"Patriarch. This is all the circumstances of the matter and my own handling opinions. How to deal with it specifically, please ask the patriarch to decide! " Deacon’s real person Wu Tong stood erect and respectful.
In front of Wutong, there was a middle-aged man in his thirties. This man is thin and handsome, which makes him extraordinarily elegant. However, those dark eyes, like the starry night sky, reveal the vicissitudes and wisdom of this person who is absolutely inconsistent with the image.
Lightning hairpin, five-element crown, star robe, step wind shoe. These four pieces of clothing are worn on one person at the same time. Any disciple of the Five Elements Sect who has entered the inner door will understand that this person is the contemporary palm teacher of the Five Elements Sect-Tianmen Zhenjun.
Tianmen Zhenjun listened to Wutong’s words quietly, and his expression remained unchanged. However, in his dark eyes, the brilliance that flashed slightly from time to time showed his heart, but it was not as calm as it appeared on the surface.
"Martial nephew, this time, you have received a good disciple! Ability, perseverance, potential, and understanding. Knowing how to advance and retreat, as long as you can carve it a little, your future achievements will definitely be extraordinary! " Tianmen Zhenjun said.
"The patriarch is amazing!" Wu Tong heard this and hurriedly said humbly.
Tianmen Zhenjun ignored Wu Tong’s words, but simply added, "However, Wu Shifu’s courage this time is a little smaller. Disciples in the Sect should be praised for their contributions to the Sect. Only in this way can the latecomers follow suit better. Why, isn’t it because you are your own apprentice and you are worried about others gossiping? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Hearing the words of the true king of Tianmen, Wutong neither defended nor admitted it, but said directly, "Everything is shown by the patriarch!"
"Well, you go back and tell who mowgli, let him rest assured, I’m a disciple of the five elements of the clan, and will definitely be greatly protected. In addition, the proportion of converted credit will be increased from 10% to 20%! " Tianmen is really a noble way.
Wu Tong didn’t have any opinions, so he should come down directly.
"Well, you go!" The true gentleman of Tianmen brushed his sleeves.
Wu Tongli time withdrew from the secret room of the patriarch hall.
After returning, Wu Tong didn’t immediately inform Wei Wuji of the result of the matter. He felt that Wei Wuji was now on the road to monasticism. It’s still too smooth. People are young and above their nature, and they need to be honed a lot. So, he decided not to speak now, but to let Wei Wuji feel that feeling by himself.
Who mowgli’s side, don’t know about these nature, his heart and soul, are devoted to the study of four secret books, and strive to be able to understand, understand to the highest level.
One night’s study is not enough.
The next morning, as soon as the eastern sky turned white, Wei Wuji got up and rode the black lotus to the inheritance hall. After saying a word to the disciple on duty, he stepped in.
This is the second time that Wei Wuji has stepped into the hall of inheritance.
For the first time, it was a gift from the master on this trip yesterday. However, because the deacon Wu Tong had accepted him as a disciple in advance and gave him the special jade symbol, so. Wu Tong’s distraction did not test it. Not only that, there is not even a trace of manifestation.
This time it is different, because this time he is going to accept the lecture, so he can have a clear understanding of the master’s distraction.
The second Yuan God is definitely a great magical power. At this point, Wei Wuji firmly believes in it, so he also wants to practice the second mysterious method at the right time. In this way, it would be better to know something in advance.
After Wei Wuji entered the hall of inheritance, he knelt on the ground first, kowtowed three times, and said, "Disciple Wei Wuji, come in and out of our school, please teach me the law and open the door to the avenue for his disciples!"
Say that finish, and three XiangTou.
After kowtowing, a portrait of Wutong hanging in front of it suddenly flashed with golden light. Like the sun, all the darkness was swept away, and the whole inheritance hall was as bright as day.
In the center of the light, the portrait itself, the light has gathered down. Suddenly, the mouth of the portrait of Wu Tong opened. Tao, "disciple, please sit down!"
As he spoke, Wu Tong’s hand pointed at the portrait, and a golden light shot out, hitting the ground not far from the front of Wei Wuji. Immediately, a jade futon rose.
