The tank was not so lucky. An f-16 swept by and threw a terminal sensitive bomb 69a, trying to dodge it, but still unable to escape. The top armor was carried with great kinetic energy, and the insensitive bomb passed through the turret and turned into a hundred million sparks in a flash.
More and more artillery and missiles are rushing to the highlands, and machine guns and rocket launchers have become large-scale stabbing weapons. Face-to-face sweeping, face-to-face bombing bayonets pierce the human body, which makes people feel a general sound of piercing water sacs. The enemy’s head is chopped off from his neck or his arm is cut off and depressed, and a soldier is screaming and full of violent breath. In the howling, a soldier is covered in blood, and his young eyes are closed. It is unbelievable that even at this point, the black flash brigade will not retreat.
Groups of soldiers rushed and fell layer by layer, and the flag was full of bullets, flying high all the time.
The most critical leader, Liu Zhe, waited until the commander of the Fifth Army sent a battalion of reinforcements. This was after the military guard battalion rushed to the position. Everyone in the guard battalion was horrified to find that the overlapping bodies had annihilated the ridge, but the 233 highland was still in the hands of the black flash brigade!
Chapter DiYiWuSan Rogue outbursts (a)
The war in the town of Wuli involved Islamabad’s nerves. When the defense line of Wuli was smashed to pieces by the superior enemy, the Pakistani army tried its best to mobilize two divisions to try to launch a counterattack. However, the Indra people did not give them another chance. As many as five divisions’ reserves were in place and launched an avalanche offensive against the Pakistani army. The two divisions were beaten in place and their fists were scattered before they were pinched.
Almost the fifth army of the bloody Ganba army finally waited for the evacuation order, but it was too late. Indra people had completed the encirclement of Uri and wanted to jump out and talk about it!
Fear, despair, disaster, heavy clouds, Islamabad, they are suffocating.
However, Beij outside Wan Li is full of joy-damn Indra people have finally transferred their strategic reserve to that western front! After several hard battles, the Yanlong Army finally won this excellent fighter!
Come on, even if Indra’s strategic reserve doesn’t leave, and the PLA has just gone through the Annan war to temper, it may not be afraid that they can still take back southern Tibet. But taking back southern Tibet doesn’t satisfy everyone. Indra people have to pay some interest for it for so long, right? Therefore, there are two sets of war plans in the General War Department. The first set is to recapture the goal of southern Tibet, which is very safe. The second set can be "crazy" because it is Liu Weiping, a war madman, who is so ambitious that even the old coaches who came out of the 25,000-mile long March were scared! However, the guy who didn’t take care of their old people’s heart endurance was not ashamed at all, but rather smug. "It’s not crazy to work hard for a crazy goal!"
Now everything is ready. Is it the first plan or the second plan?
All eyes in the General War Department fell on Deng Lao, who pondered for a moment and looked at the Chief of Staff. "How is the second plan prepared?"
The chief commander got up and walked to the front of the screen to personally switch the screen. A huge scale map appeared in front of everyone. He gesticulated and said, "According to the first plan, my 13th and 14th regiments, the first middle assault division, the 52nd and 53rd mountain brigades of the first rapid response division have all secretly completed the Second Artillery Corps and two missile brigades have entered Tibet, and they can launch a thunderbolt attack on Indra at any time. So far, everything is ready to be ordered to attack."
Everyone nodded slightly, two elite regiments and two best-equipped divisions. This array is luxurious, and the strategic force to recover southern Tibet is worthy of Indra. You know, in the war in 62, we sent only 30 thousand border guards
The general commander went on to say, "As far as the current situation is concerned, it is certain to recapture southern Tibet, but is our appetite diminished?"
A little? So our little friend, who never stops talking, and his gang, who are strong and have no place to make war, made a second set of battle plans. The second set of battle plans is actually the first set of foundations. The deployment of troops in southern Tibet remains unchanged-in fact, there are no more troops in southern Tibet, but the main force of our army can be launched from several directions.
The first and 54th regiments crossed the border and entered Pakistan, where the Pakistani army fought side by side and beat the Indra army’s main force, cooperating with the Pakistani army to stall the Indra people’s main force;
The 2nd A Regiment and the 136th Regiment crossed the Aksai Khin wasteland and cut across the Kashmir battlefield, and went straight into the hinterland of Indra, giving a fatal blow to the northern military region of Indra.
