Tu Li’s eyes flashed and said, "What do you say?"
Wen Yanbo made a killing gesture and said, "We Han people have a saying that it is Qingjun side!"
Speaking of which, Tu Li Wen Yanbo Ying Hefu all clapped their hands and laughed.
Wen Yanbo, Ying Hefu, rushed back to Yuyi Town from Tuli negotiations and reported the results of the negotiations to Li Chongjiu.
Wen Yanbo Ying Hefu was surprised that Li Chongjiu City Wine Shop met them, but they still came.
Ying Hefu said respectfully to Li Chongjiu, "Khan, you are really a god. If you know that our mission to Tuli will be successful, you will say that Tuli is against it."
Wen Yanbo also said, "Your majesty is so unpredictable that even I don’t believe that it is so simple to leave Tully. The two of them let Tully secretly form an alliance."
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help laughing after listening to the two words. Can he say that this is the benefit of the traveler, not to mention the history? Modern people have lost sight of the drama, and even the street aunts know that Li Shimin has become brothers and opposed the Turkic Khan
Lee Chong-jiu said with a smile, "It’s not that we talked about sudden profit, but that we want to stop it for us. It’s that sudden profit tastes bad. We have to deal with Chu Luo to recapture Khan’s place. I gave him a horse and a soldier’s battle, but it was right in his arms. Otherwise, where did he have the resources to speak? It’s said that sudden profit will cost us so much equipment, and he will take advantage of it."
Wen Yanbo and Ying Hefu nodded. Ying Hefu laughed. "Your master will have a clever plan."
Wen Yanbo said, "Why don’t we just do the same thing again? How did we deal with Fan Yang’s Lujia at the beginning? How did we deal with the sudden war? We will send it to the sudden war. This matter is not very hidden, which will inevitably make Chu Luo’s side Zhao Deyan and others find that Chu Luo will vent his anger to the sudden war on both sides, and we can reap the benefits."
Li Chongjiu shook his head and said, "No, it’s not a fool, Zhao Deyan is not wise and sudden, nor is it a fool. But I have another care about this matter. I ordered people to send this military fund to sudden overnight, but I should hide it. Don’t send it ten times at a time and wake up at the same time. Be careful not to give Zhao Deyan their notice."
Speaking of this, Li Chongjiu pointed out, "And this is a hundred jars of good wine brewed by my new brewing method. When you hear that the Turks are not happy, give it to me and send it to Tuli."
"Khan can still make wine." Both Wen Yanbo and Ying Hefu were surprised.
"Is there? Prairie people don’t always think that our Han Chinese wine is not too strong. I guarantee that this half-altar wine will be drunk by a big man who can drink best. "
When Ying Hefu didn’t believe Li Chongjiu, he ordered someone to scoop a spoon for him to try.
After drinking, Yinghefer said with a stare of surprise, "Khan, this is good wine!" " To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Private wine shop
After drinking Li Chongjiu’s wine, Ying Hefu was somewhat shocked and asked, "Khan, I have never drunk such a strong wine in my grassland. Compared with drinking anywhere, it is like horse urine. I wonder if Khan can give me a few altars?"
It’s not too exaggerated for horse urine to be such a formal word, but Inghofer licked his mouth and obviously said it was true
Li Chongjiu smiled. This is a fine wine brewed by distillation. Of course, the alcohol concentration of this wine is much higher than that of this era. He has drunk a lot of prairie koumiss, but the taste is very poor. However, the wine made by Han people is a little mellow, but because of its low alcohol content, it is not enough for grassland people who are used to drinking spirits to resist the cold.
The distilled wine can definitely meet the needs of grassland herders. Since then, Yuyi Town, Huaihuang Town, has not only sold silk tea bricks to Fanren, but also added this mellow wine.
Li Chongjiu smiled at Ying Hefu’s words and said, "Anyway, take the thirty altars if you have any extra money."
Ying Hefu couldn’t help but drink with a small jar of wine when he heard it.
