Oblique eyes treasure and pure tangled "you like nothing? ! By the way, who is Fan Tie going to marry? It won’t be that Luo Jiayin, will it? "
"hmm? ! Oh, I think so. Who else is qualified to be a daughter-in-law of the Fan family besides her? Hehe, "Touching Xiao Yu’s head, Xiao Jing suddenly said with a slight meal that he didn’t envy you." In fact, I think it’s quite good for you to live your own life with your children now from another angle … "
Blinking, Bao Qi teased her, "Why don’t you lack men?"
"A man is dispensable." In the year of Xiao Jing, he smiled faintly.
Baoqi also smiles.
How can I not know it in my heart? The more you say that you don’t care, the more hurt you actually feel.
She shrugged her shoulders and sneered, "Your heart is really cruel. Thanks to Captain Fan, it’s really embarrassing for you. You have to push people into other women’s arms alive, right? You also see somebody else’s double-bedded … "
Speaking of which, she rolled up a microphone with her finger and put it to Nianxiaojing’s mouth.
"How do you feel about coming to interview a big reporter for a year?"
Feel it? !
In years, Xiaojing hung down his eyelids, casually pulled up his clothes and smiled, then raised his head and patted her off with a pestle. The tone of his hand was so dull that there was no wave at all.
"Speaking of which, he should be married to a man in his thirties. His father has been in the hospital several times for three generations. Marriage is right."
Right? !
Baoqi laughed again. "What about you?"
"Me? Career woman, my goal is that I am directly in charge of the leader Shu Shuang Shu Da Editor-in-Chief, and I want to be close to her. "
"Don’t talk nonsense. Do you know what I said? You’re not going to find another man after rejecting Fan Tie?"
His face was slightly dark. In the dark years, Xiaojing did not directly answer her words, but took her arm and asked, "You are not going to find another man after leaving Lengxiao?"
Baoqi is dazed!
Then poof-poof laughed and patted her jokingly and said, "Oh, why didn’t I find it?" ! I’m looking for a man to file with Ms. Jiabao at my house. It’s conservatively estimated that there will be almost one row. "
Smiling, Xiao Jing looked at her in a complicated way. "You really dare to really refuse."
Bao Qi stared at her seriously for a few seconds and then smiled. "Hey, Nianxiaojing, I warn you, don’t do this. I was almost killed by my mother today!"
Seeing her smiling face suddenly dyed with a dim light, Xiaojing quickly got into the topic of stuttering sister, saying that she was almost blacklisted by the Wangs’ parents and thanked them for refusing to come and go.
Far from the point.
In fact, both women know that each other is hurt in their hearts.
The best friend is to expose that scar again and again to expose the sun in the name of comforting the unfortunate but not comforting.
Scorpio team
The office door is tightly closed, and it is getting darker and darker outside.
The smell of smoke in the room is strong
The lonely figure of Xiao Suo, a cold owl, stood by the window wall.
Section 27
He just came back from training in the training ground half an hour ago. He was tired out in a hot sweat. When he came back, he simply took a battle bath in the rest room next to the office and smoked here.
Since the nua international terrorist organization completely disappeared in China six years ago, the main task of the Red Thorn Special Team has become a destructive confrontation with Japan’s manda, which is involved in black terrorism and smuggling foreign hostile forces.
What Leng Xiao wants to train is one of the sharpest special teams in the world.
Of course, Scorpio soldiers have to be sharp to save their lives.
They are too special compared with other special forces in Red Thorn.
Over the past few years, they have not only taken on the special task of attacking the enemy’s political, economic and military targets, but also done some harassment, assassination, sabotage, kidnapping, reconnaissance behind enemy lines, stealing intelligence, and psychological warfare to publicize special guards against subversion, agents, sneak attacks and hijacking in all kinds of harsh conditions.
His seriousness and cruelty, the lives of his comrades, everything, forbid him to think about it here.
Dumped his head, and at the thought of it, he felt that his mind seemed to be clear again.
A lot of things have to be sorted out …
Just then there was a faint knock at the door outside the office, followed by a strong shouting from the correspondent.
He frowned, pressed out the cigarette, pushed the front window a little, and the smell of smoke quickly spread out. Then he went to the desk with a cold face, straightened his leather chair, raised his posture and responded calmly.
"Come in!"
Xiao Wei, his former correspondent, retired and went home. Now he is following him. The correspondent was elected to the first issue from the reconnaissance camp last year. The sergeant surnamed Yan Daming, Yan Pi, was humorously nicknamed by his comrades-in-arms because of his poor pronunciation and frequent off-line.
Standing still, holding your head high and reporting.
"Report chief comrade received the headquarters two minutes ago because of your personal words. It has been ten hours since you got through to the boss and said that the boss said the original words …"
Prevaricated, blinked and said no.
Tighten Leng Mei cold owl and look at him.
"Say say well … cough" glanced at his cold face without any expression, and straightened his chest and stuttered for a few times, learning to fire Xing seriously.
"This is what he said to see if your head woke up in the coffin? Well, it’s getting dark. It’s time for him to come out for activities. Later, I will tell him that his sister-in-law is back … "
Are you back?
Leng Xiao’s mind instantly thought of the scene where the fire on the border of country A went to the ruins, and he was dying in the hospital. Of course, he also thought of his cold as a zombie king in the army
Fortunately, after six years, he finally kept his head above the clouds, saw the moon die and came back alive.
With his big hand on his forehead, he thought calmly for a few seconds and uttered a very cold and humorous sentence than the cold Boeing.
"When vampires are dead, zombies help themselves."
"ah! ?” Leaning forward 2 degrees, the correspondent was stupid for several seconds and his eyes wouldn’t move. "Is the chief going or not?"
Without answering his words, Xiao Ye then added coldly, "One more sentence, I won’t prevent big zombies from occupying Kyoto."
"Oh," Xiao Ying-dao scratched his head and asked stupidly, "Are you going or not?"
Cold lips took a sip for a few seconds, and Owl almost hit him with an ashtray on the table. "You are not the best, you are the best."