Blood volume+1
[Demon Magic] Movement speed+75 and avoidance rate+65% (this attribute is activated when the equipment changes to fox state)
Additional Attribute 1 Attack Speed+15%
2 extra automatic recovery points per second.
The equipment summons the creature’s life and magic limit with an additional+1% physical attack power and magic attack power, an additional+5% physical defense power and magic defense power and an additional+1%.
4. The equipment summoning creature will automatically restore health by 25 points every 9 seconds and 5% HP every 3 minutes.
The equipment summons the creature. When the life is less than 5%, the physical attack power and magic attack power will be increased by+5% and the attack speed will be increased by+1%. All attacks will be subject to 6 additional psychic damage.
6. The equipment will hit all crit damage, and this damage value will be forced to transform itself to summon the recovery of biological blood volume.
Equipment special effects This beautiful fan is unique to the monster beast. It will infect all forms of illusion, and at the same time, its own illusion will be added to a certain extent. In addition, the monster beast makes the exclusive equipment. This fan has a certain deterrent effect on all animals and has a certain bonus effect when attacking the beast player monster np. All beast monsters can take the initiative to launch an active attack on the fan holder.
Equipment skills are fascinating.
Demon’s startup skill summons three powerful creatures, who fight for half an hour and are good at all kinds of control skills and curse skills; Charm is good at all kinds of therapeutic skills; Animals are good at physical and magical attacks. The attack power is very strong. The skill cooldown is 3 hours.
Equip professional monster emissary
During the summoning period of exclusive professional attributes, it will get 5 seconds of enemy state, which will not be affected by the negative state of injury, and at the same time, it will automatically disappear if it attacks others actively. The skill of "all diseases are dead"
Equipment characteristics, special host soul life
Equipment status is bound.
Remarks: The equipment will be upgraded once the player reaches level 6 (therefore, the growth characteristics of the special host soul of this equipment will automatically evolve once every level of equipment attributes with the player’s level).
The host is cute tutu
Soul-sending attribute summons both biophysical attack power and magical attack power by+1% when the number of its own tail is 9; When the number of one’s own tail is less than 9, one’s own physical attack power and magical attack power are both+5%.
Women in need of equipment
Equipment grade three to five.
Note: The effect of all instant death skills is directly judged from the original target death change, and the opponent’s 1-point blood volume is directly judged to be dying and weak (when the player’s blood volume enters the single digit (19) for 3 seconds, the dying state will be automatically judged, and the player will be protected for 3 seconds. During this 3 seconds, he can choose to eat Da Huan Dan or get rid of the weak state by the priest. Of course, the player can also choose to continue fighting after 3 seconds, but this is different from committing suicide for 3 seconds. If no choice is made, he will be forced to return to the binding resurrection point)
All artifact equipment upgrades require four kinds of sacred stones, heaven, earth and yellow, and then upgrade by enchanters or by themselves.
Of course, there is a difference between professional enchanters and self-upgrading. In enchanters, the growth of artifact properties will be much higher than that of self-upgrading, but it is not easy to ask enchanters to help upgrade artifacts. After all, it is only known that enchanters have a big head.
The four sacred stones of heaven, earth and yellow need to be upgraded according to different types of equipment. For example, the offensive physical attack equipment needs to be upgraded with the sacred stone, while the offensive equipment in Parademons needs to be upgraded with the sacred stone (the amount of occupational therapy is also affected by the sacred stone). So the extraordinary artifact is an absolute attack attribute, so the ring upgrade needs a sacred stone and a sacred stone to be upgraded together. It seems that the more powerful the equipment is, the more troublesome it is to upgrade. The defense is almost where the upgrade option is located. The player chooses the Xuanshen Stone, which can greatly improve the physical defense. Of course, the magic defense will also get a certain increase, but the increase is far lower than the physical defense. The difference between Huangshenshi and Xuanshenshiji is that the original physical defense has been greatly improved, and the physical defense has been greatly improved, which is relatively accompanied by a small indication.
The four sacred stones of heaven, earth and yellow are so important that it is naturally not easy to obtain them.
Of course, one of the four ways to obtain the sacred stone will not be too high.
This chapter is behind 333, but I think it’s better to start first!
Through these attributes, we can see some clues, and then we can also spy on the development of the plot.
That’s right. Tutu’s hidden profession has changed into a famous monster beast, making it a new profession, and the secret has also got a new artifact that can deform all kinds of weapons at will, so that he won’t carry all kinds of equipment in the battle.
