and his scalp is numb
But when all this is the worst case, the palace suddenly comes to the little aunt and the night Jinze is about to get married. At that moment, the whole city people are cautious when they see the brother-in-law turning around.
On the evening of the same day, my brother-in-law left the dungeon alone and went to the northernmost M country to deal with the public.
Everyone is relieved.
Everyone said that my brother-in-law had gone to deal with the merger of foreign companies, and they were all separated. They were worried that there were jobs to cure him, but he was the only one who was white. That was because my brother-in-law was afraid that he could not control himself and was forced to leave his hometown for fear that his aunt would do something stupid at the wedding with Ye Jinze.
And now
Looking at the woman holding her brother-in-law in her arms and feeling the long-lost quiet breath, Si Youning felt that he was familiar with his brother-in-law and came back.
That’s all.
Although when my aunt wakes up, my brother-in-law will wake up completely and be heartbroken again.
This is a beautiful dream at least.
Let brother-in-law have a longer and longer dream.
Chapter 74 Goodbye, heart knot (5)
Qi and all the people outside the temple looked at each other in silence, and no one dared to rashly leave at will.
Night 7 and night 11 keep the doors of the temple together and look dignified.
Looking at lying in the crystal of ice and snow, Jinzejing is quiet and quiet, and his face is covered with female blood.
"Girl? Where is the sound girl? " The old man from outside the temple hurried to ask for the sound. For a moment, the old man had already rushed into the temple alone, and his face was in a panic.
Night JinZe indifferent still turn my back and stand.
When the old fox king saw it, he quickly walked towards Jinze at night. The sound was anxious. "What’s wrong with Ozawa’s sound girl?" Is she seriously injured? She is now. "
The old man’s words came to an abrupt end. When his eyes fell on the ice sarcophagus, he didn’t move. The old fox king froze in place.