Yang Jiahui blushed and took everyone into the old Northeast Restaurant. When Zhang Jun saw that she didn’t pay attention to herself, she took the initiative to draw to the front and said with a smile that it was not enough for us to admit our mistakes.
No Li Lianbang shouted behind.
I’ll let you drink more and vomit in a minute, and let you Yang Jiahui say it hard
Wang Shukun approached and laughed and said, I’ll make you vomit for a while.
They still came to the small box, and the proprietress still walked over to the crowd. She asked if it was still the same today.
Yang Jiahui, who is not afraid of spending money, is very happy today. In fact, not only she, but also others are very happy because they have finally completed a project in the past six months.
Yang Jiahui turned around and took the door with him when he saw that the dining tables were all together, and then everyone whispered with a smile, Do you know how much money we make from this ticket?
Everyone shook their heads in succession. Yang Jiahui’s rather mysterious novel said, I have probably calculated in the afternoon that we should make a profit of about one billion yuan this time. How about calculating in the afternoon?
So many
This money can fill this house with piles.
Yang Jiahui said, I don’t know if I can fill this room. It’s much more anti-aging
What is the old nose?
Our northeast dialect is just multi-meaning
Today, Yang Jiahui specially ordered the most expensive dish and the best wine for everyone to drink, but several people seemed to have no appetite. Wang Shukun said, let’s drink it later, and then we were completely relaxed.
Yang Jiahui also nodded in agreement. After they simply ate a few mouthfuls, they packed up the leftovers and took them away. When several people returned to Yishi, it was not noon. Hello, everyone sat in the chair and waited for the moment.
When the minutes passed, it was hard to get to the end of the session. Several people fixed their eyes on their stocks. When they saw a session, they sold more than a dozen orders in a row. Now the stock price is as straight as Lushan Waterfall, but they made it in less than a few minutes.
long live
The room suddenly boiled up, and the feeling of depression broke out in the blink of an eye. Although there was no music and no red light, several people still clapped their hands and jumped around the room for a long time before they felt tired and sat in their chairs again. At this time, the stock was not a little bit, and they were too lazy to see it.
Let’s recount the figures and go home, Yang Jiahui said
After careful calculation by several people, they made a total profit of 11.5 billion yuan this time, which is astronomical. At this time, everyone’s face is a little red because they know that they will get very rich labor remuneration this time.
Go back to drinking. Wang Shukun jumped out of his chair.
Section 35 Back home
Section 35 Back home
Although it’s not served yet, it’s more than one o’clock, but they have all mustered all their strength to go back and have a big drink. This celebration dinner took a few people a long time to consume a lot of brain cells.
Back to the hotel room, Yang Jiahui called the clerk and sent two cases of cold beer and some cold dishes. They sat on the floor in the room and had a big picnic.
Yang Jiahui Ningya still drinks a little red wine, while others gulp down beer. Today, they don’t drink white wine. On this hot day, cold beer is the most enjoyable thing. Now, it’s light. A few people talk while drinking, and then they hear someone knocking at the door at night.
Mao Mao
Sima Dong, who was near the door, turned around and found the general Luo Shuyan smiling at the door.
Fast forward and pick up.
After everyone was in a hurry, they let them sit in the room and always asked with a smile that the chips were clean today.
It’s all clean. It’s earned 11 billion. Li Lianbang suddenly interjected
Oh, I’m always surprised. Everyone looked at me again. Luo Shuyan took a general look and then asked Yang Jiahui Jiahui, is it really that much? Is it right?
A hundred million is not that much, said Yang Jiahui, turning his head and glaring at Li Lianbang. Li Lianbang understood him and smiled and said, You see, I am more excited when I am excited.
After a quick laugh, I always looked at everyone and said that everyone came here to make this ticket. Up to today, we have completed it very successfully. We don’t say too many polite words. At this time, I will bring you bonus tickets together. We will continue to close once.
I also know that everyone is homesick for such a long time, so let’s go home early and have a rest.
When Luo Shuyan sat in the room, it was not long. After chatting for a while, they got up and left. Yang Jiahui sent them to the hotel room and put away the dining tables and drinks again.
Several people haven’t had such a good time to eat and drink for a long time. They didn’t go back to their rooms to rest until midnight.
The next evening, general Luo Shuyan came to the hotel again. They knew that today was a good day to distribute bonuses, so everyone waited honestly and quietly.
Always look at one side Luo Shuyan.