Since Enoch competed with Dragon Horse, all the moves have been made by Dragon Horse or others, and her own moves have not been revealed bit by bit, which makes Dragon Horse feel that Enoch is more mysterious.
"Pa …" Kaibin lay on the ground with his racket in his hand, blocking the hot sun. He lost and it was 6-0. Although he didn’t lose so badly when he played against the dragon horse.
"hey!" Enoch walked beside Kaibin with a racket and looked down. Kaibin was lazy and said, "You won’t be devastated by this game, will you?" She didn’t want to be a sinner.
Kaibin took away his palm and looked at Enoch with some vague outlines. He sat up and said, "Who are you? !”
Enoch pouting dissatisfied hand covered the sun and said, "Ah … Little dragon didn’t tell you? I am the little sister. "
"Sister? !” Kaibin stared at his blue-gray eyes strangely, stroking Karubin, pointing to Enoch in disbelief, and said, "Longma, don’t tell me this woman is really your sister!"
"Ah" the dragon should be one.
Kebin fainted directly.
Enoch squatted down and patted Kaibin’s face and then wondered, "It won’t be fainted." He turned to the dragon horse and continued, "The dragon horse gave him artificial respiration."
"ahhh!" Kebin suddenly got up and blushed, looked at Enoch and pointed to Enoch’s trembling body and said, "You woman!" "
“nnn! Please call me sister. "Enoch got up slowly, shrugged his shoulders and said with a face of koo." Don’t forget to bet just now. "
Kaibin looked depressed and turned to the dragon horse for help, but the dragon horse ignored Kaibin and still fondled Karubin’s soft cat hair.
"I didn’t think that Kaibin turned out to be a man who doesn’t count …" Enoch said with a face of regret and left Kaibin’s face to correct his expression.
"Elder sister … elder sister" Kebin said softly. Although Enoch had heard it, he pretended not to hear anything and put his hand to his ear. "What did you just say?"
Kaibin was obviously so angry that he got up and shouted, "Sister!"
Enoch rubbed his ears and patted Kaibin’s head with satisfaction and said, "Good brother … VIP 8 North American Youth Tennis Competition (1)
"Ha ha ….." Enoch sat at the table clutching his belly and kept laughing. It was funny to think of Kaibin’s beaten sample.
The dragon sat next to Enoch and looked at the opposite face. Kaibin looked at it sympathetically and then shook his head regretfully.
"Stop laughing!" Kaibin struck the table and thought it was very manly to shock Enoch. I didn’t think-
"Kaibin, you are so angry that it is even cuter than the dragon horse, Kawaii …" He said, and he was ready to ravage Kaibin’s hair. Fortunately, Kaibin was quick to move and quickly hid behind Karubin.
Kebinby looked at the dragon horse with bitterness and didn’t think that he had to hide behind a cat to avoid jane doe’s destruction …
"Hey, everyone is so energetic!" Minami Jiro took a letter with a wretched smile on his face and then threw the envelope on the sofa. He took a vague look at the dragon and horse and joked that "teenagers love you."
"Oh," the dragon horse calmly picked up the cover of the white letter next to him and glanced at it with expression, then threw it aside.
"The dragon? What’s the matter? Don’t throw it around even if you don’t look at it! " With that, Enoch ran to the position where Longma lost the envelope and curiously picked it up. It was written in English!
"Well, what’s written on it?" Enoch raised his hand and threw the letter into Kaibin’s hand.
Kebin raised his eyebrows and said proudly, "Aren’t you very powerful? See for yourself! "
"Idiot, are you afraid to read the letter if you didn’t graduate from primary school?" Enoch gave Kaibin a big dirty look.
Kaibin was angry and grabbed the letter and said slowly, "You didn’t graduate from elementary school! I will read it for you now! " Say that finish KaiBin opened the envelope.
Envelopes such as
Ryoma Echizen, the organizing Committee of the North American Youth Tennis Competition sincerely invites you to participate.
"North American Youth Tennis Competition? !” Enoch looked at Kaibin in amazement and then waved his hand and said, "Did you translate it wrong?"
"Nonsense! How could I translate it wrong! And I didn’t expect the dragon horse to be invited. "Kaibin looked at the dragon horse and nodded thoughtfully." I wanted to ask if the dragon horse should sign up. I didn’t expect the organizing Committee to be one step ahead. "
"The dragon horse, your answer is …" Enoch held the sofa doll and set his eyes on the dragon horse.
"The exam will be held in a week." The dragon horse didn’t answer, but said with a lazy look.
"Dragon Horse won’t have the world’s top tennis players in North America this time. Don’t you want to challenge one?" Kaibin clenched his fist. It can be seen that Kaibin is looking forward to this competition, and tennis experts are indeed a big temptation for Longma.
"Your room is on the second floor on the left. I’ll go first." The dragon horse left here and turned around and went upstairs without looking back.
Enoch looked at the dragon back gradually narrowed his eyes.
This guy …
Enoch said in his mind that Vip°9 North American Junior Tennis Competition (2)
In the quiet night, I can’t hear the slightest discordant sound, and the people in the bed can’t sleep for a long time …
"Come in" The dragon turned over and sat on the bed, watching the leisurely people come in.
"I really don’t want to go?" People in the dark asked again.
The dragon yawned and leaned against the head of the bed. Amber eyes seemed to shine in the dark.
"Ah …" The dragon should be lazy.
People gradually walked into the silver hair window of the dragon horse and the moonlight gradually merged. Enoch looked at the dragon horse and said seriously, "This opportunity is really rare."
Long Ma’s eyelashes trembled and he was silent for a few seconds before he spoke again. "I said I wouldn’t go." His tone was firm, but Enoch knew that his heart was shaken. Those few seconds were just good to say.
Enoch took a deep breath. She is not good at saying some sensational words, which is to explain her deepest thoughts.
"My eye doctor said it would be all right soon." Enoch avoided the sight of the dragon horse for fear that he would find something strange.
"Oh" the dragon horse should be one.
"So I hope …" Enoch continued.
"I’m going to sleep." The dragon horse abruptly interrupted you. She was about to speak and then slipped into the quilt.
Enoch quickly stepped forward to the dragon body was pulled open the dragon tilting head looked at Enoch "? !”
"I told you that my eyes are getting better!" Enoch knew that Dragon Horse was worried that Enoch would do something stupid after he left, and even cherish his health.
Although she looks happy these days, Long Ma is not sure that the sudden loss of eyes has not left a shadow in her heart.