"Khan, the distiller’s grains of this wine don’t need to be screened. I wonder how much more valuable it is than ordinary wine?" Wenyanbo also took a sip when it was also a twisted beard smile, obviously very satisfied.
Li Chongjiu said, "It’s only a little more expensive than ordinary wine, but much cheaper than sanle pulp."
Wen Yanbo’s eyes lit up and said, "This is greatly beneficial to my Huaihuang Town. Fanren’s good wine is famous. If it can win over the wine, it will be unfavorable and profitable, and it will increase my power in Huaihuang Town."
Li Chongjiu very much agrees with Wen Yanbo’s point of view. From the reaction of Ying Hefu just now, it can be seen that people who want to drink distilled liquor and drink good wine will never drink that koumiss again. This is not only to make a lot of money, but also to strengthen the status of the two towns.
You know, in the late Qing Dynasty, the best sales of Dashengkui, a grassland monopoly trust, were tea bricks, silks and satins and camel head wine.
Li Chongjiu turned to the winemaker in charge and said, "After that, we will mass-produce this wine. Remember that the secret law of brewing must be kept strictly confidential. If I find out that others have this wine, I will not let you go first."
The craftsman should honestly say, "I promise to listen to your wishes and will never reveal this wine method."
Wen Yanbo laughed. "Dare you ask your majesty what the name of this wine is?"
Li Chongjiu thought for a while and said, "Call Huaihuang Bar. From then on, people in the grassland will know this wine."
When the craftsman led Li Chongjiu, he decided to set up three wineries in Jixian County to brew this distilled liquor.
Except for Li Chongjiu’s decision to let go of the liquor monopoly after the official brewing of distilled liquor, the so-called liquor monopoly has been implemented by the government since the Qin and Han Dynasties. Because wine has always been a profiteering industry, the Sui Dynasty officially owned wine shops to collect profits and severely convicted private brewers.
However, the modern state-owned enterprises in government-run wineries generally have too many disadvantages, and the price of wine is too high for ordinary people to drink. However, Li Chongjiu can’t overestimate the price of wine sold to grassland fans in exchange for furs of cattle, sheep and horses, otherwise the fans can’t afford it even if they are good wine.
However, Li Chongjiu decided to liberalize the official business of the wine shop, allowing Lin Dangfeng and others to support Li Chongjiu and other five chambers of commerce to jointly privately brew wine. However, Li Chongjiu’s taxation on the distillery’s yeast course of the five chambers of commerce is also considered to enrich the goods.
However, Li Chongjiu was just about to let go of the drinkers’ wager game. As a result, Ji Chuan, Liu Yi and Zhou Xu were unanimously opposed, and even Wei Zhi wrote to oppose it.
The reason for their opposition is clearly stated in Wei Zhi’s letter. When Qin Shangyang reformed, the price of wine was ten times that of the law, and the surplus grain was also forbidden to make wine for profit. Wei Zhi was worried that the wine industry was profiteering, fearing that businessmen would take surplus grain to make wine, which would lead to an increase in people’s food prices.
For now, food prices in Bobei have always been very high because of the war. Although these two years are good in Yuyi Town, a barren town in Gao Huai, they are only enough for Gu County and Zhuojun County. There are 90,000 people in a populous county, so many people can get enough to eat and wear.
During the prosperous period of the Great Sui Dynasty, the food price in the East was only five yuan a bucket and the food price in the North was only six yuan a bucket. Now, the food price in Jixian County has never been lower than fifty yuan a bucket since last year. The people are miserable, but compared with other counties, the food price is relatively much better.
For example, the food price in Dongdu, which is now surrounded by Shi Biao, has reached a shocking level, and there is still a price. The reason why the food price is so expensive is that there are many well-off people in the main Dongdu besides the large population and lack of food. They are willing to pay for rice.
Moreover, Li Chongjiu also heard that Shi Biao had persuaded Taiyuanzhen to sell commissary to Dongdu for money because of coveting this huge profit. Shi Biao listened to this and even acquiesced in Taiyuanzhen’s move.
