Chen Feng can’t talk beautifully. He comes and goes just a few words. I miss you, but when I hear his sincere words, Feng Yu’s tears can’t stop falling. It seems that she has broken her pearls. She put her backhand around Chen Feng and said, Me too.
Promise me that we will never part again, okay? Chen Feng holds the wind tightly and is afraid that she will disappear from her arms.
Well, we’ll never be separated again, and we’ll hold Chen Feng tighter.
Looking at the two of them hugging each other, Xing Jian was happy and shed tears. Only then did she realize that she was more than a woman. How can a woman say tears? Now when she sees herself like this, she will definitely say Xing Jian, you idiot, why are you crying? The thought of Xing Jian’s tears is even more unstoppable. What is now a virtual shadow five years ago and what is not reality?
For a long time, Chen Fengcai reluctantly let go of the wind feather hand, of course, still clinging to it.
What the hell is going on in the ocean? Why aren’t you dead in the wind? Although Chen Feng thinks that the wind and feathers are not dead in the ocean, it’s better to care about him. But he is curious and wants to know the answer, so he can’t help but ask.
Sister-in-law, you should say the ocean first, and soon she changed her mind and cried, suddenly a wind blade flew towards the ocean, and of course the ocean escaped easily
What sister-in-law I said I would marry him? Feng Yu grabbed Chen Feng and pointed to Chen Feng’s nose and shouted at the ocean.
Wife, you are so quick to go back on your word.
Who’s your wife? Let you talk nonsense.
Don’t be a wind blade. I don’t have super powers now. I can’t stand the ocean. Don’t fucking sit at the theater and save me.
Mom, I don’t care if you two husband and wife quarrel.
I told you both to talk nonsense and die.
Xingjian looked at everything in front of him and wiped his tears. How much he wanted to fight with them.
Then the wind, feather and ocean said that they had lived for a reason.
Last year, in the second hometown of Amadeus, the wind and feathers crossed the old man, and the absolute device completely frozen the research room, which directly stopped Amadeus’ life activity and sank into the deep ocean of the sun with the destruction of the volcanic laboratory area.
Later, countries all over the world set traps in their second hometown to call on the power to live on the island, and finally detonated the super-magnetic nuclear to kill the power. Just when the island was blown up and sank, the super-magnetic nuclear explosion power wave reached the submarine volcano laboratory. At that time, the position of the wind plume was at the gate of the research room. Because she watched Chen Feng leave the super-magnetic nuclear explosion wave and went to that gate, the activity was slowly restored near the gate.
Until one day, the third chapter believes in miracles.
The ocean fled the island with Chen Feng in the super-magnetic nuclear explosion, but in an instant on the island, the ocean was implanted into the body by magnetic nuclear radiation, and the destructive power of magnetic nuclear radiation was close to absolute degree. The ultra-low temperature, the absolute heat and the absolute cold produced a chain reaction, which constantly destroyed the marine body and tissues, and the marine individual almost burst.
In order to save the ocean, he decomposed his body into water elements and entered the Pacific Ocean. This was his first breakthrough in life and death. He completed the ability of element ionization.
However, it was the first time that his element ionization was difficult, and it was also necessary for his body to fall on Chen Fengshen to protect him from sleeping in the Pacific Ocean for a year until Asura’s spiritual connection awakened him.
The ocean has been damaged by magnetic radiation, and the state of water element has been waiting for him to find out that Chen Feng suddenly woke up and left the bottom of the sea. He also reorganized his body to follow up, but after reorganizing his body, the ocean sensed a weak life reaction on the bottom of the sea.
The life reaction was to slowly restore the vitality. After the wind feather saved the wind feather from the ocean, it went to look for Chen Feng. But at that time, Chen Feng’s sun fragments were in hand at a high speed, and there were too many of them. By the time they found Chen Feng, Chen Feng had been beaten to death by the heart.
Then the wind and feather ocean saved Chen Feng and came to this island to recuperate with the broken sun fragments. Chen Fengxing’s capital was white, and things came together.
Then Chen Feng also said what had happened to him again. He inherited the magic moon fragments from his heart until he said that the ocean sun fragments had no soul body, and finally he went to the strange boy who had the same power with a star.
I was deprived of my power by my heart, but I felt some changes in my body. I can’t tell. Chen Feng grabbed a small stone, which he could easily crush in normal times, but now he has made the stone crack.
I gave my body back more strength, but now it seems that I really became a cripple. Chen Fengnai threw away the stone casually, but no one noticed that the stone he threw suddenly disappeared in the middle, not into powder or through, but actually disappeared.
Having no power doesn’t mean you’re a cripple. You’re just returning to ordinary human beings. After a moment’s reflection, the ocean said, in fact, what really makes me care is that eccentric teenager whose identity is unknown for the time being, and his power is exactly the same. This is the biggest strange thing. Because power is based on the genetic living environment of human body, it is impossible to present the same power unless they are directly related.
It’s a little strange. Didn’t the eccentric boy say that he had nine pieces of sun before he went to the sun? But the question is, when you had a broken piece of sun, where did his nine pieces of sun come from? There were only nine pieces of sun, but according to the eccentric boy, weren’t they ten pieces of sun?
These two strange questions really make people wonder. Several people present know the secret story of the sun fragment, the sun seal and the inferno, so they can’t figure it out at the moment.
At this time, the ocean asked what you are going to do now.
What about you? Chen Feng can’t make up his mind to ask the ocean at the moment.
I went back to Hermit Village to live in seclusion. After all, my body is still damaged by magnetic radiation, and I haven’t fully recovered. The ocean said that although Chen Feng lost his power, he could feel the weakness of the ocean and knew that his body was seriously eroded by magnetic radiation.
Chen Feng stared at the ocean and suddenly his eyebrows tightened. Then I, Feng Yu, will accompany you to the secluded village. You haven’t recovered yet. You should always be taken care of by someone who is not an ocean. I’m afraid Chen Feng can’t escape the super-magnetic nuclear explosion and throw it at the ocean in any other way.
If you don’t look for a star to build Zhang Lie, you should know that the world will be in chaos, said the ocean
What’s the big mess? Chen Feng asked Ocean, shaking his head and sighing, Why have you experienced so many things, but your IQ hasn’t risen a bit? What will happen when the Sun Guardian comes to the earth to wipe out the inferno?
You mean the white road of war.
It is a kind of thing for human beings, and the remaining two people will think about matching another person. After losing their territory and country, the creatures will certainly be ambitious to plunder land resources, but the inferno aggression base has destroyed the world, and then human beings will face serious problems such as resource shortage and land shortage. At that time, it is inevitable to compete for resources, and once the war breaks out, it will be difficult to calm the ocean, said Leng Jun.
Xingjian listened to God’s thoughts. Ocean Rancong predicted the future situation five years ago. Now Xingjian is in the 38-year war, and the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa have already started.
The ocean closes its eyes and sighs with emotion. As the saying goes, if the sky is closed for a long time, it will be separated for a long time. The world will be in troubled times sooner or later, but maybe this troubled time is different. Because of the sharp shortage of resources now, human beings will definitely cause a world war to compete for these resources. The more war breaks out, the less resources there are, the more it will expand, and it is likely to turn into the end of the world.
Then we should take Xingjian Zhang Lie back to the hermitage village together, otherwise Chen Feng doesn’t want to lose another friend in the troubled times, but Haiyang shook his head. He said, I don’t agree with what you did because I think it is the best choice to keep Xingjian in the troubled times, because I think Xingjian is destined to save the world, and he can stop the destruction of the world. There is only one way, that is, to stop the war, unify the world and mobilize human beings to restore the culture in order to organize the world to die.