Ji Guoqiu lost the player of the month award in March. Unfortunately, he was not elected as the player of the month for five consecutive months. However, he broke the record of being elected as the player of the month for four consecutive months, and he was the only player who has been elected as the player of the month for so long.
The Clippers’ record in March was still outstanding, and Ji Guosheng continued to be elected as the best player in the Western Conference in December. However, because Chris Paul was elected as the best player in the Western Conference in December, Ji Guosheng’s current record has been consecutive for two months. Even if he continues to be elected as the best player in the Western Conference in the next month, it will be equal to Ji Guosheng’s record at most.
At present, the nba has won the most player of the month award in a single season, which is Gatt. He has set a record of winning the player of the month four times in a single season in 34 seasons. Now this record has been broken by Ji Guoqiu. If the two brothers take the player of the month in April, they can make history.
At the end of March, Ji Guoqiu played 72 games and averaged 312 points, 166 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocked shots and 39 mistakes. His shooting percentage was 54.5%, his shooting percentage from three-pointers was 42.6% and his shooting percentage from free throws was 94.4%.
Ji Guoshi played seven games due to suspension, averaging 362 points, 127 rebounds, 49 assists, 3 blocked shots, 16 steals and 42 mistakes, shooting 515% from the three-point range, 424% from the free throw range and 916% from the free throw range.
Western ranking-
1. Los Angeles Clippers (59 wins and 16 losses)
2. Dallas Mavericks (55 wins and 2 losses)
3. Oklahoma City Thunder (49 wins and 26 losses)
4. New Orleans Hornets (46 wins and 29 losses)
5. San Antonio Spurs (43 wins and 32 losses)
6. Memphis Grizzlies (41 wins and 34 losses)
7. Houston Rockets (39 wins and 36 losses)
Los Angeles Lakers (29 wins and 36 losses)
Eastern ranking-
1. Chicago Bulls (52 wins and 23 losses)
2. New Jersey Nets (5 wins and 25 losses)
3. new york Knicks (49 wins and 26 losses)
4. Miami Heat (4 wins and 27 losses)
5. Orlando Magic (44 wins and 31 losses)
6. Boston Celtics (42 wins and 33 losses)
7. Atlanta Hawks (3 wins and 37 losses)
Indiana Pacers (35 wins and 4 losses)
14. Washington Wizards (17 wins and 5 losses)
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Three pairs of records
At the end of March, the cat and fox game released a new card game named "Hero Card". The story background is temporarily in the beta stage based on the world view of League of Legends and is expected to be released in June.
Hero Card is a game. During the game, players will get new cards in many different ways. In addition, players can also choose to buy additional expansion packages in the game store to get higher quality cards, which requires shopping mall points.
This is the third online game operated by Cat and Fox Games, in which League of Legends and world of tanks have been publicly tested and Hero Card has just been tested.
The total revenue of League of Legends in 21 years is $25.5 billion, and this year’s total revenue is expected to rise by $600 million, which will be the top ten online games with the ability to attract gold. If we consider that League of Legends didn’t publicly test the revenue in 211 until one summer, it is expected to reach the top three online games.
Although "world of tanks" has been in public beta for two months, this military online game has a good ability to attract money. It is conservatively estimated that this game will bring 200 million US dollars less ball revenue in 11 years.
The two brothers rely on these two online games to earn more than 600 million dollars a year, and now they are richer than most bosses in the league, which is why many players dare not foul them maliciously. Too much money will also have a certain deterrent effect on others. Who knows what this is?
On April 1st, the second generation of "Extraordinary Panda" mobile phone was officially released, which was recognized as a family of cats and foxes, and a new round of price war started. As early as a few months ago, it was said that the second generation of panda mobile phone would continue to test the new price, and the technology products of cats and foxes would still focus on cost performance.
It is worth noting that the second generation of Extraordinary Panda is the first dual-core pu mobile phone, and it is also the first ball. It adopts Qualcomm’s third-generation snapdragonqsd26 dual-core processor model and is equipped with a 43-inch super-large screen with 9654 resolution. The screen material of Corning Gorilla is still amoled material. This time, it also incorporates similar Nokia bd technology to make the screen darker than black, which can effectively restore the screen color and reduce the black reflectivity to a greater extent. The advantages are particularly obvious.
The second generation of extraordinary panda looks like another Nokia lumia9 in terms of modeling. Nowadays, this kind of mobile phone is already an extraordinary panda representing Nokia, but it has been called a cottage by consumers.
Detailed Hardware Configuration of the Second Generation Giant Panda Mobile Phone
The main screen size is 43 inches, and the 160,000-color main screen material is amoled with ten-point touch.
Narrow border 4mm
Screen accounts for 64%
The unified fox os is based on android23.
Pu Qualcomm snapdragonmsm26 dual-core 12ghz graphics card chip Qualcomm adreno22
Camera pixel rear 10 thousand led double fill light front 20 thousand
Gps supports agps sensor type gyroscope, gravity sensor acceleration sensor, light sensor and distance sensor 3d acceleration compass.
Dlnawlan hotspot Bluetooth 3 supporting ogp data synchronization
Extended support mirosd supports up to 32gb.