Who mowgli also not polite, going up, forward, sat down on the jade futon.
At this time, the golden light of the room began to converge, and finally, in the void in front of the portrait, it gathered into a golden auspicious cloud of Xu’s size. The portrait, flying in the air for a step, just walked out of the resting-place chart, came to the golden auspicious cloud and sat down.
At this time, the picture of repose is empty.
Although, Wu Tong’s distraction did not show great power, but. Who mowgli vaguely, has been aware of his extraordinary. In my heart, I can’t help but feel a little yearning for this magic weapon. Of course, on the surface, his face was solemn, his eyes were heavy, and there was no slightest leak.
After Wu Tong sat down distracted, he immediately asked, "Wuji, what are the three minor methods you chose?"
"Back to the teacher. It is "White Tiger Gathering Golden Flag Refining Secrets", "Geng Jin Shen Dian" and "Tian dun Fu"! " Who mowgli answered at that time.
"hmm!" Wu with nodded slightly, then, also no longer ignore who mowgli, self-care began to speak.
Fortunately, Wei Wuji did a good job in his homework yesterday. As soon as he heard it, Wu Tong first talked about the fundamental method of the second peak, "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji". Who mowgli didn’t dare to neglect, will own was highly concentrated, quietly listen to the law.
This way of speaking is unified. And the content is obviously unified. Because, in Wei Wuji’s view, what Wu Tong tells is only the most basic explanation of Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji, so that people can understand its true meaning and start the cultivation of this sword tactic.
As for the higher level of understanding and sentiment, there is no such thing as Ding Dianer. To this, who mowgli heart very confused, "that Yin dilapidated and PangYu not all say, disciple, is a great deal of preferential treatment? How did this happen? "
Of course, this kind of words, he is certainly not able to ask out, can only temporarily stuffy in the heart, continue to listen.
He didn’t know that Wu Tong spoke like this just to make his disciples not be influenced by the outside world when they were practicing "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji" at the beginning, so that they were confined to the shackles of others all their lives. Only after the disciples have studied the "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji" for a period of time and combined with their own characteristics, will they impart their own experience to them, so that they can absorb it and turn it into their own.
Of course, not everyone can get this kind of good thing. Only a few registered disciples have this qualification except those who entered the room.
Time goes by bit by bit.
There is an old saying: I don’t know the years in the mountains! Wei Wuji listens to the Dharma in the hall of inheritance. It is also completely immersed in mental consciousness, and there is no any induction for external time. Even when Wu Tong was distracted and stopped speaking, Wei Wuji was still addicted to it. For a long time, he just came to his senses.
At this time, Wutong spoke again, "Now, I have explained all the four secret books to you. If you have any questions you don’t understand, please ask them quickly!"
Smell so, who mowgli where polite, when it is, the hearts of the puzzled, hesitant, like a river surging, continuous spit it out from the mouth. Wu Tong didn’t mind, but Wei Wuji asked, and he replied, in front of it, it is the obligation to be a master, to the extreme.
For a long time, who mowgli all don’t understand, is Huo Ran. Now, although it can’t be said, he will certainly be able to repair the ten-fold "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji" to the most perfect state, but, at least, it will never go wrong. At this time, he was not obsessed with this, but asked, "Master, when the disciple’s new house was built yesterday, when he tried the method with the master elder brother Pang Yu, the master elder brother used six wonderful swordsmanship in a row, which was very powerful. After some communication, the disciple learned that the refining secrets of White Tiger Gathering Golden Flag and the Heaven Dodging Symbol selected by the disciple also had their own unique swordsmanship.
I wonder if master can teach this fencing together? "
Wu Tong was distracted and pondered a little. He said, "You are my disciple. Although you are new to the mountain gate, you have extraordinary talent. It is not necessary to practice your own unique fencing."
Say, wu with distraction once again with the hand refers to the inheritance of the left side of the temple wall, a golden light rapidly hit on it, then, countless finely light and shadow swaying, the whole wall, like water waves, kept rippling.