Third, the 42nd Regiment, 12th Regiment and 15th Deceased Army crossed the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar and entered the Impal Plain. A smooth crossing is the ideal battlefield for mechanized troops. If Indra Army can cross the river smoothly, it will be crushed into a paste by our armored forces.
The fourth pioneer aircraft carrier battle group, the submarine Wu Shen, crossed the Straits of Malacca and entered the Indian Ocean to search for Indra Navy and attack Indra coastal cities and islands, which will surely capture the colonial islands of Indra coastal cities.
Fifth, the carpet bombing of Indra’s nuclear facilities industrial base by at least 50 medium-range bombers will completely destroy Indra’s nuclear potential;
Sixth …
Seventh …
Sixteenth …
Twenty-ninth …
Thirty-third dispatched nuclear submarines to establish a no-fly zone in the Indian Ocean to prevent NATO and Warsaw Pact from taking advantage of the fire;
This plan is really long. The general manager has been thirsty and hasn’t finished. The elders are fine. After all, they are mentally prepared to withstand it. But that’s what happened to the younger generals who heard this plan for the first time. One by one, they were dumbfounded and their hearts were pounding! My god, I’m afraid this is the largest military operation since the end of World War II. The regimental troops alone will be dispatched! How many regiments are there in the country? Thirty this time, but the whole army elite was crushed. It’s crazy to the extreme! The most frightening thing is to send out the army. Even the army and navy are elite. Putting it together on land and sea is to dismantle Indra! The most terrible thing is that according to the chief commander, the preparations for the second plan have been completed, and hundreds of thousands of troops will sweep across the South Asian subcontinent when the world will roar and tremble!
Deng Lao nodded with satisfaction and said, "Very good, very good."
The chief said, "He is doing well in all directions.
It’s just that Myanmar is a bit tricky over there. It’s really hard to say whether the Myanmar government can agree to borrow the road. After all, several regiments are going to cross the ground and may destroy Myanmar at any time. They are not worried that it must be false. "
Lieutenant General, who is in charge of espionage, said, "We have been in contact with the Burmese government many times, and their attitude is ambiguous. They have not agreed to and refused to do the work several times, and it is also a difficult problem whether our fleet can pass through the Straits of Malacca. You know, Southeast Asian countries are very hostile to us, and they are also …"
Deng Lao frowned and said, "It seems that it will trouble us hooligans again. Special envoy Shao Jianhui asked him to settle this roadblock in the shortest time!"
The minister of national defense said, "I’m afraid there is little hope for these things. Both the army and the navy pass through people’s homes directly. Will we sweep them away and they won’t get through?"
Deng Lao said, "Call if you don’t let it pass! I don’t ask the process for the result … you know what the Chinese people and I want. "
The secretary of defense should be awe-inspiring
Deng Lao went on to say, "I think the 54th regiment entered Pakistan a little earlier, but we must know that the pressure in Pakistan is really too great. We must give them some direct support to boost their morale, and we can start it later. We must make good preparations, and we must know that we must miss our chance once!"
It seems that the old man has made a decision. Everyone should have a blood boiling in his chest. Yes, what a great opportunity. The polar bear was exhausted by Afghanistan and the bad economic situation. The double-headed eagle lost again and again, and the financial crisis temporarily lost the world discourse. What John Cow Gaul Chicken said has always been of little weight. Even the main force of Indra Army has been dragged to Pakistan. This is simply a golden opportunity. I am sorry for my conscience! Hum, hum, Sam always pays back this time when he comes out to hang out. Let’s just charge you interest before!
Shao Jianhui doesn’t know that the Republic war machine has started rumbling, and his old man is recovering in Beijing.
This injury was caused by his own meeting the day before yesterday. He was too arrogant. He not only vetoed a case against Pakistan, but also greeted all the female relatives of representatives of various countries with the most beautiful words with a smile. Sadly, this time, he bumped into the Japanese diplomat who could understand and barely translate these national curses into English. Before waiting for half of this small translation, a diplomat’s eyes were red and roared, and a big scuffle ensued. Shao Jianhui was outnumbered in this fifteen-minute war.
It’s a record for Sun Gen to turn eleven diplomats into national treasures and giant pandas. It’s said that even the lights several meters above the ground were smashed, but he also paid a big price. His nose was a little bruised, his face was a little swollen, his head was a little crooked, and a female diplomat’s stiletto shoes knocked out two small and exquisite holes. That’s really a tragedy, but compared with the diplomat who betrayed him in Japan, he was really much better. That guy let him beat him up. The big pig couldn’t get up without saying that he let a black uncle step on his navel three inches-that elder brother definitely meant it, otherwise it wouldn’t be as simple as stepping him into the hospital and crying, crying, crying and crying, and stepping on the yolk.
