But at this moment, all their hopes were shattered.
But they can’t think that all this is a coincidence. These should come from the super skills of the small whirlwind, even if it is a big whirlwind, it should be taken for granted.
Ye Zhang didn’t go to see the players’ expressions of frustration and fear at this time. When the players spontaneously let a way back to the temple of the necromancer, he found that the sage in black had disappeared and a bead with sacred breath appeared on the ground.
"Showing to kill dark paladin and obtaining the transfer certificate of the super-magic swordsman"
At this time, Ye Zhang’s face just showed a hint of surprise. It turned out to be a transfer certificate. Ye Zhang quickly glanced at the conditions required for this transfer. It was indeed not a general difficulty. It can be said that the apocalypse has almost changed jobs.
5 Intelligence Attribute Reach 2 Learn all types of one-turn spell skills and be a professional mage.
The second condition is to learn the magic array and change jobs. Players need to achieve all the achievements of the forbidden spell. However, this anger has been achieved. At the beginning, when they entered level 5, Ye Zhang formed the magic array and issued the forbidden black hole, anger also completed this achievement. It was not only once that they died of the forbidden spell anger.
The last condition is that you need a Yuanlingshi, and Zhang Ye happens to have one.
So it seems that if you want to learn the Great Magic Array, you can trigger the conditions for the super-magic swordsman to change jobs.
It is not too difficult for Ye Zhang to learn the magic array. If there is no such array in Somali night, then Ye Zhang can go to the hot city to get enough in exchange for the magic array to see his brother and make Ye Zhang work hard.
The underworld seems to have been reached for the time being. Ye Zhang satisfactorily put his transfer certificate into his backpack. When he was about to leave, he saw this group of players in front of him, but it was a shock. The hatred in their eyes disappeared in exchange for a kind of awe.
And at this time a player’s mouth.
"Big whirlwind, come and lead us."
When the player looked at Ye Zhang almost imploringly, there were players saying one after another beside him.
"Yes, Cyclone, come and lead us again. I will never betray you this time!"
Ye Zhang looked at this group of players as if he suddenly woke up. He showed a weak smile in his heart. He left the players without making a statement. He knew that he needed to reject this group of players as he had rejected residual blood.
Different ways do not agree.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Dinner
Ye Zhang also smiled when he saw the excitement and expression on his face when Ang Yan got the transfer certificate of the Super Magic Swordsman.
He can’t remember how long it’s been since Ang Yan was separated from the Red Chamber. A person has endured the ridicule of players by major forces, and Ye Zhang can rely on various BUG skills to protect himself, but Ang Yan can fall in front of him with cannon fodder.
Every time Ye Zhang thinks of such a picture, he doesn’t feel good in his heart. They have been through difficulties together, but when they come to enjoy wealth, they come to a sudden turn and then suffer a more painful disaster as if they had fallen into ten levels of hell.
All this was Ye Zhang’s choice, but he followed him silently from beginning to end. How could Ye Zhang not be pleased to see this little man so excited?
There will be light in the Great Magic Array and there will be light in the future.
When Ye Zhang talked about the sage in black and told him this story, he fell asleep at the sheep’s mouth.
"Everything still needs to find Heinze’s secret to reach a conclusion."
The words of sleeping sheep also made Ye Zhang and others nod. It’s not over yet. Eliminating the dark paladin only set the dragon king Stansom free, but the skeleton of the dragon king lies in Heinze’s former residence, and the dragon king must be in contact with him when he dies.
All the answers will not be known until later.
However, Ye Zhang and others relaxed a lot at this time, which can be regarded as a mistake. When the players decided that Ye Zhang had once again become a whirlwind like a god, they took the initiative to give up the attack on Ye Zhang.
After all, it is not the ultimate player of a level of whirlwind glitz, and that kind of memory is still deeply imprinted in the hearts of every player. The flashy people can beat the whirlwind and count down the guild, for example
Players gathered together to destroy a famous guild, and the whirlwind really destroyed all the famous guild terminators in the flashy prosperity.
No matter how long this beautiful misunderstanding can last, if players have such a shadow in their hearts, then there will be no obstacles where Ye Zhang is.
Ye Zhang and others went back to the first suspected tomb of Heinze and saw the dragon king Stensom after extricating himself from difficulties. Because Ye Zhang has reached the limit of 50,000 in the dragon hope, this reward has no meaning for him.
But the Dragon King gave a very important clue to Ye Zhang and others.
Heinze is not dead. He was last seen near the Lost Sea.
For Ye Zhang and others, it is impossible for anyone to make a final conclusion whether Heinze is dead or not, especially for Ye Zhang and Mingzhan, two players who share a common view that glitz is not static, and when one is completed, it is likely to rewrite everything else.
Heinze, whom Ye Zhang saw in the glitz three years ago, was timid and had great strength. They expected that there was a big gap between the ancestors of the Half Dragon, but no one can say whether this miracle will also change Heinze’s life.
"Isn’t Cyclone Heinze eating different fruit by mistake? This is a clue!"