Hiding Zhu Fengma thought that the old man said it was hidden, but this 300 hope is too much, right? After thinking for a while, he asked, "What’s the reward?"
"I can give you a gift. Your skills also have many benefits in the process." Lim stared at Zhu Feng and said.
Zhu Feng nodded with a wink and said, "I have learned this skill, even if I spend 3 yuan to buy a skill."
The thief in the old forest smiled, and a column appeared in front of Zhu Feng. "Tearing Canyon is a hidden deep valley in the northwest of Qinglong City. Once there, the environment was very beautiful, and the waterfall was relaxed, and the clear lake was curved. There were many flowers all year round. It’s a pity that a famous thimble NPC led thousands of monsters to rush to the valley, and they destroyed the original beautiful scenery. When Master Zhi learned about this, he went to tear Canyon alone. He went to great lengths to save the villagers there and found the thimble, which was called a kind power to purify him. The thimble was left behind by Zhi.
"Master Zhi and thimble are trapped in a deep valley by those 10,000 monsters. You just go to rescue Master Zhi and thimble and successfully kill the monster leader, the two-headed wolf. There is also a peaceful scene there. There is a square hole in the mountains in the northwest from which you can enter the tearing canyon."
After reading it, Zhu Feng clicked Accept and said to Lao Lintou, "Give me the skills."
Lao Lintou took out a skill from the parcel and said, "You see, three points have been deducted, young man. I’ll send you back to the city."
Zhu Fengyuan wanted to ask him a few more questions, but in a blink of an eye he was in Qinglong City. He looked down at the skill surface and it said’ Magic’. It was quite overbearing to listen to this name. He was excited to click on the learning system. "Congratulations on learning a new skill. Magic can make the enemy stay where he is and create fantasy. It depends on the scenery around him. Damage to the target for 1 second will make the skill disappear. When it is advanced, it can make the player with a body of 1 meter last for 5 seconds."
Zhu Feng was disappointed after reading it. It’s nothing. It’s a life-saving thing. It’s really a big loss to buy this skill at 300 points. Suddenly, he felt that there was something wrong with the surrounding atmosphere. He turned his head and found that everyone was staring at himself and some people were pointing and saying something to his companions.
"What the hell? I don’t have a tattoo. I’m not like a bad person, am I? " Zhu Feng muttered something. Suddenly, he remembered that he was wearing a pair of shorts. I lost a lot of face this time. He quickly used the guild scroll to return to the city and quickly ran to the Chamber in the puzzled eyes of the resident people.
"Damn it," Zhu Feng saw a number of people sitting in the Chamber and couldn’t help but marvel.
A few heroic people were stunned when they saw Zhu Feng rushing in wearing shorts. Several women also kept their eyes on him. Zhu Feng scratched his head awkwardly and quickly put his hand to block his body. He shouted, "Who am I equipped with?" Hurry up and take it out for me. "
Hero color hurried to send him a transaction request, and he was besieged by everyone while wearing equipment. "What the hell are you doing?" Take the eagle out for a ride? "
"I don’t know there are lesbians? Pay attention to the influence, ok? "
Wedding sand turned around his body and said with a pie mouth, "I didn’t expect you to be quite strong."
Zhu Feng got dressed and sat in the chair and muttered, "It’s a good thing he hid his name before he came out, otherwise it would be embarrassing." He glanced at the crowd and said, "Why don’t you ask me what can come out?"
"What can I do for you? Asked also give yourself a blow "sheets said with a smile.
The skeleton is also dissatisfied and says, "even if you can’t embarrass us for once, let’s balance a little?"
Zhu Feng thief smiled and said, "Yong Sheng Group of Long Qiyue is in our lair. Please don’t accept people in several groups. Let the old dragon chat in the city and the world. The Yong Sheng Group is full of 5,000 people. You are accepting people." Then he said to Long Qiyue, "Brothers must come according to our rules when they enter the black screen guild. When we accept people, the first priority is loyalty, and the second is strength. You should pay attention to this."
