Smell speech sacred obscene smile suddenly turned into a quick "ha ha well ….."
Warmly, he is not allowed to fool around and urge "tell me I want to hear"
Divine, good, and extravagant, it is necessary to tell several lies to remedy the kindness and tiredness. "It’s natural to feel that everyone is different. Little Three is the most disappointing. He almost died after watching the explosion. He ran away in the middle of it. A Dai’s stupid child didn’t know how to watch it. He also commented on his second brother. Hum, he can best pretend to be calm with his legs clamped. Oh, you didn’t see him like that and finally fled to take a cold shower. Hahah .."
Warm with hook lip Angle "that you and your cousin?"
"eh? We are, of course, the most determined people. We are completely indifferent and calm … "He looked up at her," Warm son, in this world, even if I am a fairy, I won’t respond. "
Warm, laugh or not. Hum, "Why do I think you are very excited?"
Sacred hurriedly raised his hand to ensure that "I learned the skills. Hey hey, as the saying goes, study hard and think about it every day …"
A good positive energy word changed its taste in his mouth, and he glared at him angrily. He was very clever and changed the subject. His eyes fell on her hand and looked at it for a few times and then said, "Oh, warm son, do you still like to watch this?"
Warm also didn’t dispute with him a little bit.
She thinks it’s a fairy tale, but it’s enough to say that she doesn’t like to pass the time.
The sacred eyes flashed and casually asked, "What do you think of the gods, then?"
Warm and casual way: "Immortals are very good. In ancient times, people dreamed of being immortal and living forever."
Sacred and cautious, he asked, "What do you think of the demon?"
Warm thought, "The so-called immortal Taoist priests in the story of the contradiction between good and evil will try their best to collect the Uber, but this Uber is also divided into good and bad. Naturally, it is necessary to kill it if it is good."
The language of the sacred organization also asks, "Does the warm child think it is good or bad to be in a mood, arrogant and serious cleanliness?"
Looking at him strangely with a warm frown, she always felt that he was trying to set her up, but she still answered truthfully, "This is hard to say. This can say that the Uber’s temperament is less pleasing, whether it is good or evil, and I don’t know if it is good or bad."
Smell speech is sacred and tangled up. Does he want to encourage that Uber to do some heinous things?
Seeing that he was silent, he couldn’t help but ask, "Why are you suddenly interested in this?"
"ah? Hehe, I’m just chatting and looking for a warm son to discuss whether life is wrong or evil … "
Warm and sneering
It seems that there is still a lot to be explored in the sacredness, and with a kind of sincere way, "Warm son, do you know that there is a word called shemale road?" If people want to enter the humanitarian demon and have a demon road, if they are forced together, it will be a violation of the dogma and it will be a bad scourge. "
Warm and cool, ask, "Then what?"
Holy blink of an eye "the child will be a shemale when born"
"Poof …"
Finally, the shemale ended this discussion. In the warm view, the divine performance is somewhat inexplicable, but it doesn’t go deep into it. Does the divine feel that he has planted the concept of shemale’s path for her, and when he really sees the Uber, he will be conditioned to reject it?
Of course, if you want to be a conditioned reflex, you usually have to do more work to stimulate it, so in the next few days, if you have something sacred, it will give you warmth. If you listen to too much knowledge, you will almost wonder if the world is illusory. Is Uber going to run across the world?
Fortunately, he is alone.
However, others seem to be somewhat abnormal.
For example, when A Dai saw her, he seemed to be thinking about something. He shook his head for a while and sighed and asked him. He just smirked and waved his hand like an unspeakable mystery, but he deliberately tickled your heart.
For example, magic has looked at her in the wrong way in recent days. If she didn’t perceive the wrong look, should she be called a warning? Warn her of what? After several times she wondered and looked back, he couldn’t help but yell at her, "Be honest, don’t think about cheating on your eldest brother, and I’ll splash your adulterer with dog blood."
The warmth was stunned, and it was rare to ask a silly question, "Why do you pour dog blood?"
What kind of ingenious punishment is this?
Magically proud, "Let him show his true colors, of course, and then you can kill him fair and square."
Warm "…"
Is the world really fantastic or is she possessed?
There is also longing. Although he didn’t say those maddening words to her, he always looked melancholy, which made the rose garden full of sadness in spring and autumn. Fu Lei and Fu Yun both popped up a few sour poems from time to time, and she was drunk.
And fascination has suddenly become attached importance to appearance, which is what she can’t understand. A beautiful man just doesn’t deliberately modify his appearance, which is definitely like crushing a person. He can surpass it now and hold it upside down. It’s so beautiful that people want to talk about it and take a break from sadness, confusion and warmth. He can’t wait to offer him whatever he wants at the altar.
But people don’t ask her anything. "Who is the most beautiful in this world?"