At this time, I heard that Dong Fangbubai, her husband, Qi Yufeng, was pushed from pillar to post, and somehow a sour and desolate feeling suddenly burst into tears and flowed out.
When she saw that Mr. Mo Da had already stopped exercising and looked at her tangentially, she could no longer bear to cry in Mr. Mo Da’s arms. Mr. Mo Da stroked her hair with one hand and patted her vest with the other to comfort her.
Great vertical and horizontal rivers and lakes have made friends for decades, and they have never been married. At this time, when I saw this girl lying in his arms crying, I immediately panicked. My hands and feet were tossed and turned. "Don’t cry, don’t cry, there are many handsome guys in the Wuyue Sword Sect. I don’t like you. I’ll find you a good guy who is 100 times stronger than him."
Qi Yufeng was funny and angry and immediately said, "Don’t alienate the old man who said I don’t like her."
Behind him, Xiang Wentian added, "The leader will destroy the Huashan faction if Qi Yufeng annoys the big lady and hurts her tears. They will be removed from the Wulin and give her a bad breath."
The three men were taken aback. They immediately stopped crying and looked back and explained, "I’m not him …"
Xiang Wentian ha ha a smile "hierarch has made any big miss play xing lose her temper to say that the Huashan School where Qi Yufeng is located is reasonably good."
Everyone is a fool to be white. Xiang Wentian’s remarks must have been Dong Fangbubai’s usual joke, and the joke was changed by him at this time
Mr. Mo Da sneered, "Hum, the East will fail. It’s so murderous and awesome."
Xiang Wentian’s eyes squinted at him with a cold turn. "Mr. Mo, are you disgusted that your life is not long enough or is it a little too good for Hengshan to send eyes?"
Mr. Mo did not move Se’s mouth, saying, "I just can’t hide some evil spirits and heretics from telling shit in front of me."
Xiang Wentian cried in the previous step, "I think it’s not heavy enough for the tiger to slap it." Say that his body is a clot of silver, beard and halberd, and his expression is very y and n, and it seems that he will immediately start work.
When Qi Yufeng saw this, he was frightened and quickly stood in the middle of the two. "The two resentments will hurt Qi Mo Shibo’s eyes. You can’t hurt him when I am a guest of Huashan Sect."
Xiang Wentian said, "Then I’m not a guest of Huashan School again? I can’t hurt him and let him insult my religion? "
Qi Yufeng used his quick wits to say, "The leader’s mind is like the sea. Adults don’t remember little people’s trifles. They will definitely not put it in their minds. Mo Shibo will slowly ponder over nature after he doesn’t know the power of Shinto."
On the one hand, Mr. Mo Da cried, "You little bitch, you stinky fart. The devil teaches this little girl nothing good except Qu Fei Yan. Don’t you want to be involved in this devil’s teaching for life and lose your reputation?"
QuFei smoke pathetic way "mo grandpa my grandpa is also a good man"
Mr. Mo Da said, "He has quit Ri Yue Shintoism, which is naturally different."
While Xiang Wentian at this time, he pointed to Qi Yufeng and laughed, saying, "You’re so quick in this elementary school, but I don’t want to find this field when I see your face and he’s old and seriously injured."
While Mr. Mo Da kept scolding him, he turned a deaf ear and immediately took out a square box from his bosom and said, "My holy leader heard that your Yuenvxia suffered from severe injuries. Although her eyes recovered, she didn’t wake up. I sent her a’ Noon Wake-up Pill’, and she took it and the natural medicine was cured."
The attack on Huashan Sect in Qi Yufeng’s heart was very secret. After the accident, all the people kept on staying at home. This month, Shintoism learned about Yue Lingshan’s symptoms?
When he thought that if Ri Moon Shintoism wanted to murder Yue Lingshan, there must be all kinds of means. There was no need to tamper with this pill, so he immediately thanked it.
Xiang Wentian turned to look at Mr. Mo Da and smiled. "You scold me but I don’t annoy you. What you have been injured is a kind of work called’ Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita Work’. If you want to find its healing method, you still have to ask Emei School or Hengshan School."
