Lin Ze has been forgotten by everyone at this time! Everyone subconsciously thinks that Lin Ze has just come back, and Takuya has no time to prepare gifts. After all, this is the Lins’ Lin Lang who didn’t say that these outsiders will expose him.
But not everyone is in this mentality!
Although Earl Arthur was a little frustrated by Lin Lang’s promotion to the Marquis, it did not affect the competition between Arthur’s family and Lin’s family. Since he beat Lin Lang, Arthur’s family had to beat the Lin’s generation, and Lin Ze was the first to bear the brunt …
Their Arthur family has the talent of Gran City, and the best "Thunder" Arthur! Lin Ze, however, is a young bard who has just risen. He believes that even if he doesn’t rely on his own eldest son, his own children can be compared with Lin Ze.
Most of the Lins have already sent their wedding gifts to the banquet, and they are ready!
Just as everyone was about to celebrate the 50th birthday of Marquis Lin Lang, Count Arthur came out in no hurry.
Ryan and Arthur smiled at Lin Lang and said softly, "Old friend, you haven’t introduced you to us yet, have you?"
Speaking of which, he forgetfully patted his head
"Look, my memory Lin Yusha seems to have gone to the War College and didn’t come back! It’s a pity that he didn’t come back on such an important day. There must be something very important in the War College? "
This is Count Arthur deliberately exposing the Lins’ shortcomings …
Lin Lang listened to Count Arthur’s words and his face sank slightly, while the ancient incense sleeves around Lin Lang also changed their faces instantly.
She was most worried that others named Lin Yusha in front of Lin Lang. She ran to the War College to study, and even didn’t come back for his father’s 50th birthday. Although Lin Lang didn’t say anything, she still knew that Lin Lang was very concerned.
But Lin Lang is so shrewd, how can it be excited by its old rivals!
A sullen face also passed by. Lin Yusha went to the War College to study. It is well known in the whole city of Gran. Arthur remembered this incident when he wanted to disgust himself.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Fire
Lin Langdun said with a smile, "Yu Sha, since the child was left in the War College, must have been affirmed by the teacher inside! Children always have a future. His character is the same as that of big Arthur! "
Although Lin Lang ate a small loss secretly, he immediately pulled back a city in words!
"Hehe, and I am deeply relieved that my eldest son can come back at this time!"
Lin Lang pulled Lin Ze aside to attend the banquet, and all the guests had already noticed this young man wearing a blue knighthood!
Although they have already seen the gift list, it is the first time for other distinguished guests to see Linze except for the heads of several large families. Now they just know that this young man is Lin Ze, a gentleman who has disappeared for two years …
Old Arthur had long known that this young man was Lin Ze, but he was surprised after Lin Lang pulled Lin Ze to his side and asked, "Is this gentleman a good nephew? It’s really a dragon and phoenix among people … "
Lin Lang also smiled when he heard others praise his children. Every father has the hope of becoming a dragon, and he believes that his children will be a dragon in the future!
Little Arthur and Fanny around Count Arthur are also curious to see Lin Ze. They have seen Lin Ze, who is wearing a black warrior, and have never seen such luxury. Lin Ze has not even recognized Fanny, who has been with Qingshuanglan these days.
But Fanny knew that his identity was Lin Ze, and her eyes gradually became amazed. She finally realized that this aristocratic man himself met the same young man in the four-leaf clover pub …
Look at Fanny with such strange eyes, Lin Ze is also very nai!
Have you changed so much since you wore noble ornaments?
"Hello, uncle!"
The Lins’ gentleman can’t lose the Lins’ etiquette. Everything seems supercilious …
Count Arthur cheerfully accepted Lin Ze’s thorough ceremony before he bent down and lifted Lin Ze up like an elder. He patted Lin Ze on the shoulder and said softly, "My good nephew is really a handsome man. Old friends are really successors!"
….. Everyone didn’t realize what old Arthur really wanted to do?
At this time, old Arthur thought of something and said in a high voice, "By the way, I just didn’t know what your father prepared for his fiftieth birthday, my dear." Can you take it out and show us that it will be much better for parents and fathers to prepare birthday presents than for us outsiders? "
Because all the gifts given by Lin relatives are packaged, outsiders can’t see what they are! Other people who didn’t pay attention to Linze don’t know whether Lin Ze gave gifts or not …
When they were old Arthur, they were curious and booed.
But Lin Lang was shocked when he heard Count Arthur’s words!
He finally realized the old rival’s heart. He first held Lin Ze so high. If Lin Ze didn’t prepare a gift or the gift wasn’t heavy enough, Lin Ze would fall hard.
Although former Lin Ze said that he had prepared a gift, Lin Lang was busy these days knowing that he already knew that Lin Ze had been accepted by his apprentice, and Lin Lang knew that Lin Ze had not prepared a gift himself.
And Lin Ze is aware of this problem!
Count Arthur really has a good heart this time. He hit the Lins’ hope and even hit his head with his ideas! But will I let him get what he wants?
Lin Lang just want to chin up but see Lin Ze has beat said "uncle is really joking! My nephew, a Mi Chong with no income, has no financial resources. What is too precious for my father to prepare is definitely better than my uncle’s preparation of exquisite weapons in Sunan Workshop! "
Listen, Lin Ze keeps boasting that he is going to prepare Su Nan sickle, and Count Arthur is also happy!
The Lins’ gentleman praised the gift, but it made him look bad, but it also made him believe that Lin Ze didn’t prepare anything good …
Old Arthur continued to urge, "Dear nephew, don’t keep you waiting for too long. I believe everyone is also eager to see it?"
And bing, who was pulled up by Count Arthur, didn’t realize that he was being used as a gun and urged Lin Ze!
Seeing such a chaotic scene, the prince sat there and tasted the wine, and his eyebrows frowned slightly.
He has a clear insight into the motives of Arthur’s family. Although he received a message from the royal family before he came to make his Arthur’s family rise, now he has no affection for Arthur’s family …
For this young man?