A moment later, all the light was gathered away, and the left wall was completely changed. Originally, there were hundreds of hidden compartments on the solid wall. Wu reached out with his right hand and volleyed a shot. Three thin golden silk books slowly flew out and fell into his hands.
At this time, Wu Tong was distracted and said again, "This is the true copy of Xiongjian Tactics, Fierce Sword Tactics and Instant Sword Tactics. None of them are engraved with my profound understanding of these three kinds of swordsmanship in the second peak, which is a great treasure.
However, before it is delivered to you, you still have three conditions to meet. First, you must not take these three authentic swords away from the second peak while you are in charge. Second, you must try your best to copy ten copies; Third, don’t look through it until you practice the innate Geng Jin Excalibur to the fourth order. Remember, it’s from the first-order sacrifice to the fourth-order, and you can’t directly forge the fourth-order flying sword.
Can you agree to all three conditions? "Error-free novel network does not jump words.
"yes!" Who mowgli without hesitation, directly replied.
"Well, then, now, swear your blood on this painstaking care tablet!" Say, wu with distracted robe sleeve, a dark iron card flew out, fell to the ground, rapid rise, soon rose to Zhang Xu.
On this iron plate, there are dozens of lotus flowers shining slightly there. Obviously, the other disciples of the second peak have also experienced such scenes.
When Wei Wuji saw Wu Tong’s distraction, he knew it was a necessary procedure, and he didn’t say much. After nodding his head, he vowed directly, "I swear with my heart, and the above three items will be followed as a whole. If there is any violation, I will suffer from the chaos!"
Say that finish, who mowgli right hand and referred to as a sword, shot a firm but gentle, stabbed his heart, at that time, a drop of blood seeped out. Who mowgli mind a traction, this drop of deep red blood, then flew towards the blood god card, didn’t go in, and the lotus flower before.
"This painstaking care is one of the seven treasures of the second peak of Gengjin Town, which is tied with Juxian Bell. He doesn’t have any attack and defense. His only utility is to induce blood oath. Once the oath is broken, the blood on it will turn red and black.
At that time, you were the enemy of all my five elements, and you would be hunted down by all my five elements, including the true king and the divine king’s predecessors. We will do everything we can to make you swear, do you understand? "Error-free novel network does not jump words. Hear who mowgli say that finish, wu with distracted infernal affairs at once.
"Disciple understand! Master, rest assured that this situation will never happen! "
These three conditions, especially the third one, are reasonable. Obviously, they are for their own sake. Without the slightest conflict in Wei Wuji’s heart, he naturally won’t violate it. Of course, things in the world are always hard to say, and there will be no accidents. Therefore, Wei Wuji left a back door for himself when he swore.
To others, it may be a matter of death. However, for him, it is not at all, and he can be resurrected at any time.
Wu Tong was distracted, but he was very satisfied with his disciple’s answer. At the moment, with a wave of his hand, three golden silk books flew in front of Wei Wuji. Then he said, "well, the time has come, go by yourself!" "
As soon as the words fell, Wu Tong was distracted and turned into a streamer, returning to the picture of repose. The golden auspicious cloud once again bloomed in the sky, and then it disappeared into the picture of repose. At that time, the portrait of Wutong appeared again on the resting-up map, and the hall of inheritance was restored to its original appearance, except that he sat down on the jade futon.
Seeing this, Wei Wuji didn’t do much delay. After putting away the three swords, he kowtowed three times towards Wutong’s portrait again, and then got up and started walking outside the temple. And when he got up, the jade futon also spontaneously disappeared.
Out of the hall of inheritance, Wei Wuji looked up at the sky, and the eastern sky just turned white, just like when he came. Obviously, a day and a night passed.
Who mowgli left the disciple on duty in the inheritance hall, rode the black lotus, and quickly answered his own courtyard. At this moment, in his heart, he can’t wait to practice the "Congenital Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji".
The last four-fold method of building a foundation in "The Tactics of Genuinely Qi Gengjin Sword" can only be practiced with the cooperation of the Genuinely Qi Gengjin Excalibur. There is no shortage of materials for refining the innate Geng Jin Excalibur. However, it takes a long time to practice the sword, and it can’t stop.