"Come here, I’m right here." Zhu Feng said and hung up.
Zhao Siyu smiled and asked Zhu Feng, "Why are you so poor with everyone?"
"You and I are not poor," said Zhu Feng, raising his eyebrows.
As soon as he got on the bus, he saw a few people coming to him. He was excited to think that these people were brothers who fought side by side with him.
"Crazy pig?" A very handsome man came up and asked
Zhu Feng nodded and asked, "Who are you?"
Suddenly, he was hugged by the man and shouted, "It’s always sheets. I didn’t expect you to look stupid."
Holy shit. Really? Are sheets so handsome? He pushed the man in front of him and said, "Fuck you! Are you a camel or a skeleton? The sheets are not long, you behave like this. "
"Do you believe I ruined your martial arts?"
"Are you really a sheet?"
Zhu Feng gave him a big hug after he nodded, and then said, "I’ll find a place to rest for you and we’ll have a good talk later." Then he waved to a taxi in the distance, but unfortunately, those drivers saw a police car here and what happened to so many people, and no one dared to come and pull people.
"Eldest brother is the police? How to come by car? " The sheets asked him
"I MD which meeting car? Friends come, "Zhu Feng muttered, and then walked to the taxi stop in the distance. After grinding for a few minutes, four taxis followed Zhu Feng.
Zhu Feng said to the crowd, "Just find your own car and follow me."
Three people followed Zhu Feng to the police car, while others said, "I was born to tremble when I saw the police, and I dare not sit in the police car."
After the car, Zhu Feng learned that these three people were bedsheets, camels and skeletons. Just now, he said that he was afraid that the police were Xiaohui. He shook his head and said, "Are your cattle here to fight me, the landlord?"
Zhao Siyu looked back at several people. She couldn’t figure out what Zhu Feng was.
The three animals opened their mouths when they saw such a beautiful woman smiling at themselves. The skeleton saliva was dripping into the car. Zhu Fengnai shook his head and thought that the day after tomorrow would be interesting.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Want your hand
After the group was settled, Zhu Feng showed them around the company. To his surprise, Manager Wang didn’t take away some facilities, advanced sofas and other furniture on the second floor, which made Zhu Feng very excited. Now every penny is very important to him.
A designer was very satisfied with the company. When they heard that the rent of this house was 300,000 yuan per month, they were surprised and opened their mouths. At the same time, they admired the boss’s courage. It was either courage or an idiot for the company to start such a large scale.
That a few animals is admire Zhu Feng courage camel simple and honest smiled and said to them "? I said that there is meat to eat with the boss? "
Zhu Feng took a group of people around the city again and got familiar with the environment. By the way, he bought some designers. Zhu Feng didn’t hesitate to ask the designers to buy them, not because he was stupid, but because he raised chickens to make them have more eggs.
He wanted to call Jin Caiyi out, but he dismissed the idea when he thought that Zhao Siyu was here. He thought about making it up to her later. A group of people felt very strange about this strange environment and admired the beauty in the street, which made Zhu Feng very resistant. They rushed to say hello when they saw the beauty, regardless of whether the other party gave them a good look or not.
Zhu Feng has stopped them many times, but the sheets say, "A virgin is hard to find, and Wang Qun is a fucking relative. Who doesn’t know who?"
He bought two rooms in Heaven and Man and called Liu several people over. Six of the designers were black screen guilds, and they were a little afraid of these awesome people. They seldom talked, but sat there listening to everyone laughing.
Zhu Feng asked Liu several people to accompany everyone to get up and run to the next room. After ten minutes, Manager Wang was talking and laughing, and three middle-aged men came in.
"Bro, brother, I’ll show you two people. This is Wang Feng, a famous land king in our city, and Wang Boss. He’s not a hooligan. He’s an expert in Gai Lou. He’s responsible for many buildings in our city."
Zhu Feng quickly got up and shook hands. Wang Feng was surprised to see Zhu Feng’s age. He smiled and said, "I didn’t expect Lao Wang’s sweetheart to be a little brother."
"Please take more photos of Mr. Wang," said Zhu Feng with a smile.
Manager Wang continued to introduce, "This is Lin Kunlun, nicknamed Bald. He is the real new brother. If you have any difficulties, you can ask my brother for help. Whoever wants arms and legs is fine."
I depend on the underworld. I have heard of bald fame several times. I don’t know if he’s a skinny guy. Zhu Feng thought with a wry smile.
"This is our Li Gonggong Li Yapeng industrial and commercial director."
"Li3 ge Hao" Zhu Feng quickly shook hands and thought that it would definitely be a lot of trouble. He must get along with his feelings today.