Cell 1mah lithium cell
Model size 127
There is no doubt that the second generation of extraordinary panda will become a new king in the market after its advent. This is a perfect mobile phone for two or three months at this stage, and it is also an indispensable link for Cat Fox Technology to upgrade its mobile phone configuration and introduce more original features.
The second generation of extraordinary pandas has added four new original features on the basis of many functions in the first generation.
First of all, the second generation of Panda adopts ip67 dustproof and waterproof design for its own model for the first time. Cat Fox Technology spared no effort to add the "three defenses" function to its flagship mobile phone, which is very rare in mobile phones at this stage. Of course, three defenses are commonly known as international standards, and ip67 dustproof and waterproof function can resist water splash or dust to a certain extent.
The second newly added function is "with photos". This time, Fox Technology has made great efforts to optimize photos. In addition to improving the quality of the camera itself, Panda II has also made some efforts in the software to support photos and add a 5-second recording to photos.
The third function is "Cat Fox Translation", which is a very real function. It can translate the voice in real time, and can also translate the whole page through video recording and taking photos. It also supports up to 9 languages to support the translation from voice to text and from text to translated voice.
Finally, the new navigation function of "Voice Navigation" Panda II can make voice control while driving, support voice real-time navigation while driving, support voice conversion, and send information to support voice broadcast/control schedule, so as to free up both hands to ensure driving safety.
These four new features make the extraordinary panda second-generation mobile phone taller, and the technology content greatly exceeds the rest of the market. Compared with the iphone4, it has not fallen in the wind.
Now it can be said that the second generation of Extraordinary Panda has become the best in its kind in terms of mobile phone configuration and functionality. Cat Fox Technology has not slipped further as expected by the media, but has maintained the same price as iphone4. gb/16gb/32gb is priced at $499, $599 and $699 respectively.
At present, the iphone4 lock has been sold in North America for half a year, and the price is 16 GB, 499 US dollars, 32 GB, 599 US dollars. In fact, the second generation of panda is more expensive than it, but considering the performance comparison between the two, the second generation of extraordinary panda is actually more cost-effective.
The first generation of extraordinary pandas will be discontinued in June this year, and a total of 260,000 balls have been sold. Red pandas sold a total of 240 thousand units in the ball for three months in the evening market; The second generation of the furious fox sold 190,000 sets in the ball, and now the sales of the second generation of the panda will be affected, perhaps lower than that of the first generation of the panda; In December last year, Fox mobile phone, the most popular mobile phone in the market, sold 140,000 sets.
After careful calculation, in less than two years, Cat Fox Technology has sold 30,000 sets of various mobile phones in the ball, and its market share in the ball range has not been underestimated.
However, it is not these mobile phones that sell the most of the products in the market. It is the company that sells the most of the products. In the past year, the company has sold 350,000 sets of the products in the ball. Although the sales ratio of 7-inch /9-inch /11-inch products is still 7:2:1, the cheap tablet of the company has caused a severe impact on the Apple ipad.
Apple just released the latest ipad2 Cat Fox Technology in March, and is also preparing a new generation of Cat Fox tablets, and will continue to seize the market at low prices.
In April, the Nets and Clippers will play seven games respectively, and neither team is very good. The opponents are strong teams such as Mavericks, Knicks, Bulls and Thunder. Of course, these teams are even more reluctant to rank the Nets and Clippers first in the league and fourth in the league. They are the real **oss in the eyes of other teams.
On April 1, the Clippers beat the Phoenix Suns away; On April 3, the Clippers beat the Thunder at home; On April 7, the Clippers beat the Grizzlies away; The Clippers were defeated by the Thunder away from home on April 16; On April 9, the Clippers lost to the Mavericks again; On April 12th, Clippers beat Rockets.
On April 13th, the last game of the Clippers’ regular season, Old Deng Liwei chose the main force of the rest department, and finally the Clippers lost away to Memphis Grizzlies, ranking first in the league with 63 wins and 19 losses throughout the season.
The Nets’ game in April was much smoother than that of the Clippers. On April 2, the Nets played against the City 76ers. Of course, it was not a matter of discipline, national hatred, and sent a blocked shot plus 25 points and 16 rebounds in a single game. It won the 13th triple-double of the season and almost got four pairs again.
Espn reported the next day that from 1995 to 211, there were 15 times in the league, and players made triple doubles more than once in a single season. The latest time was when Ji Guoqiu created triple doubles 11 times in a single season, and then Kidd created triple doubles 12 times and 13 times in 67 and 7 seasons. The player who got triple doubles the most in a single season was Oscar Robertson, who created prehistoric triple doubles 41 times in 6162. However, magic Johnson won triple doubles 17 times in the nba in the ninth season, and no player can do it again.
Ji Guoqiu has won 13 triple doubles in the season, which is the highest record since the nba entered the 1990 s. Grant Hill and Jason Kidd won 13 triple doubles in the same single season after the 1990 s, but there are still 6 games left this season. Brother Panda has the opportunity to win the most triple doubles in a single season in two years, which is also an honor worth fighting for.
Ji Guoshi’s number of triple doubles this season has also increased significantly. He won six triple doubles in the Clippers, which has made him rank second in the triple doubles list this season, showing the difficulty of getting triple doubles.