Qi Yufeng cried one leng "not injured by the tiger? What can the tiger do? "
Xiang Wentian looked at him and nodded. "How can a tiger hurt the head of Hengshan Sect?"
Qi Yufeng felt incredible and couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t help mumbling, "When was the beast so bad?"
Xiang Wentian said, "This’ Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita Work’ is divided into thirteen layers. The first layer of kung fu is very simple. Even a fool can practice it in a year or two. The second layer is twice as deep as the first layer; It will take three or four years; The third floor is twice as deep as the second floor. It takes seven years to work so hard, and the harder it is to progress to the fifth floor, it will take 30 years of hard work. How many years do you think it will take if you want to practice to the thirteenth floor? "
Qi Yufeng was shocked and thought to himself, but he said, "Isn’t that … you have to be a thousand years old?"
Xiang Wentian nodded and smiled. "Big Miss, if life is limited, how can there be a thousand years? Do you say that such hard work is really created for people to practice?"
Qi Yufeng and QuFei smoke glances filled with horror heart way this kung fu is not to practice or fairy practice?
While Mr. Mo Mo suddenly said, "That’s the beast J and jīng who blames the practice of uniting."
Xiang Wentian nods, "It’s not the kui that the head of Hengshan Mountain is really knowledgeable, but according to the leader, this’ Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita Work’ is very difficult to practice, but it’s only a superficial Taoist method in the Xuan door gas refining technique, which can’t reach the realm of the growth of all things between heaven and man. The latest chapter of Mo Long’s tactic"
Mr. Mo Da didn’t know much about mountain J and jīng ghosts, but he was just a novelist who didn’t believe what he said. Later, he escorted Qu Feiyan to Huashan all the way to see this little snowball, and he realized that the world really got through the beast.
At this time, hearing that Dong Fangbubai was so knowledgeable, he actually explained the origin of this psychic animal. What is it? "Heaven and man are growing up" and I couldn’t help but wonder how bad this Dong Fangbubai is?
He couldn’t help but shut up at once.
Xiang Wentian said, "But this barbarian art in the western regions is a heresy. How can we have the mystery of the martial arts in the Central Plains? It is not easy for ordinary people to understand it. My holy leader has already learned that if Juba’s activities in Sichuan and Shaanxi are in Dingzhou Blackwood Cliff, hehe …"
Mr. Mo Da sneered, "What nonsense!"
Xiang Wentian also ignored him and looked at Qi Yufeng. "Do you need my help when your Juba Jia decided to make an appointment in March?"
Qi Yufeng, take a look at Mr. Mo’s heart, saying that good and evil are at odds in the rivers and lakes. If the Shinto religion goes hand in hand with evil, it is bound to be rare for Huashan Sect in the right path.
Besides, Mr. Mo Da has already woken up. He said that his involvement in the magic religion will inevitably lead to his discredit. How can he be a person with barriers between good and evil? His repeated abuse of Xiang Wentian must have a profound meaning.
Immediately, he couldn’t help shaking his head. "The Huashan Sect has its own leaders and senior brothers, and it’s not up to me to decide."
Xiang Wentian smiled and said, "Let it be that you don’t have anything to do with this mountain."
Wait until he walked away, Mr. Mo said, "Small finally, you are smart. If you promise this Xiang Wentian Ri Houjiang Lake to go out, do you still have Huashan School to stand on a cone?" Although Dong Fangbubai is terrible, which one can you afford, Shaolin or Wudang? "
Qi Yufeng nodded. "But right and wrong …"
QuFei smoke nu way "shut up right and wrong is your name? I tell you … "
She said that at this time, God Se panicked and seemed very scared. She immediately gnashed her teeth for a long time before she wrote, "The East … let you and me … should also be uneasy."
Qi Yufeng héng wondered, "I think he’s a nice guy. You see, he’s a thief in two of a kind. Zei8ne is beautiful. Isn’t that …"
Qu Feiyan was ashamed and angry and immediately shouted, "Shut your mouth! Who told you about two of a kind!"
Qi Yufeng laughed. "Then I won’t say it. You say it."