My day looking for a house, a young man said lightly
Let him tell me about the division of power of the dark church in the western Vatican. We are all monks and now we are in other people’s fields. If we don’t know anything, it seems that we will suffer a lot.
Chief, this is the name of the dark church in the western Vatican. Feng Yuqing handed Zhang Sheng a jade slip in the year.
Zhang Sheng took Feng Yu’s hand and handed it to Yu Jian, who was about a minute long. Haha laughed and finally knew this thing. It was the first time I saw Yu Jian when I was a monk.
Hehe, of course, these inferior directors of Yujian don’t care to know.
Nonsense, this is also a good thing.
Jade Jane is the news from monks. The place is similar to the ordinary human brain, but it is much more convenient and safer than the brain. Jade Jane must be seen by practitioners and is convenient to carry. Many monks carry jade Jane with them to remember some swimming information.
In the evening, the Queen of England will meet the director with her daughter at Buckingham Palace, and you will be in Britain, where many countries will attend the dinner, an assistant said to Zhang Sheng.
Zhang Sheng touched Jiba and walked over and said, Let’s all go shopping then. We’ve heard about Buckingham Palace Luxury Day for a long time. Let’s make a noise about it.
Zhang Sheng is just a joke. When the time comes, the hall will be full of world-class celebrities or some high-ranking dignitaries. Zhang Sheng, these assistants, are still not qualified to attend this banquet.
Anything else?
Several assistants shook their heads. Zhang Sheng asked them to go, took a bath and went to sleep. It was when Zhang Sheng just lay in bed that a weak voice suddenly entered his ear.
Hey, Zhang Sheng, are you asleep?
Emily Zhang Shengyi bounced out of bed.
Yes, it’s me, but you can hear me like my grandfather. Emily is very excited.
Zhang Sheng was shocked and stayed in bed, looking at the front. With Emily shouting there, Emily could actually enter the secret. This kind of monastic thing is not to mention the secret. Generally speaking, Chinese Taoism is good at a spell, which is the secret. This kind of physical spell consumption is not Emily’s. It seems that little bats can’t afford it.
Zhang Sheng tried to sound. Can you hear me?
Of course I can hear you. Is that how you talk to me?
Which method Zhang Sheng asked strangely
Emily’s cheerful voice is to think of someone in her heart and then silently read what she wants to say in her heart so that the other person can hear it.
Emily said casually, but her face was surprised. Emily said this way is really unheard of. It is really amazing to think about who can speak with her heart and see the distance gap.
Have you ever tried how many meters you can talk to people through?
I don’t know how far it seems to be. Emily’s words surprised Zhang Sheng again. Emily went on to say that my grandfather was away from home, and I was alone at home watching those slaves have nothing to do. I just talked to grandpa, and grandpa could hear me.
Emily is absolutely hiding a secret. Zhang Sheng flatly thinks that Zhang Sheng is not white. What are all the strange and absurd things that he will encounter?
Emily seems to be waking up and pestering Zhang Sheng, who is also happy to listen to her. They just talked through a wall for more than half a night. Finally, Emily couldn’t bear to stop chatting and catch up on sleep first.
Zhang Sheng can’t sleep. Emily is so weird and inexplicable. Now Zhang Sheng’s world has strange abilities and is not afraid of the sun. This makes the science of uniting all envy the music. Zhang Sheng absolutely believes that she is not a simple vampire.
Comrade Lao Niu, are you meditating for a long time? Zhang Sheng decided to ask the well-informed Qing Niu.
After a good half-day, the old cow came to Comrade Zhang Sheng in a lazy voice. What is it?
Zhang Sheng was too lazy to talk nonsense and told Qing Niu about Emily’s situation. Unexpectedly, Qing Niu was lost in thought after Zhang Sheng finished speaking. Zhang Sheng repeatedly called and didn’t talk. Zhang Sheng knew that Qing Niu knew something. Although he was curious, he didn’t continue to ask to pull the curtains. Looking at the scene outside, it was foggy and foggy in London.
Zhang Sheng was awakened by Emily from the outside. Zhang Sheng rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed. He couldn’t help thinking that Emily’s voice would be ruined if she didn’t sing.
Little girl, you got up early. Zhang Sheng knocked on the door and said to Emily outside after washing.
Emily is in good spirits and doesn’t look like a vampire at all. She sticks out her tongue at Zhang Sheng and says with a smile, Early to bed and early to rise is good for your health. Where are we going to play today?
We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to move in and follow my new house for a while
Director Zhang came to have breakfast. A staff member of a large museum came up from one side of the corridor and shouted to Zhang Sheng.
thank you