Zhu Feng was also surprised to see the darkness in the distance. This night gang really looked up to so many people, then sneered at the world and said, "That’s all you night gangs have achieved. Are you not confident in your strength when hundreds of people beat us six?"
Changfeng saw the farmer’s face turn ugly when he went to town, and cursed in his heart, "This MD farmer’s mouth really poisoned himself when he went to town. It took so many people to make fun of him, but he had to cut their penis and send it to be a eunuch for a while …"
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Chapter 30 Day War
Changfeng walked to the front of Zhu Feng several people, pointing to their way "you guys are not declaring war on our night gang? Now it can come out. "
"What should I listen to you? Hundreds of people are there. Let us out. Are we stupid? " Zhu Feng said with a face of lai sample.
Changfeng Zhu Feng words more angry with Zhu Feng six people and then turned to the people around you and said, "everyone see? Just now, they declared war on our night gang, but now they dare not come out. "Speaking of this, he asked Zhu Feng again," Without that, Jin Gangzuan should not show off in front of everyone. How about now? Not afraid to come out in Heping District? "
At this moment, Zhu Feng six people suddenly ran out of the Heping District and challenged a mage of the Night Gang. The mage was still laughing with people around him. Zhu Feng hung up the Night Gang without making any evasive action. When Zhu Feng six people reflected it, they ran back to Anqu. The members of the Night Gang were angry and cursed several people for their "despicable" words.
Just now, when Changfeng was talking to the players around him, six people plotted this raid. When Changfeng saw several people suddenly running out of the security zone, he felt bad. He guessed that they were going to make a raid. When he rushed over, he saw them hang up a mage, which made him angry. Although he cut each other twice, he ran back to the security zone.
Chang Feng cursed there, "Are you scum doing something sneaky?"
Zhu Feng said to the players in a tone of exasperation, "Did you see it?" Hundreds of people came to besiege us, and one of them died. The night gang is really not a normal dish. "
The players around them burst out laughing after hearing Zhu Feng’s words. They really admire these six people who dare to sneak attack in the face of several times higher than themselves, which is a fight with Xiaoqiang’s indomitable spirit.
Changfeng heard the players around him laughing and felt very angry. "What are you laughing at?" Laughing and killing you all. "
"Don’t be angry, don’t be angry with the six of us. They are koo." A hero looks like a nice guy and tells Changfeng that he is actually trying to make the watching players feel disgusted with the dark industry gang.
There was a commotion around, and everyone was even more dissatisfied with Changfeng when they heard heroic words. A night gang was too good at pretending to be B and wanted to kill all the people in the city. This was too rampant. A few daring players scolded behind, "You night gangs are too arrogant. Do we have to get your approval when we laugh?" "Even if you are in charge of heaven and earth, do you still manage people to shit and fart?"
"Who said that? There is a kind of coming out. "Changfeng blushed and stared around looking for the speaker. Just as he turned his head, Zhu Feng and six people attacked the nearest alchemist. Because there were too many people behind him, the alchemist root had nowhere to run or was hanged by them. However, the sneak attack was not very smooth. The night people showed their defense. If the place was not too small, the alchemist would surely fail. In the distance, a mage made a large-scale attack on magic to attack several people in Zhu Feng, which made them suffer a lot. However, the mage did not seem to have a guild adjustment mode in that small area.
"Ha ha this is your hand? I don’t know how to adjust the guild mode. It’s a real talent. "Color just laughed and teased Changfeng. Watching players also smiled and pointed at Changfeng.
Changfeng saw that his gang attracted each other to laugh and turned to the gang and shouted, "Which mage is so stupid?"? Get out. "He himself was attacked just now, although it was a minor injury, but he was afraid that they would sneak up on him and quickly drank a bottle of red medicine. He could also find someone else to cover up his embarrassment.
A mage blushed and wrote a novel "I didn’t mean to". He is also very depressed now. He can show his face by playing skills to attract his sister’s attention, but he forgot to change the attack mode just now because of excitement.
"Are you stupid? PK does not change the mode? It hurts the brothers in the gang, you know? " Changfeng tiger face to the mage lesson.
When the mage saw that everyone around him was looking at him and Changfeng reprimanded him, he suddenly said, "I told you I didn’t mean to."
Changfeng has been playing around with Zhu Feng since he met him today, which makes him depressed enough. What makes him even more angry now is to help people in the gang dare to contradict themselves, but also in front of so many players. Who doesn’t bow and scrape when they meet themselves in the gang at ordinary times? Even the boss has to give him some face.
"Do you still dare to talk back? If you don’t want to get mixed up in the gang, get out of here. We don’t need people with no team spirit like you. "Changfeng was very rude and scolded the mage.
The mage is very spineless, and his head tilted and he said, "I don’t need to forget it. If it’s a big deal, I’ll retire. Ask the boss to get rid of me."
"You … you …" Long ethos pointed to the mage for a while and didn’t speak.
Zhu Feng rushed to the side and blinked. His expression was very funny, and then he shouted like a boo, "Oh, oh, the nest is reversed. Are we still going to start work?" It’s the night gang style to beat one’s own people. "
"This night gang isn’t so good either," said one of the onlookers to others.
"Look at that man’s poor management ability and know how to be bossy."
"In this way, the gang still knows how to bully people instead of being a good boss."
"I’m really disappointed."
Changfeng heard the discussion around him getting bigger and bigger, and it was all negative. He stared at Zhu Feng and shouted, "Come out if you dare, or you won’t be a man."
"Go home and ask your wife if she knows if I am a strong man," Zhu Fengma replied. He has said this for hundreds of thousands of times, and he often scolds those animals in the dormitory like this.
Changfeng almost fainted after listening to Zhu Feng’s words, pointing at Zhu Feng with one hand and cursing, "You can’t come out if you can talk nonsense?"
Zhu Feng and several heroes whispered a few words and then said to Changfeng, "What can you do to me when I go out?" Say that finish a few people ran out of the zone together.
Changfeng saw a few people leave the security area and shouted "Kill them for me quickly". He now cares less than so much, thinking about killing these guys who got thousands of knives, then stepping on a few feet and burning the body … Only in this way can he feel avenged.
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Chapter 39 Make a mess
After several people in Zhu Feng rushed out of the security zone, they parted ways. Everyone ran to the crowded place and followed them. The members of the Night Gang howled and chased Zhu Feng people hiding everywhere like taking stimulants.
"Kill them no matter what method. Go back and have a prize." Changfeng shouted while chasing Zhu Feng.
Hundreds of people chased Zhu Feng, several people, all kinds of magic arrows flying in the sky, which were mixed with all kinds of curses, and the whole Qinglong City was prosperous.
"Are you blind? Are you sure you are playing? " A koo bystander was enchanted by members of the Night Gang.
"Are you blind? You can’t flash? " The dark night gang scolded themselves for so many people in the gang that he didn’t believe anyone would dare to do anything to him!
The player who was beaten cursed, "I flashed your sister and hit me. Are you still reasonable?"
The members of the night said, "What if I hit you?"
"I depend on others, so I dare not kill you." When the player finished, he rushed over. The members of the Night Gang didn’t expect the other party to dare to avoid themselves. They were caught red-handed and the people around them couldn’t squeeze a few knives, so they were killed back to the city. When the members of the Night Gang saw their own people being killed, they raised their knives and cut them off at the player. The player also hung up.