"oh? How do you know? " Bai Zhongxian strange way
"I happened to be there at the meeting that day, so I saw my predecessors with my brother in the afternoon," said to the sky.
"Are you? No wonder, "said Bai Zhongxian.
"How did you fight with this earth bear?" Bai Zhongxian said
"We are here to try our luck. After all, we are all practicing martial arts, so we also have a little luck with that martial heart," said shyly to Heaven.
"This time, this Wu Zun heart can make this chaos become a real chaos. The strong people have come out to look for a number of immortals, which has alarmed those aliens. I don’t know what to look for. We are looking for such a positive baby, so I also came out to look around. Later, I knew that I was looking for Wu Zun’s heart, and some aliens went back, but there were still aliens who tried to ruin the Wu Zun heart mentality, so I was constantly looking for it," said to the sky.
"The earth bear is one of them, and it seems to be more hostile to us humans, so it attacked us. Fortunately, I got this fairy house a long time ago, so I will resist its attack." Yue Wu said.
"It seems that this earth bear can’t react well. How did he get to this level?" Bai Zhongxian asked.
"The strength of this earth bear is mainly in its defense. This earth bear defense technique is called’ Earth Armor’, which can resist the attack of the strong one or two levels higher than him. Now his strength has reached the strength of human Jin Xian, so its earth armor can resist the blow of pick Jin Xianli, so it can practice all the time without danger if it meets too many strong people in practice." Purple clothes replied.
"Wu Zun’s heart is not for those aliens?" Bai Zhongxian asked purple clothes.
"Aliens can’t practice human martial arts because their meridians and body structures are different," said Zi Yi.
"Are you all looking around like this?" Bai Zhongxian asked to heaven
"No, we followed the man all the time. We almost caught him several times, but we ran away at the last minute. Besides, we all looked for him together, so we also had a care. Not long ago, the figure of the man reappeared. We all temporarily dispersed around to look for him, so we met this earth bear," said to the sky.
At this moment, a golden light suddenly flew in, and it reached the golden degree very quickly. Just when Bai Zhongxian saw it in the distance, it had already arrived in the hands of Yue Wu.
"Jin Jian" Bai Zhongxian looked at Jin Jian in the hands of Yue Wu and thought.
"The leader has heard that the man has found it and is surrounded by many immortals. Let’s go there," said Yue Wu.
"Elder can want to go with him" asked Heaven politely.
"Good you lead the way" Bai Zhongxian said.
Then by yue five led toward the northeast flew past.
After flying for about two hours, Bai Zhongxian finally saw a large number of practitioners again. This time, the practitioners were surrounded by a black dragon with a height of 1,000 meters, and a dark dragon with four pairs of black wings was surrounded in the center. Obviously, this dark dragon has achieved the strength of human beings, and those immortals are all betting on the dark dragon, so Bai Zhongxian’s arrival did not have much people’s hearts.
At this time, the dark dragon spread its wings and shook its head. In its right paw, it was holding a red ball with red light, and on it was a human body.
Hundreds of these immortals have obviously come in a hurry, and others have searched around for immortals and haven’t arrived here yet.
At this time, Bai Zhongxian saw an acquaintance at noon. Because of his strength, he saw Bai Zhongxian flying around and the horse greeted him.
"I didn’t expect to meet you here," said Tian Tianma.
"What is this?" Bai Zhongxian asked
"Oh, our sects are scattered all over the place to search for people in this place, mainly our Wudaomen, the Unitarian Sect and the Round Sect. We don’t want the person with Wu Zun’s heart in this place. When we were chasing him, a dark dragon with the strength of Luo Jinxian suddenly killed the person with Wu Zun’s heart and grabbed it. Now all the people in our three sects have arrived, so we are now facing each other," said Noon.
Bai Zhongxian saw three pick Jin Xian and dozens of Jin Xian around the dark dragon in the center, and there were hundreds of fairies with lower strength around, and the dark dragon was holding it in its hands, and the fairies were staring at Wu Zun’s heart.
"Do you want that martial heart in the afternoon?" Bai Zhongxian asked
"Of course, who doesn’t want to come here? Is I don’t hope to get the arms heart, "said noon.
"What?" Bai Zhongxian asked
"Regardless of the Wu Zun heart in the hands of the dark dragon, it can be destroyed at any time, even if it is taken back, who should it be given to? There are so many people here, and there are also our three elders here. No matter how much we divide them, they will not reach me, "said Noon.
"Ha ha, don’t be discouraged. What if you get it? And if you get Wu Zun’s heart, you’d better leave for the place where the Lord God’s sphere of influence is in the east or south, "said Bai Zhongxian meaningfully.
In fact, Bai Zhongxian has already planned to participate in this battle for Wu Zun’s heart. He is fighting for Wu Zun’s heart, not for himself, but for giving it to him in the afternoon, even though he didn’t feel it in the afternoon.
This is a good cause. After all, it was led by Noon that he met Li Er and accepted his apprentice. In the next aspect, because Noon took Bai Zhongxian to the Xiuzhen Conference, he was given a chance to cultivate immortality and revenge. Therefore, this Wu Zun heart is to return Bai Zhongxian and Li Er to the mentoring.
"Do you want me to destroy this thing?" The dark dragon said
This scared the immortals to get nervous. It’s a statue. With it, the chances of becoming a statue are a hundred times greater. More than that, it’s more attractive than those innate treasures. If it’s destroyed, it’ll be a waste of time for so long.
"Stand back," cried the dark dragon.
Then these immortals had to retreat for a distance, and the three sects were divided into three groups and retreated in three different directions, but everyone retreated for only 100 meters, which made Bai Zhongxian and his party seem a little abrupt not far away.
Chapter 22 Painting butterfly rhetoric
The Dark Dragon must be very nervous when he looks at hundreds of immortals around here and wants to be surrounded by so many immortals. After all, although he is strong, there are also three immortals with considerable strength among them, and there are many Jin Xian in it.
But now that he has the heart of Wu Zun in his hand, he seems to be scared. These immortals dare not push too hard. Although he wants to destroy the heart of Wu Zun, the dark dragon also knows that it is not yet time. Now, when it destroys the heart of Wu Zun, the horse will become a target. Those immortals will definitely not let themselves go, and this can’t wait too long. The immortals will gather more and more, and the situation will be even worse. The most important thing now is to leave here as soon as possible to the Lord God’s territory, so that no human beings will dare to run wild.
But the more afraid of what happens, the more it will appear.
At this time, a large number of humans really flew from the white fairy behind, about 200, and each strength was at least fairy water, but they all covered their bodies in black robes.