Although our protagonist artifact is still a ring, his banzhi has changed against the sky. Yes, the era of three turns has raised the protagonist’s aura, but this protagonist’s aura will not be the same as hanging.
The era of war has come, and the new alliance has also joined a new partner, a queen and a tough girl.
Stay tuned!
Finally, I would like to thank those readers who have always supported my novel. Although I can’t sign the contract and have no income, I will write this novel.
Outline of players’ skills in the era of three turns
Gao Rang (Level 5) True Arcane Missiles (Active Attack) Teleportation (Moving) Nine-day Thunder Flash (Active Forbidden Spell) Summon the Spirit of Sandstorm (Active Summon) Element Fusion (Active Transfiguration) Shifting Shape and Shadow (Special Movement) Shifting Shape and Shadow (Special Movement) Mirror Flower and Hidden Moon (Active Illusion) Insight (Active Observation) Immortality (Special Combination; The eternal skill of never giving up degenerates back to the original after the new reshuffle.) Note: Gao Rang’s dark element elves do not belong to the skill call, but after the new reshuffle, Gao Rang’s dark element elves were forcibly cancelled; In addition, Gao Rang was surprised to get the timely ability when he came back from mystery. After the upgrade, the death roll call became a very special self-ability
Level 55 Storm Dance (Active Group Attack)
Walker’s penalty (special ability) This ability is not the number of skills that are not occupied by ordinary skills. With this ability, you can move through 3 times a day, twist 1 time when you stop, and backtrack 3 times. When a close examination is made into a player’s target, the player’s body with the index finger will have a 2% chance to make the opponent directly enter the near-death state, and when the index finger hits the player’s eyebrows, the opponent will have a 1% chance to enter the near-death state.
Grandet (Level 5) Dark Healing (Active Treatment) Shadow Chop (Active Attack) Bloody Feast (Category Field) Intensified Raid (Active Control) Hidden Stab (Active Control) Hate Strike (Active Attack) Shadow Chains (Active Control) Pike Throwing (Active Attack) Green Fire Lotus Dance (Active Group Attack) Immortality (Special Combination) Remarks The Nine Arrays of Dungeons are directly integrated into Grande.
Old Cat (Level 5) Heart-strengthening Tactics (Passive) Dragon and Phoenix Double Whirlwind (Active Group Attack) Crack and Strike (Active Attack) Raise Dragon and Chop (Active Attack) Angry Giant Soldiers (Special State) Violent Collision (Active Control) Strengthen Riding (Passive) Violent Chop (Active Attack) Starlight Recovery (Self-treatment) Bloodthirsty Crazy Attack (Passive Trigger; After the new upgrade, the two skills of the old cat’s pre-rage and violent posture disappeared, and there is such a new skill. This skill triggers the skill. When the total health is 5%, the physical attack power+3%, the physical crit rate+5% and the physical crit damage+75%).
55-level crossing block (active defense)
Ye Ye (level 5) Stabbed against the hand (active attack), asked for a sword (active attack), green fire and five swords (active attack), stabbed in all directions (active attack), chopped by stars (active attack), pierced through the heart with a sword (active attack), the imperial sword flew (moved), urged the horse to lean against the sword (special control), chased the wind and buckled (active control), leaned against the sword (passive)
White crape myrtle (level 5) Kindness heart (passive) Holy light angel virtual shadow (active call) Life light (passive trigger) teleport (moving) therapy (active treatment) Dome star (category field) Holy light ball (active attack) white light (active attack; This skill does not need to pray after upgrading. It is charged for 3 hours when it cools down. Light dispels (actively dispels) the two poles of life (state control; After the new upgrade, the two skills of withered glory and life connection disappeared, so there is a new skill. This skill has two modes. The first mode can make the target life limit+5% resistance+1 last for 1 minute; The second mode is to make the enemy’s resistance to halve the target life limit. 1 lasts for 5 minutes. This skill can make the player) Note: The original resurrection and group resurrection will disappear and be replaced by the "weak elimination" skill. This skill will automatically learn not to occupy the number of skills if the class to be treated reaches three turns.
Qianlong (level 5) Fugui Gankun (passive) Golden Lock Skynet (active control) Locking (special skills) Invisibility (active special) Shadow Movement (moving) Four in one trap (triggering trap; Due to the disappearance of the four control skills of the newly upgraded Qianlong original, the target is forced to enter the four States of immobility, paralysis, poisoning and weakness after the trigger of such a new skill.) Five poisons in the back (active control) SAP (active control) Poison spraying (active control) harms others and benefits others (passive)
Level 55 Black Hand (Passive)
Cat (Level 5) Pulse Receiving (Passive) Imitation (Active Replication) Protection Enchantment (Active State) Mechanical Fortress (Special State) Rebirth (Active State) Mechanical Transformation (Active Transformation) Mechanical Guard System (Active Calling) Tiankeng (Triggering Trap) Taking a beating (Active Control) Mechanical Repair (Special Treatment) Remarks Because of the master tutor of Cat Machinery, the machine automatically defaults to the top other.