This time, the matter is too serious for the Republic to cover up, so as to recall this little thing for illness, or he will tear down the United Nations Headquarters. What a coincidence! When he was lying in the Beijing Military Medical Hospital and talking with pretty nurse, the Foreign Minister found a door to explain politics. Shao Jianhui played an extremely active role. The more he listened, the bigger his eyes got. At last, when he heard that he wanted his horse to visit Myanmar, Paw Wa, Singapore and Malaysia, he jumped up and seized the Foreign Minister and denounced, "Your sister, are you peeling your skin?" You have no one but me, right? Look at me. Look at me. Can I be a diplomat now? "
Words Xiao Shao now this pair of statue is not very beautiful. That face is like a bear who just finished fighting. Let’s not talk about it. The key is his head. Let the gauze be wrapped like a dumpling. Otherwise, how can those pretty nurse keep smiling when they see him? He’s not fit to go out for a visit at present.
The foreign minister is also a little naive. "I know your situation, but I really can’t think of anyone else who can win this time!" "
Shao Jianhui bulging said, "Don’t kiss up to me, even if you shoot into the horse’s intestines, don’t try to persuade me! If you want to visit a foreign country, you have to wait until my injury is better! "
The foreign minister asked, "Really?"
Shao Jianhui said, "I won’t go if I die, and I won’t go if I can’t die!"
The foreign minister said with great sadness, "No, there are 762 peanuts to send!"
Shao Jianhui’s face changed and he glared at the foreign minister. The foreign minister smiled indifferently and looked at him. The two faces got closer and closer until the most kissing distance was fierce and cross-eyed. For a long time, Shao Jianhui still couldn’t take up the wind. He blinked his eyes and said, "You are malicious!"
Chapter DiYiWuSi Rogue outbursts (2)
The special plane landed at Yangon International Airport, and the honor guard of Myanmar government has been waiting for a long time. As soon as the cabin door is opened, the welcome music will be played, which is called a lively event.
Shao Jianhui squinted and walked out of the special plane before he came to enjoy a foreign scenery. A large number of well-dressed politicians greeted him. "Ambassador Shao, welcome to Myanmar, which is a beautiful country. You will be very happy here."
It was the Foreign Minister of Myanmar who warmly shook hands with Shao Jianhui and then introduced him to the important people behind him, such as the President, the Prime Minister, the Director of National Security, the Minister of Economy and the Minister of National Defense … The long list made Shao Jianhui somewhat uncertain whether it was better to visit you all the time. If you were allowed to visit Beijing with this long list of cats, dogs and dogs, we would eat us out! He shook hands with these big shots with a gentle smile, and his eyes were particularly bald and bulging. The President stayed for a while and seemed a little sympathetic. That’s right. He really sympathized with Myanmar. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it has never been a day of peace and stability. Either drug trafficking and armed disturbances or attacks and coups by the Communist Party of Myanmar have become commonplace. Today, he may still be a dignified president, and maybe he will have to go into exile in the next day. There is no way for the double-headed eagle to infiltrate Myanmar. Of course, China will not let them succeed. Myanmar, the two countries, Myanmar
The president shook Shao Jianhui’s hand and said, "The friendship between Myanmar and China goes back to ancient times. As an ambassador, when he arrives in Myanmar, he will feel at home. You are welcome! Let’s go, our ambassador has prepared an invitation-only banquet, and the ambassador will surely feast his eyes. "
Shao Jianhui hey hey a smile "is it? I’m looking forward to it. "I secretly scolded Myanmar for not telling your mother that it was a secret visit. Why did you make such a big deal out of it? Want to play dirty with the old man, right? Always accompany!
Of course, we still have to open a press conference before we have a good meal. We still have to do Shao Jianhui to cheer up and come to the press conference with the president. The venue was packed, but there were not many journalists from Myanmar, but journalists from Europe, America and Japan almost squeezed it into the explosion. As usual, there were many Indra faces, and the hero took the lead. Mr. President made a passionate speech, and the rhetoric was gorgeous. He praised the friendship between the two countries, and Shao Jianhui was sleepy. Of course, the reporters were also uncomfortable. It’s no wonder that they came here to listen to these scenes, but then again, Mr. President’s speech was a success, and the reporters gave him two warm applause, at the beginning and at the end of his speech, and then it was Shao Jianhui’s turn. You know, there are too many things that this diplomatic hooligan can fry, and just a few words can be one.
