"The bride is coming, the bride is coming" The crowd gradually caused a commotion and leaned towards the door.
Although Zhu Feng couldn’t understand their language, from their expressions and actions, he could guess that Jin Caiyi was coming. He brushed together and looked in the direction of the door, shouting "She’s coming, she’s coming" in his heart.
Cui Jie understood his mood very well, but he still tugged at him and said, "Brother, this is not the time to get excited. Calm down."
Hearing Cui Jie’s words, Zhu Feng slowly sat back in his chair and tried to say to himself, "Be calm. Now you can’t mess around. It’s not time for you to appear."
A long Lincoln stopped at the church gate followed by dozens of black Mercedes S6 parked behind Lincoln one by one, forming a long dragon with a very luxurious style.
When the music rang, Jin Caiyi’s father knocked on the car door and slowly put her hand on her father’s hand, and he led her into the church, while both mothers lit white and blue candles respectively.
When Zhu Feng saw her walk in, her eyes never left her face for a moment. How many times did she meet her face in her dream? At this time, she was smiling happily, but this kind of smile broke her heart.
He asked with a wry smile, "Do you think she is very happy now?" He didn’t know whether he was asking a few people or asking himself.
"I fuck you silly? On this occasion, even if she is forced, it is impossible to show her sadness. "Cui Jie scolded in Zhu Feng’s ear
Zhu Feng wavered. He didn’t know if what he was going to do would bring her happiness.
Cui Jie saw a group of people walking into the church and said to Zhu Feng, "Are you still a man? If it’s a man, you should try your best to create happiness, and don’t pin her happiness on others. "
A minute later, Zhu Fengli nodded and walked quickly to the church. When several people entered the church, they heard a priest reading a congratulatory message. "Marriage is a happy marriage established by God. May our God give you and your family all the blessings hidden in all the blessed places in the sky! At this moment of celebration and blessing, may God guide your marriage to be like a river flowing into the sea, and it will no longer be two and it will be endless … "
Having recovered, Zhu Feng listened to the pastor’s endless dissatisfaction and said, "I can really talk about him. I can’t wait." As soon as he finished, he saw that the pastor turned to the groom’s heart and was crazy.
"It’s finally my turn. I’m so excited." Yorki looked at the priest and said excitedly
Pastor "Mr. Shen Zhengqian, would you like to marry Miss Jin Caiyi’s wife to take care of her …"
"No, I don’t agree," Yorki quickly walked to the front and shouted in Korean.
Suddenly, the beauty took everyone’s eyes on Yorki, and the camera was also aimed at her. Everyone was shocked and looked at the slim little girl. Everyone guessed in their hearts that Shen Zhengqian was a playboy. Did she and the groom have anything …
Yorki was heartbroken and growled at the groom, "How could you abandon me so cruelly? Didn’t you say you would marry me? " After that, I tried to drop a few tears to gain everyone’s sympathy.
There are people in the crowd who are discussing with each other, and the decibel is gradually expanding. Shen Zhengqian looks at the woman in front and can’t remember playing. There are girls with such extraordinary temperament among women, but I’m not sure if they are silly.
When Jin Caiyi saw that it was Yorki, she was surprised and opened her eyes wide. Then she looked around for the figure of Zhu Feng. She missed people day and night and would be here. She was so anxious to find out what I couldn’t see him. He must be here. I can’t see anything …
The flash flashes in Yorki. Shen Zhengqian’s parents are angry and look at their children. He doesn’t live up to expectations. Every day, he knows that it is even more ridiculous to play with women. It is even more ridiculous to make an anecdote in front of everyone. Jin Caiyi’s parents are embarrassed and ashamed to lower their heads.
"I don’t agree!" A huge ring rang in everyone’s ears, and everyone looked at the church door.
A man who is not outstanding in appearance but exudes a mature atmosphere is holding a microphone in his hand at the church gate. His bright eyes and angular face are like a knife, and a white suit reminds all the women present that he is the king.
"She is my woman, and no one is allowed to touch her." Zhu Feng pointed to Jin Cai and said word by word in Chinese. He glanced at everyone and walked slowly towards her.
Jin Caiyi saw Zhu Feng coming to her step by step, and then she felt that she was the happiest woman in the world, and the most beautiful woman gradually lacked tears in her eyes.
After a "Han fever" attack in South Korea, most people can understand Chinese, but there are some wealthy businessmen present. They are very aware of what the China market knows about Chinese, and they all stand on the spot when they hear Zhu Feng dialect. This is ridiculous. The bride and groom belong to others?
Zhu Feng looked at her lovingly on the catwalk and held out his hand to Jin Caiyi tenderly and said, "Come home with me."
Shen Zhengqian only reflected at this moment that he growled at the bodyguards in Taiwan, "Drag him out and get him out quickly."
Zhu Feng suddenly attacked him and knocked him down with a punch, cursing "It shouldn’t be you in this position" with great strength, and then Zhu Feng quickly picked up Jin Caiyi and rushed outside the church.
Taiwanese people looked at the China man, and they were amazed at the fact that the bodyguards heard Shen Zhengqian’s words surrounded Zhu Feng in the past. Unfortunately, Dachuan had already ambushed them and suddenly attacked the whole church without hesitation. Suddenly, the whole church was screaming and the tables and chairs fell to the ground. Shen Zhengqian and Jin Caiyi’s parents were livid at this time. They had tried to save the present situation and hoped that the bodyguards would catch a few people there.
Zhu Feng was holding a white wedding at this time. gold placer Cai Yi saw the seam and drilled it. After twists and turns, he ran to the door of the church and kicked the door of the church. The cattle saw that Zhu Feng had run out of the church and lost his bodyguard to him.
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Chapter one hundred and twenty Hurricane all the way
Jin Caiyi put her hands around Zhu Feng’s neck and smiled charmingly. She was shocked by Zhu Feng’s bold move and felt happier than before. When he stepped out of the church, Jin Caiyi smiled and said, "I feel so happy now. Thank you. If you don’t show up, I will be like a walking corpse. When I was in the church, I knew that if I were happy, I would be happy with you."
Zhu Feng said to her with a smile like sunshine, "I will try my best to create happiness in my life. I love you! Because of family friendship and your love, I will become the happiest man in the world, and I will never trust your happiness to other men again. "
Jin Caiyi enjoyed his hug and put her face behind his head. Hugging is a wonderful thing. They are so close but can’t see each other’s faces …