Du Xiaotian knows that Lin Qi is reluctant. After all, she chased Gu Yan for two months before catching Gu Yan.
And Lin Qi really can’t say the word "break up" now.
Lin Qi doesn’t know what’s wrong with herself. According to his personality, for Gu Yan, who has damaged her face, she should find someone to beat her up before she can get rid of her hatred.
But it happened that she couldn’t do such a thing when facing Gu Yan.
Lin Qi felt a little wronged in her heart. She didn’t hesitate to talk about why she should treat herself like this. They got along very well some time ago, didn’t they?
She knows that Gu Yan is a playboy, and she doesn’t care how many girlfriends she has had before, but now that he is her boyfriend, why do such a thing to annoy her?
Lin Qi turned and ran outside the bar, but when she ran to the door, she was stopped by the security guard in the bar and asked her to compensate for the loss caused by her kicking over the table just now.
Lin Qi bit her lip at the door of the bar, pulled out a stack of red bills from her purse, threw them in the security guard’s arms, and then ran out with red eyes after the other party got out of the way.
Du Xiaotian in the bar looked at this scene in a mess and didn’t know what to do. Lin Qi was much more angry this time than he thought.
Du Xiaotian suggested to Gu Yan, "Brother Yan, why don’t you chase him out?"
In addition to a little arrogant look down on people, Lin Qi is actually very good to this group of Gu Yan buddies on weekdays.
Please eat, smoke and drink. It’s a common practice, so Du Xiaotian doesn’t really want Lin Qi and Gu Yan to break up.
Gu Yan pulled pull corners of the mouth didn’t speak in the heart is a big sigh of relief because of leaving.
He thought casually that it would be nice if she could just say goodbye. After all, how could a primary school sister treat him like that if she hadn’t gone to trouble her primary school sister?
When others saw him, they knew that he was not going to say anything more about this matter, so they all passed over the matter and called the bartender to change their position again.
The girl who was kissed by Gu Yan just now had a red face and wanted to continue sitting beside Gu Yan, but she kissed the teenager just now, but she glanced at her indifferently and then drove her to the sofa opposite.
Du Xiaotian is sitting beside Gu Yan instead of the girl.
The girl was wronged, but her love for Gu Yan still prevailed, so that she didn’t say anything more and was very obedient and sat down in Gu Yan’s position.
At the same time, I rushed out of the bar and didn’t know what direction I ran to. Lin Qize accidentally bumped into a person.
Two people at the same time let out a scream and then fell to the ground.
You have something to say.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
"Are you fucking blind?" Lin Qi sat on the ground and suffered severe pain from her ass, which made her lose her temper directly against the man she bumped into.
Even though she was the main factor that led to the accident.
"But senior … you didn’t look at the road and hit me." A wronged flexor came from the opposite side.
Lin Qi looked up angrily and then her face froze.
See a few days ago, she was in trouble, the senior one rocket class primary school sister is looking at her at this time.
See sink fish to have been distracted by this emergency Lin Qi didn’t think of Gu Yan through sink fish again.
She couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth and feel very wronged. It was only after this junior appeared that Gu Yan suddenly hated herself so much that Lin Qi was more disgusted with sinking fish in front of her.
Although she later heard from other people that this junior doesn’t like Gu Yan and doesn’t like Gu Yan to disturb her, it seems to Lin Qi that this is just an excuse that the other party is looking for. How can anyone not like Ah Yan?
It’s just that this junior knows better than others and is afraid of her.
"Get out of here" Lin Qi stretched out his hand and pushed the sink fish in front of him and then fell backwards.
Her eyes immediately shed a few drops of glittering and translucent tears to look at Lin Qi than injustice.
"Senior, why are you pushing me again? It hurts. "
Some of the girl’s voice sounds a little soft tonight, and it’s a little sobbing into people’s ears, which makes them feel soft.
Lin Qi was also disturbed by this sound and forgot to get angry at the moment.
She looked at the girl in front of her and said, "I have no strength."
"But my hands are bruised and my ankles are twisted. Why are you so fierce, senior sister? I didn’t offend you."
A delicate hand reached Lin Qi’s eyes and Lin Qi clearly saw this hand through the street lamp next to the road, which was a little abrupt and had several red bruises.
Lin Qi looked up again and saw the beauty in front of her, just like a doll. The girl’s eyes were filled with tears because of pain.
At this time, the other party is looking at her with her beautiful peach blossom eyes as if waiting for her explanation.
Lin Qi was speechless at the moment, and her eyes got the pretty face of her primary school sister at this time.
[How can? How can the host charm a vicious woman? What do you want to do? This is not right, absolutely not]
Tian Wentong shouted wildly in Shen Yu’s mind to stop Shen Yu from doing it at the moment.
But now that Shen Yu’s psychic power has been restored, all he can do is scream furiously.
[Talking about obsequiousness is just to better show the beauty of this body] Shen Yu returned to the unified sentence. This is what she was good at before, excavating her beauty.