Tutu (Level 5) Demon Heart (Passive) Demon Spirit Call (Active Call) Hundred Beasts Corps (Special Call) Fox Fire (Active Attack) Spiritual Healing (Special Treatment) Kyubi no Youko Cyclone Blast (Active Group Attack) Foxy Eyes (Active Control) Fox Flash (Mobile) Fox Concealment (Trigger Special; After this skill is upgraded, Tutu suddenly has an extra skill. This skill can make Tutu become invisible, but stealth can only be triggered in the shadow or at night.) Pink mark (Active special this skill is also restored to a skill after the new upgrade, but now this skill attribute has changed. After being stabbed, not only does Tutu summon a creature to add 15% to the target attack damage, but Tutu also has a 1% bonus effect to the target attack).
Level 55 Enchantment (Active Special) Level 6 Fox Trap (Trigger Trap)
Turtledove (Level 5) Feminism (Passive) Soul Master (Passive) Charming Kiss (Active Control) Jealousy Staring (Active Control) Soul Encouragement (Active State) Female Host Field (Field) Soul Storm (Active Group Attack) Gorgeous Red Makeup (Active State) Feminine Disaster (Special State) Snake and Scorpion Sting (Active Attack)
55-level instantaneous step (moving)
Female domain (domain) This is a special domain skill exclusive to women, and it is a very targeted special domain startup skill, so that all enemy male and female targets within 15 meters of the performer center will be weakened by attributes, and the physical attack power and magic attack power of male targets will be 35% at the same time, while the physical defense power and magic defense power will be 2% at the same time, the movement speed will be 1% at the same time, and all attack skills will be damaged by 15%. All female targets in this range have physical attack power and magic attack power at the same time, 2% physical defense power and magic defense power at the same time, 35% moving speed, 1% attack speed, 1% resistance, 15% being affected by all therapeutic skills, and the performer will gain a certain attribute bonus when the enemy is weakened. When there are more than 5 male players in the field (whether friend or foe), the performer’s physical attack power and magic attack power are simultaneously+15% and both physical defense power and magic defense power are simultaneously+15% attacked. Speed+1% crit chance+2% crit damage+5% All attacks have a 5% chance to ignore the defensive attribute+5 resistance+5 remarks: This field will automatically activate the attribute after four turns. Duration 15 minutes; Professional women are needed for 1 hour when skills cool down.
In addition, the gorgeous red makeup skill of turtledove is also a skill that can give female players a blessing in attribute state; The charm kiss is a negative control skill for male players; Jealous gaze is just the opposite of seductive kiss, which can exert negative control skills on female players; Femme fatale is a range group control skill, which can also play a role in male players.
Soul Storm (rare stunt) uses its own soul force to inspire magic and make it crazy and violent, causing 3 devastating blows to all enemies within 3 meters of the performer. The first attack will cause 2 times magic damage and 6 extra soul damage; The second attack will cause 3 times magic damage and a little extra soul damage; The third attack will cause 4 times magic damage and 1 extra soul damage and consume 3 magic points; When the skill cools down, you need a professional woman for 15 minutes (soul controls)
This is also the information after chapter 333.
An overview of the attributes and skills of the players in the new league
Gaorang (Level 97) HP 3 Magic 5361
Magic Attack 129 Absolute Attack 32
Physical Defense 1293 Magic Defense 1355 Absolute Defense 6
Critical Hit Rate 17% Critical Hit Damage 55%
Movement speed 42 attack speed 52
All the negative states (except the first kind of compulsory state) of the epidemic have certain control ability.
Skills True Arcane Missiles (active attack) teleport (move) Magic move for nine days (active forbidden spell) Summon the wind and sand devil spirit (active summoning) Element fusion (active transformation) Shape shifting and shadow changing (special movement) Shape shifting and shadow changing (special movement) Mirror flower and hidden moon (active illusion) Insight (active observation) Immortality (special combination) Storm dance (active group attack) Magic.
Grandet (level 96) HP 43 Magic 141
Physical attack 14513
Physical defense 1759 magic defense 1594
Critical Hit Rate 19% Critical Hit Damage 475%
Movement speed 61 attack speed 4