After the four people sat down, they blew Zhu Fengjing at random, and each of them drank four glasses of wine. He just floated and sat here reluctantly. They were talking and laughing. Everyone was interested in Zhu Feng and asked about his family background. This made Zhu Feng wonder what he was worth thinking about. He just knew that all three of them were very curious about Manager Wang’s caretakers.
At this time, they heard a noise outside the room, including the rough voice of Dachuan. He quickly said to several people, "It seems to be a friend. I’ll go out and watch it."
As soon as he left the room, he saw a group of people in the corridor, and the animals were in one of them, with their hands covering their heads, and the blood kept flowing to the side. A man beside him said, "Emoko is the one who hit me" and pointed at the camel.
From the outside, emoko looks like a triad society with six tall men behind him like bodyguards. He points at the camel and asks coldly, "Are you crazy to hit my brother?" Say that finish leg kick to the camel.
Camel leans aside and says with a snort of cold, "The legs are really thin like a sissy."
Zhu Feng saw that several people were rushing around the camel and shouted "Stop". Then he went over and asked several people, "What’s the matter?"
"Ya find another project to flirt with Zhao Jie" skeleton explained to Zhu Feng.
Zhu Feng looked at Zhao Siyu and thought that this group of Sun Huanzhen and the police dared to flirt and walked beside Zhao Siyu and asked, "Are you okay? Which animal molested you? Where did I meet you? " He’s really nervous now. Zhao Siyu doesn’t want her to get hurt. It’s like being in love with Jin Caiyi …
Zhao Siyu smiled and said, "It’s okay. This group of scum horses will have something."
"Damn it, B, get out of here and play dead?" The man with bleeding head scolded Zhu Feng.
Zhu Feng rushed over and gave him a slap in the face, cursing "I fuck you old woman, you also touched me and ruined ya"
Several men behind Emoko pushed Zhu Feng’s hand against the wall, and a big war was about to break out. Suddenly someone shouted, "Stop it, Tiger, you are down a peg or two now."
Zhu Feng turned to look and found that Lin Kunlun and Wang Ge were talking at the door. After seeing Lin Kunlun, Emoko quickly smiled and said, "Yo, Lin Ge is drinking here. My younger brother is a little injured. Come and see."
Kun-lun Lin went to Zhu Feng’s side and asked, "What about brothers? These are all your friends? The man with the head hanging is causing trouble? " After seeing Zhu Feng nod, he picked up a trash can in the corridor and threw it at the bleeding man. The man didn’t dare to escape and was directly knocked unconscious.
Zhu Feng was surprised to see that his thin figure was so powerful that the steel trash can was thrown away with one hand? And knocked the sun unconscious. How hard does it take?
Lin Kunlun cursed "Tiger, your younger brother is too careless to go like this. I have to take care of it."
"Ringo, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know they were your friends. I must take good care of them when I go back," said Tiger respectfully.
Zhu Feng turned to Zhao Siyu and asked, "Did he touch you?"
"He touched Zhao Jie’s hand." The camel was not afraid of anything and grinned.
Zhu Feng turned and walked back to the room and poured a bottle of Maotai on his head. The man fainted and immediately woke up. The head wound was so painful that he howled like a pig all over the corridor. At this time, everyone saw Zhu Feng pick up the trash can and tried to hit the man’s hand.
The man saw the trash can flying towards his head and hurried away from him. The wall behind him was smashed out of a big hole. Everyone present was scared out of cold sweat. Lin Kunlun patted Zhu Feng on the shoulder and said, "Brother, don’t kill him."
Zhu Feng looked at him coldly and said, "He touched my woman, even if Ringo is not here, I will break his hand even if I work hard." Then he walked to the man and just picked up the trash can.
"Stop it" shouted at the end of the corridor.
They turned to look and found that the newcomer was the people’s public servant and police comrade Zhao Siyu’s eyes never left Zhu Feng’s body. She felt happy and suddenly saw her colleague coming over and said, "The director is trying to molest me."
After seeing that it was the police, Lin Kunlun left the pie mouth and didn’t pay attention to them. He gave the man lying on the ground a big leather shoe and kicked him out again, but the director was embarrassed and didn’t stop him from moving.
Kun-lun Lin smiled and walked up to the director and asked, "Sun Bureau, this little thing needs you to run and lie down in person? Why did your hands go? "
Director Sun said with a smile, "Recently, the number of people is not very good. Brother Lin has the leisure to come here?"
"A few of my friends came to dinner and didn’t know that Sun molested my friend was in your charge. Have you been sentenced?"
"Don’t worry, leave it to me." Director Sun said to the people behind him, "cuff the land and take it away."
Lin Kunlun held Zhu Feng’s shoulder and said, "Today, my little brother is the host. Let’s have a drink together."
"This is not very good? Disturb you "
"Don’t bother, come with us," Zhu Feng said quickly and then said to Liu several people, "You continue to drink. I will accompany my brothers in this room for a drink."