Long Qiyue was very impressed by the contact and nodded and said, "Don’t worry, I will do it according to the guild rules."
Zhu Feng smiled and just wanted to say let everyone accompany him to do it, but I thought that everyone had their own things to do, but I still didn’t say it.
"What about boss rhyme?" Skeleton asked
Zhu Feng shook his head and said, "It’s also my fault. I shouldn’t slander her. Let it go."
"But she said she would come after you again. What if she never lets you go?"
"She really I am made of water? Let her kill me once yesterday. If she’s haunting me, then you can’t blame me. He will kill me easily? I didn’t strike back at all yesterday. Even if I can’t beat her, I can still run. "
Zhu Feng’s escape and Yin people’s skills can be well understood by everyone sitting in a chair chatting.
They exchanged a few pleasantries. Zhu Feng stood up and said, "You defend your station well. Once Yongsheng Group is full of personnel, we will fight against the dark night. Now, let’s organize our brothers to play pet eggs. Remember to take the cutting-edge route and distribute pet eggs according to the rules." After seeing everyone nodding, he continued to say, "Camels and gone with the wind will come with me. Go and do whatever you have to do."
Skeleton quickly got up and asked, "Where is the boss going? Are you looking for BOSS? "
"find a fart BOSS to take your spirit group to beat pet eggs" Zhu Feng criticised and walked out of the chamber.
At the post delivery office, he said to the two of them, "Go to Qinglong City and buy more medicine to get everything up and meet outside the west gate."
Three Bai Guangshan they appeared at the same time in Qinglong City glances, three people to buy their own needs.
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Chapter one hundred and ninety-three In danger
Zhu Feng camel, lost in the water, was searched by the northwest in Qinglong City for the hole that Lao Lintou said. When they searched for four hours, they didn’t see the square hole he described.
Camel eyes constantly looking around some frustrated asked "eldest brother, the old man is playing you? I won’t lie to you about three hundred hope values, will I? "
Zhu Feng shook his head and said, "No, let’s keep looking. I have this in my column. There must be that hole around here."
Gone with the wind, I couldn’t help saying, "If it weren’t for the treasure, I’d rather kill a thousand people than find any square hole here."
Zhu Feng embarrassed scratched his head and didn’t return his words. The camels saw him suddenly with his big mouth open in the same place. Nai shook his head. They have seen this expression several times in the last hour. It’s a pity that he found the square hole …
After Zhu Feng sneezed, he was a little embarrassed to see the two people. He said, "I don’t know who always thinks I sneezed three times this afternoon." When he saw their expressions, he said obsequiously, "Don’t be angry, brothers. I didn’t mean to tease you. You also saw that I sneezed. Let me tell a joke to relieve boredom. A couple have been married for fifty years. One morning when they were sitting at the breakfast table, the old man said to the old lady," Think about it. We have been married for fifty years. "
"Yes," the old lady replied, "fifty years ago, we were sitting at this breakfast table."
"Fifty years ago, we might have been sitting here naked like strong birds," the old man said with a smile.
The old lady giggled. "So you think we should take off our clothes?" When the two men took off their clothes and sat back at the table, the old lady gasped and said, "Do you know, dear? My nipples are as hot as they were fifty years ago. "
The old man looked at her and said, "I know because one is soaking in your coffee."
"Ha-ha" Camel waited for him to give a very cooperative smile, and then continued to bow down to find the cave.
"Ha" is gone with the wind, but it’s better to laugh than to laugh. Then I ignore someone and keep smirking.
Half an hour later, Zhu Feng was in the same place again, with his big mouth open, and he looked at the lost water, plugged his fingers and waited for him to make noise.
"Look at the square hole" Zhu Feng said, pointing to the excitement behind them.
The camel turned around and saw the square hole "crying". Even he sneezed with excitement.
Zhu Feng finally saw the smile of gone with the wind for so long, although the smile was very weak. Zhu Feng said, "I’ll go to the front and see if you are waiting here."