If the news is his headline, the newspaper is always very popular!
Hundreds of cameras were aimed at Shao Jianhui.
Shao Jianhui coughed and said, "If you don’t, I won’t say it. Let the President finish. I believe everyone will have a lot of questions. You should ask directly. Everyone can ask a question!"
Everyone was stunned. Did you play like this? A beautiful British female reporter quickly raised her hand and grabbed the opportunity to ask questions. Her words were sharp. "Dear Ambassador Shao, I am a foreign correspondent of the British Times. I want to ask the ambassador a question. What is the purpose of the ambassador’s visit to Myanmar?"
Shao Jianhui said with a smile, "The purpose of my visit to Myanmar is to rub rice."
This beautiful female reporter’s glasses almost fell "Ceng Ceng rice! ?”
Shao Jianhui took it for granted. "Yes, you don’t know that Burmese pythons are tender and delicious, especially Burmese pythons! It’s a pity that these animals are protected in China and can’t eat well. Come to Myanmar to have a good meal. "
Everyone laughed. The female reporter was very unwilling. "No, it can’t be that simple. You must have other purposes. Can you tell me a little?"
Shao Jianhui said, "I’m sorry, this is the second question. Would you please sit down? One! "
This time, it was a young citigroup reporter who grabbed the microphone and couldn’t wait to say, "Dear Ambassador, we all know that an unfortunate war is going on in the South Asian subcontinent, which has killed tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians at present, but your country is carrying out large-scale military exercises at such a sensitive time, and the transfer of millions of troops from north to south has aggravated the regional tension. I wonder if your country intends to intervene in this war? You have irreconcilable contradictions with Indra on the issue of territorial ownership. "
Shao Jianhui said, "First of all, I want to declare that China is a responsible country. Our consistent aim is to maintain world peace, and we will not take the initiative to invade a country. After this one-million-strong military exercise, it is a normal military exercise to test the achievements of China’s army construction. China has been preparing for this for five years. Millions of civilians have left their hometown and millions of troops have gone to stay, which is just a data."
The reporter said, "Then why do you want to start the exercise because of the Pakistan war? In addition to making the regional situation more tense, can this be seen as your country putting pressure on New Delhi to force them to stop the war? "
Shao Jianhui said, "There is no such thing. If we want to put pressure on New Delhi, we can just send one or two regiments to fight from southern Tibet. Why do we need millions of troops?"
China’s land is under fire? We never do things like this. "
The atmosphere at the scene took a breath, and everyone’s eyes lit up. Why don’t you just put pressure on them and send an army to fight? Cow!
A reporter from Japan jumped up and said, "Mr. Shao talked about the army. I have a question. The Soviet Union has an army of three million only two or three times the size of China." The land area of Citigroup is equivalent to that of your army, but it is only one million; The land area is a little bigger than your country, and Canada’s national army is only over 200,000. Is it too much for your country to expand its army and navy while maintaining an army with a total strength close to 3 million? Is this necessary? "
Shao Jianhui said with a smile, "The total population of the Soviet Union is only 300 million, and the population of Citigroup is a little more than 200 million. How many people are there in Canada? Please calculate how many soldiers they have per capita. How many soldiers are there per capita in China with a population of nearly 900 million? Is there really a lot of army under 3 million? We are definitely at the bottom in terms of per capita! "
That guy was stunned, and everyone was shocked by the thunder. I talked about the average person every day. Then what’s there to talk about? China is absolutely pitiful. Look, 3 million troops are not enough. It’s very insecure!
It took a long time for everyone to find their tongues. An Indra reporter seized the opportunity to ask, "Dear Ambassador, some actions that came to your country from our country to wage a just war against Pakistan made us very uneasy and angry, such as sending troops to Pakistan to transport war materials to Pakistan. These all seriously threatened the lives of our Indra soldiers. Nine of the ten shells fired by the Pakistani army were from your country. This is not to mention that the war has reached its most critical point. What does your country want to do to help an evil government? Do you intend to be Indra’s enemy? "
Everyone held their breath. In the hall, everyone could hear the birds falling. Everyone focused on Shao Jianhui and waited for his answer.
Shao Jianhui smiled and said, "I think there is a little mistake in this reporter’s cognition. It is very important that China has never sent any military assistance to Pakistan, let alone sent military personnel to Pakistan."
Indra reporter called "No military assistance? What is the Chinese standard equipment in Na Ba? "