Li Chongjiu did not agree with Shi Mi’s short-sighted approach, but at the same time he also recognized that the food price in Zhuojun County was so high. If it was used for brewing, there would indeed be businessmen seeking huge profits and bringing food to the brewery. Li Chongjiu told all the civil servants that it was also reasonable to worry that if the people let go of the wine industry, the food price would rise further.
Li Chongjiu insisted on his own opinion. He wrote back to Zhu Wenchen and said that several major wineries would record the poor people’s businesses in Zhuojun County, so that more than a thousand people could live in order to stabilize food prices. Li Chongjiu decided to set up an official grain store in each county of Zhuojun County.
All government-run grain shops allocate 50 yuan from Zhuojun granary to sell grain and stabilize the market price.
See Li Chongjiu’s insistence that when Wei Zhi said that the ancients plowed for three years and accumulated for nine years in one year, and people’s dishes were all prepared by persuading them to accumulate well, the granary in Zhuojun County is now hoarding a lot but can’t sit and eat mountains.
You can restore the barracks and let the soldiers solve their own food. Don’t draw food from the granary of Zhuojun County. Zhuojun will build another granary specifically for the future. In case of any natural disaster, it is better to be prepared.
Li Chongjiu saw that Wei Zhengxin thought what he said was very reasonable, but whether it was wine or Qiang Bing, it was all his own efforts to win over the grassland, which conflicted with the popular policy, so he decided to put it on hold for the time being
However, it is said that Li Chongjiu’s wine industry plan has been set up, and at the same time, Li Chongjiu has encouraged the circulation of commerce and abolished the city gate tax
The so-called city gate tax is that the market participants levy a tax of one yuan. The city gate tax was temporarily abolished in the Northern Zhou Dynasty after it was implemented in the Northern Wei Dynasty. However, the court resumed the implementation of the tax because it could not withstand the temptation of this tax.
This is mainly aimed at ordinary people. At that time, the city was divided into cities, and Times Square was the residence of ordinary people, while the city was the need for shopping. This is like paying a tax when you go to the store to shop or sell things, whether you buy or not to buy or not to sell or not to sell.
It is very unscientific to change the eyes of modern people. Now everyone knows that only when people spend their money can they promote economic growth. Isn’t it killing the goose that lays the golden egg by restricting people from entering the market and eliminating shopping?
Whether the distillery is privately owned or the retail tax is abolished is all about Li Chongjiu’s efforts to support Lin Dangfeng, Liu Chengan and other businessmen in Zhuoxian County. The private distillery has won over many people, while the government-run grain shop has abolished the retail tax for the benefit of the people and the people’s livelihood.
However, although these three things have long-term benefits, the disadvantages are very obvious in the short term. For Li Chongjiu, the food and grass are insufficient, and the financial income has dropped. Li Chongjiu suddenly found that spending money after attacking Zhuojun was faster than going. The grassland army wanted to give benefits, and just sent a large amount of materials to benefit.
Li Chongjiu must find a way to get money and food. If it can’t be reduced, it must be open source. Otherwise, money and food will bottom out at the end of the year according to the current consumption rate. Then Wei Zhi’s civil servant is enough to annoy himself.
So where did you get the money from the emerging merchants in Zhuojun? That’s not enough. Taking money from them now will definitely destroy the current peace between the two sides. Li Chongjiu will vigorously support them in the future.
The gentry in Zhuojun monopolized the local resources and kept the money tightly, asking them to show the slightest bit of money and grain from their fingers. That is to say, the people in Zhuojun are now so poor that they have to tighten their belts, not to mention it.
If you can’t do it, you can get rich by robbing nomadic cavalry. What you are good at is to copy it. If you come and go like the wind, Li Chongjiu can give full play to the advantages of cavalry. If you can’t do it, you will move to the external forces around Li Chongjiu.
The two warlords in Yuyang County, Gaokai Road, Luo Yi, are not good at governing the place, making it poorer than Zhuojun County. In case they attack their territory and don’t grab anything to resettle the people in the two counties, Li Chongjiu will be eaten up.
South Dou Jiande is still an ally and not to be taunted.