Let’s not talk about it for the time being
Gu Mengmeng sent two congratulations to the soldiers from He Zhizhang specially left behind Conway for a dialogue.
I really decided to give up the congratulatory group. I can’t hide my face and feel sorry.
Yeah, I gave up Conway and accompanied the colonel to wait for a trip to the ladder. He looked calm and rushed inside the ladder. Gu Mengmeng smiled at them.
The royal group looked at what he wanted to say, but he kept his mouth shut. He felt the cigarette inertia and found it at Conway’s house.
Conway knew that the old smoker was addicted to cigarettes and said that he would go back to the house and bring him a congratulatory group, but he said with a depressed face, forget it, forget it. Your wife, you can give up everything. I’m afraid I have to be careful about this cigarette.
He scratched his cat like a drug addict.
Conway laughed and teased him, saying, Why is Sister-in-law angry with you for not coming to see you? Isn’t it because you don’t care too much about your health? How old are you? You can’t think about it for their mother.
Congtuan seasonal asthma, tobacco, anything irritating was forbidden by the doctor, but he didn’t listen to it. He also often followed the special warfare team for a narrow escape. The high-intensity training in the environment made his body light up at the time of physical examination. If Conway hadn’t seen him forget the hospital diagnosis report, he would really be led by an iron man.
From a distance, NianLia’s congratulatory group could not help but be silent. He shrugged his shoulders and rubbed his hands in his face viciously, so it would be nice if he said nothing.
It’s really good that Xiao Huang secretly told me that her sister-in-law was divorced from you. Conway was worried, or she quietly told him through the grapevine.
He Tuan Zheng then narrowed his peach blossom eyes. He looked at Conway, pointed to the ladder and said in a gloomy tone, Let’s go. Here comes the ladder.
Conway silently walked in, leaning back against the wall and facing the royal group as if in words.
I don’t know if it’s right or wrong to give up my dream, but this time when I was faced with an important choice in life, I followed my heart and decided to go from ordinary to ordinary. Just as Brother MengMeng once told me, loving her means giving her a promise of peace. I can’t put my dream on her personally and let her live in the shadow of my work. I am worried about my safety at all times. I can’t be so private, and so can you. You can’t be so private again.
Do you remember the time when the Congregation Group was carried out overseas? We were almost left in the overseas red land because of an ambush. You were seriously injured when you blocked the gun for the soldiers, but you were in a coma with blood. When several of us were desperately carrying you to the boundary pillar, you shouted the name of your sister-in-law’s daughter. Dare you say that you don’t care about them?
The royal regiment lifted its lips and turned its attention to the ladder red light. Looking at the dazzling red, he seemed to see the scene of blood shed again.
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
Conway, I congratulate the group to say something, but Conway interrupted me.
Explain to me that you didn’t go to your sister-in-law and say that you’d better go home to visit relatives the next day, and don’t wait until you regret it. Divorce becomes a fact, depending on where you go and cry.
Royal regiment pursed her lips and finally didn’t say anything.
When the ladder is approaching the first floor, the delegation will only speak. You should take a few more days off this time to spend time with your wife and young couple. MengMeng is not pestering the girl about any misunderstanding. Tell her not to lose your temper, you hear me? That’s an order.
Conway a sullen well.
The ladder went to the ground floor
Gu Mengmeng said goodbye to two military vehicles outside the doorway. When she saw the royal delegation coming, she smiled and showed her face with small dimples.
Have a nice trip to Beijing. Please remember to come home and I’ll make you a good meal.
The royal regiment resumed his usual unruly touch Conway’s shoulder and smiled and even agreed that he strode into the military vehicle Conway and waved goodbye.
Military vehicles roared away.
Gu Mengmeng turned and walked to the ladder, but Conway took her hand first and stood in her way.
MengMeng, shall we take a walk?
The coolness of the late autumn night is compelling, and the moonlight falls on them through the clouds, stained with a bright sky, and the stars twinkle like the moon sprinkled with finely divided gems, and it looks like the eyes are blinking at the people.
In such an atmosphere, it is most suitable to talk about love, fashion and entertainment, and then shake off your body with a sigh when you accidentally touch the dew.
Autumn is strong from the person.
So thinking of Gu Mengmeng shook off a goose bumps and suddenly smiled. This is Enya, a pseudo-petty bourgeoisie, who killed her. She didn’t come to the community bean garden. A cold wind blew and she wore a unlined upper garment and her arms were soaked with coolness. It was really not as romantic as written in the novel.
I wanted to tell him to go home, but I turned my head to meet Conway’s burning eyes.
In the light moonlight, his face seemed to be magical, clean, warm, reassuring, handsome and smiling. His tall fingers held her tightly, but she couldn’t earn it.
He stopped to hold her palm and took her to his arms.
It’s like a lover’s confusing heartbeat and intimacy, which makes her feel a little tipsy.
My face is slightly hot and I don’t feel cold at all.
Conway leaned down and said in her ear, I’m sorry, wife. I can’t take it off for you without my coat.
Bursts Gu Mengmeng another didn’t laugh Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Honesty.
Just smile, major. You push your luck.
I have something to say to you.
I want to ask you something.
Almost at the same time, two people were stunned by this tacit understanding.
Conway clenched his fist and gently coughed and said, you ask first.
Gu Mengmeng leaned in his arms and snorted. You say first.
Rock, paper, scissors, two wins in three games, and whoever loses will say Conway cheated first.
Come to Gu Mengmeng got up and played her best game with him in Langlang Xinghui.
Rock, cut cloth, click, click, cut stone, she loses.