Danba, you didn’t mean to attract attention to us by wearing such a suit. Why haven’t you changed into Chinese clothes yet? Although the old man is seventy years old, he is half-aged. Looking at his eyes, he shoots sharply and bulges his temples high, which proves that he has a profound ability.
The young man named Danba is 1.9 meters tall, handsome and determined, and his face shows a trace of childlike taste. With his healthy bronze complexion and bodybuilding figure like a cheetah, it is estimated that such a man walking on the streets of the sea will surely charm many young women.
Hearing the old inquiry, Danba scratched his head and frowned slightly. Three elders, it’s so uncomfortable for you to dress Danba. Danba doesn’t want to wear it.
Looking at this moment, Elder Danba Tashi is still dressed in a sheepskin Tibetan robe, and he is quite impressed by Naidanba’s statement. It is also true that the Chinese people’s clothes are really twisted, and now they are all gone. But considering this trip, Elder Tashi or Li Daodanba, have you forgotten that your teacher told you to obey my orders? Don’t you want to fulfill your teacher’s last wish? Don’t you want your teacher to avenge yourself?
When I heard Tashi’s mouth say that the word "teacher" was Danba’s expression, a flame of revenge was ignited in his bright black eyes. After a ceremony with Tashi, the third elder Danba knew that Danba was wrong and went to change his clothes.
Looking at the back of Danba entering the room, Elder Nai Tashi shook his head and secretly said, Danba, although this child has already built the most important realm, it’s a case of hiding secrets. It’s rare to see a martial genius in Danba for 300 years. It’s an absolute strength, and it’s probably better than himself. But Danba’s personality is too honest and straightforward, just like a childlike innocence, and he doesn’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.
With a slight sigh, when Tashi was still thinking about it, Danba had changed his casual costume at that time and had come from the room with a bitter face and changed it to the three elders of Tashi Road.
Good. Let’s go.
Jin Jiazhuang Garden Training Room At the moment, Li Yueling is sweating, Jin Xiuqing is fighting into a ball, and the two of them are in a hurry to distinguish the shadows, so that they can watch Jin Linhong and Jin Linye from one side.
After a bang, the two extremely fast figures finally receded toward both sides.
I can’t do it. It’s your turn to replace the second brother. Jin Xiuqing panted, saying that her whole body has been trained and her eyes are drenched with sweat. She looked at the other side with a relaxed face. Li Yueling called the other side a super little pervert. In less than seven days, she mastered the Dragon Nine, which contains 911 variants and complicated fists. This exquisite skill is better than her own practice of continuous penance for more than ten years.
Shenlong Jiuxian this set of boxing is a long-lost one. It is absolutely that the master got the boxing score by chance during the Cultural Revolution. Because the Jin family lost this Shenlong Jiuxian boxing early, it became another skill except the Jin family
Because on the same day, after unanimous deliberation, it was decided that Li Yueling would take up the battle and hide secrets. Although Li Yueling was absolutely strong in strength, it was a bit worse than the master’s heyday. However, for the layman’s kung fu, it was no problem for some martial arts institutes to fight ordinary people, but it was dwarfed by Jin Xiuqing’s suggestion to book an assault training plan. It was planned to let Li Yueling initially master the essence of Dragon Nine Now Boxing. Where could I expect Li Yueling to be less than one? Weeks ago, I mastered the extremely abstruse boxing of Shenlong Jiuxian, which is also simple. Who let Daniel lee’s spiritual body wash tendons and cut pulp after the pill in hell and heaven? The theory of physical coordination or the degree of nerve reaction has reached the extreme level of human body, and he is backed by the Taoist top interest of Heaven and Qi. It’s really impossible to think slowly.
How did my little aunt change people after playing for five minutes? I thought it was agreed to play for ten minutes. Li Yueling asked with a lazy smile, shaking his arm.
You’re so heavy, you’re only happy that you have to beat your aunt. Jin Xiuqing criticised and immediately turned to Jin Linhong’s second brother to help me teach this little bastard a good lesson.
Jin Linhong noncommittally spread his hands and said, Fourth Sister can’t even stop him for five minutes. Second Brother, I’m not stupid enough to be boring. Do you want to let Third Brother?
On hearing that Ji Jinlin shook his head like a rattle, Yue Linggen, the second brother, was a little pervert. The day before yesterday, Si Mei was able to fight him neck and neck, and now he can’t even hold on for five minutes. Let’s save it.
Seeing that no one wants to continue fighting, Li Yueling stretched himself and said, Is this the end of training today? My stomach is screaming with hunger.
Three people smell speech and shake their heads firmly at the same time. Jin Linhong said, No, it’s not finished today. It’s impossible to find someone to play against you, but you can practice with stakes and sandbags. Of course, it’s still the usual practice. You can’t practice for another hour and let you eat.
I’m so poor. Li Yueling suddenly remembered that a classic sentence I saw in a novel before was suitable for me.
At this time, a burst of hearty laughter turned out to be beaming. Master Yue Ling came into the training room and asked Grandpa to practice a few tricks with you.
Li Yueling, who knows that the master’s injury has not healed, is willing to shake his head and resolutely say no.
I know Li Yueling is worried about the hidden danger of personal injury. Master haha laughed. It’s okay for you to practice for two minutes. Will your grandfather be so indiscreet? Let’s show your grandfather if you have practiced Shenlong Jiu now.
Seeing that the master was strong and Jin Linhong and others didn’t stop him, Li Yueling knew that the master’s words were empty, so he wouldn’t wriggle for two minutes. If Grandpa Gan lost, he would have to promise Yueling one thing.
Master walked over and looked at Li Yueling’s way. What did you say? Grandpa promised you.
If Yue Lingsheng wins, the training will be over today. I’m starving.
Ok, if you can beat grandpa in two minutes, not only will the training be over today, but you will not train tomorrow.
Li Yueling suddenly snapped his fingers when he heard the master promise, and thanked God for finally giving himself a chance to get rid of it.
Dry grandpa, then I can come. With the first contact of Master Li Yueling, Li Yueling finally ushered in seven days of hard training and finally liberated.