Chu Yun said hello to several tutors, and when he sighed a few words with the pastor when he changed jobs, he scolded him a thousand times in his heart.
Chu Yun quietly waiting for your ya to do an incredibly fifteen minutes didn’t finish … And at this time, the pianist changed his job and the tutor waved to Chu Yun.
Chu Yun saw it and walked up to him. I don’t know what the tutor told him to do in the past.
The tutor who changed his job as a pianist pretended to cough twice and said, "I’ve been thinking about it for so many days. Since you can pass the test tower, I don’t think ordinary professional roots are suitable for you …"
Hearing this, Chu Yun was beaming and said, "Are you going to hide my career for me?"
"Fuck you, I don’t have a hidden career, but I know where I can get a hidden career …" Said the piano teacher, and then sighed with regret. "But what if I tell you? It’s hard, it’s hard … "
Chapter 57 Don’t thank me!
What do you mean, it’s hard to hear this sentence that Chu Yun is not happy? Then I just have to show it to you and say, "You told me I would get it!"
"Well, since you want to know and tell you, you people from other worlds won’t really die anyway …" Then the piano teacher changed his job as a tutor and slowly said, "There is a dreamy fairyland called Tianlu Rainforest three thousand miles south of Xuanwu City. In this place, there lived a hermit who could pass his test and get it, but for decades, no one could pass it but failed, and people became bones."
"It’s hard for no one to listen for decades …" Chu Yun said with a pie pie.
"What do you mean, it’s hard to listen, but it’s hard to come …" Then the pianist changed his job as a tutor and asked, "Have you ever heard of the bully Xie Shuang?"
"Xie Shuang?" Chu Yun shook his head. "Who is it?"
"He is the only son of the duke of Xuanwu City, Yuncang Mainland is the world’s most arrogant, but he still failed and finally turned into a push of bones." The pianist changed his job as a mentor and said with deep regret, "After Xie Shuang’s death, the duke was angry and sent a thousand masters to destroy the hermit master, but as a result … all died and the last one didn’t come back."
"If I become his heir, wouldn’t I want Xuanwu City Lord to become an enemy?" After the pianist changed his job as a tutor, Chu Yun immediately thought of the interests.
"You say good if you really become the real master brother will become an enemy to the duke; But if you can get the master’s head to avenge the Lord, the Lord will grant you a request. "
"requirements?" Chu Yun’s heart moved, "Is there even a mysterious device?"
"You want to be beautiful about the mysterious device. This requirement must be borne by the duke."
"Don’t say this or test it …" Chu Yun took the hermit’s head with a wry smile? This is simply death!
"Although the test is very difficult, it is a bit what you hope to pass the test tower." Although the pianist has no confidence, he still has luck with Chu Yun.
"Then I’ll give it a try!" Chu Yun is determined to hide his career temptation, even if he becomes the enemy of Xuanwu City Lord.
"By the way, what is the occupation of the hermit?" Chu Yun asked curiously, although it is a hidden career, if it doesn’t meet his needs, he can be happy in vain.
"Of course it’s a pianist. If it’s not a pianist’s business, I generally don’t care." The pianist changed his job as a tutor and snorted.
Lin Weiwei completed her job transfer half an hour later, and Chu Yun was dragged by her to brush the blame.
Chu Yun, on the other hand, is thinking about the hermit’s hidden career, which is overwhelming for players.
The swordsman’s name is Sword Soul after changing jobs, but this is the first change. In the world of "The King", every profession has changed jobs three times, and each time it changes jobs, it will become stronger and there will be a more powerful name.
It’s like Chu Yun’s pianist’s name is Qinming and the priest’s name is Sage after a level 1 turn.
The second turn requires level 5, and the third turn must reach level.
Ordinary occupations have one turn, two turns and three turns. If you get a hidden occupation, there is no two turns and three turns, but even if there is no two turns and three turns, it is not comparable to ordinary occupations.
When he came to the leveling field, Chu Yun first asked Lin Weiwei to join the Bauhinia King Group, and then gave him a vice president position, intending to let her help manage it.
Lin Weiwei, the vice president, smiled more brightly than a flower. Chu Yun wondered if she was suffering from anthomaniac.
"I have a very important thing to do now …" At the moment, two people were sitting on a boulder and Chu Yun said to Lin Weiwei seriously.
"What is it?" Lin Weiwei consciousness asked.
"When you need to leave for a while," Chu Yun said that if you can’t get the hidden root, you won’t have the heart to train.
"I’ll go with you" Lin Weiwei said with a smile.
"This is a hard job …" Chu Yun doesn’t know how long it will take to get there in the South 3.
"Do you think I will be afraid of suffering?" Lin Weiwei seriously way
"Even if you are not afraid of hardships, who will manage the guild if you go with me? Don’t forget that you are the vice president …" This is a month less. In so many days, Chu Yun hopes that Lin Weiwei Mengyao will work together to expand the guild.
"Would you like me to do a small job for you?" Lin Weiwei a hum a way
"We are best friends, and we have blocked each other’s bullets. Don’t you even help this?" Chu Yun intends to be emotional.
"I don’t care, I’m going with you!" Lin Weiwei grabbed Chu Yun’s arm.
Chu Yun is going crazy and says, "I have a dream Yao."
The meaning of this sentence is obvious, that is, I have a dream Yao. Please stay away from me.
"I know that I treat you as my brother. Is it a problem for my sister to follow my brother?" Lin Weiwei explained.
"This ….." Chu Yunyan quickly grabbed Lin Weiwei’s shoulder and added, "I have a bet with Mengyao’s father. This bet is too difficult for me. Would you please ask this sister to help my brother?"
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"What bet?" Lin Weiwei got rid of Chu Yun and grabbed his shoulder with a blank face.
"I just want to earn 500 million yuan in five years, otherwise I will share it with Mengyao forever!" Although I don’t want to talk about this bet, Chu Yun has to say that if Lin Weiwei keeps pestering his roots, he can’t get down to business.
"What? Five Yimeng Yao dads are deliberately making things difficult for you! " Lin Weiwei is indignant. What is this concept? It’s almost impossible for a person with no identity background!
"Yes, 500 million is not that I don’t want to take you with me, but I really can’t afford it!" Chu yun ke nai Dao
"I …" Lin Weiwei was speechless at the moment.
"500 million is a desperate number, but I still have to fight for Mengyao!" Chu Yun eyes firmly staring at Lin Weiwei.
"I, I …" Lin Weiwei’s thoughts were hard to calm down. "I promise to help you expand the guild."
"Thank you, Vivian …" Chu Yun was happy to hear her say that, but ChuYun really wanted to give her a big hug.
"If you don’t thank me, I will be happy if I become a Yaoyao elder sister." Lin Weiwei hurriedly explained.