Tian Shuyan saw him wake up with a sigh, looked out of the window and handed him a letter saying, "Well, this is from her."
Qi Yufeng immediately sank in the heart and grabbed the letter and wrote
Tell two brothers
This time, Liaodong has a shallow relationship with each other.
The gift of clothes will never be erased.
But it’s hard to have a good end in life. When he meets in the rivers and lakes, he will talk about the martial arts and the sword.
The ends of the earth miss my brother and three sisters, so don’t say goodbye
Take care of yourself and don’t think about it.
Wen Xiu hand
Qi Yufeng cried a surprised as if like a gourd ladle of cold water pledge.
I got up and dressed and ran to the Li Wenxiu guest room, but I saw Ri’s head shining high and the sun was shining everywhere. The room was clean and tidy, but Li Wenxiu was not seen.
He hurried out of the inn, but when he saw the white horse, he couldn’t help shouting "Axiu Axiu". He was disheveled and in a flurry. People stared at him curiously, but they didn’t care to arrange the instrument.
A sudden fire in his heart has been running out of the surrounding Fiona Fang several miles away, and both avenues have been searched for, but he has not been able to find the lonely and thin figure.
He couldn’t help wondering where she had gone. She has no relatives and doesn’t have much money. Ri can dress up as a man and hunt and collect herbs along the road to give birth to a girl. What if she meets any difficult experts?
He ran like a madman, searching all over the mountains, but finding no trace everywhere. It was not until the end of the month that he dragged himself back to the inn and met Tian Shuyan.
Two people sit in silence and look at each other for a long time.
For a long time, Tian Shuyan pushed the window and looked at the moon, chanting, "The scenery under the eyes can’t be kept warm and fragrant, and the saddle can be carved to cover the road. It’s acacia’s melancholy and jade-like appearance, which hinders the east wind from being prosperous. The main fault zone still leaves a begging sentence to find a place."
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but stare at him again after listening to his poetry, and felt that he couldn’t wait to beat him up to be Japanese.
When he silently opened an altar of white wine and drank his belly, he calmed down a little. "She’s like this because we forced her too much, so these days, I saw that she was thinking deeply and didn’t think it was upside down. I think she already had an idea in her heart."
He lost in thought for a long time, and when he saw a silver plate hanging out of the window, the sky would be full, and he couldn’t help but think of Li Wenxiu’s shyness, shyness, quarrel and smiling, and another pain in his heart.
When he took one mouthful after another, he became more and more anxious, and suddenly he thought that Li Wenxiu was flushed, his cheeks and eyes were shining, and he looked at himself, and suddenly he was worried that she would be caught in the sinister Jianghu, and he couldn’t help shivering again.
In a daze, I looked up and saw Tian Shuyan sitting opposite with a cup in his hand, and then his altar wine was poured and drunk by himself.
He couldn’t help but be agitated. He stood up and cried, "Come on, let Tian Xiong go out with me for a few moves."
Then take the sword hanging on the wall and bang it out of its sheath and jump out of the door.
Tian Shuyan followed closely into the yard without saying anything.
The two men nodded their heads and turned their tips upside down, holding the hilt and devoting themselves to salute.
"Please!" "Please!"
I haven’t seen Qi Yufeng’s hand straight yet, and the white light flashes with the sound of "zither". Tian Shuyan couldn’t help but shout "Yi".
Qi Yufeng stretched out his hand, and it was the "flying snow and cold plum blossoms" in the snow-capped mountain swordsmanship that made the tip quiver in three ways, and it was the "three-point swordsmanship". Although Tian Shuyan made one by one, he couldn’t help secretly praising the progress of Qi Yufeng’s swordsmanship.
Qi Yufeng failed to make a move and rebuked the sword. He rowed straight from the left corner, but his strength was urgent. Tian Shuyan jumped back and evaded the sword. He just landed on his left foot and followed up with two swords to attack his opponent.
Qi Yufeng stood still, smiled at the corner of his mouth, and lightly swung the sword to block it. He couldn’t fly lightly. Some days ago, Li thought that it was such a static braking strategy to make a preemptive strike.
Tian Shuyan heart way a few ri see Qi Yufeng fencing will have such a state when dare not speak lightly sprinting around Qi Yufeng going round and round turning feet faster and faster.
Qi Yufeng stood firm and stared at his sword. The tip of the sword was close to the front and he shot it down with a sword.
Tian Shuyan turns left and right, and his posture is changeable.
Qi Yufeng turned him slightly dizzy when he brushed his two swords and cut them straight.
However, Tian Shuyan ran very fast, and by then, people were already away from Jianfeng, and he was always a foot away from him.
Qi Yufeng returned to the sword and squatted slightly on his right leg. Tian Shuyan saw that the flaw was quite sharp and the sword stabbed his left shoulder.
Unexpectedly, Qi Yufeng’s crouch was a sudden change of the long sword: "Left block", "Swallow three strokes to copy the water" and "Lift the sword and lift the white crane’s wings", and then turn around, stab and stab, and take Tian Shuyan’s thigh directly.
Tian Shuyan’s terrible sword was thrown at Qi Yufeng’s shoulder. In the past, it was a knack of mutually assured destruction.
If Qi Yufeng continues to attack one of his legs, he will be hit by a sword. In this case, the other party must take the sword to block himself and get rid of this, which can save the desperate situation.
Listen to the "clank" and wind up the sword together, and block Tian Shuyan’s sword to detain the ground.
Two people looked at each other in the heart is a surprise.
Qi Yufeng’s own trick is not enough to make Tian Shuyan bow down, but it can also surpass him. Unexpectedly, it makes a lose-lose situation.
However, Tian Shuyan didn’t think that this young swordsman, who was just getting started more than half a year ago, could actually force him to be so embarrassed that he had become a master in the sword. I really don’t know how he practiced this swordsmanship.
Just as they were amazed, they suddenly heard someone clapping their hands outside the hospital, saying, "I didn’t expect such a remote town to see such a young hero with strong martial arts J and jīng."
Two people look a turn to see two people standing at the gate.
A bartender accompanied a middle-aged man wearing a mandarin jacket and a small hat to see that the man was not very tall, and his appearance was positive. He also had a luxurious sword with gold and jade in his hand.
When Tian Shu was angry, he shouted angrily, "Why did you bring people to my courtyard at random?"
The second boy raised his neck with a blank eye and said, "Now it’s all over the city that my owner was killed by bad people. Is it great that this Ji Jiumao is a good friend of the owner to come and see?"
Tian Shuyan said, "What kind of store are you?"
The bartender stood beside Xia Ji Jiumao and said, "Xia Ji is here. If you want to get an explanation today, you have to ask Xia Ji."
Then Ji Jiumao waved his hand and said, "My Du brothers were killed yesterday. Why don’t you go and have a look with the same people in the Wulin?"
There’s something in their hearts, but when they killed the bully yesterday, the Zhang brothers saw that his martial arts were humble and vain, but they didn’t take it seriously. At this time, they saw that someone dared to come forward and felt a little depressed.
When Qi Yufeng sidewalk "roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll."
Tian Shuyan also said, "What kind of ruffian dares to call a warrior a disgrace?" What’s the matter with this world? "
The "Great Xia" of Ji came to see these two teenagers, and it’s a matter of courtesy. At this time of the week, when he heard the news, he flew into a rage and sneered, "In that case, don’t blame Ji for being impolite."
Say a sword drawn and stand up, and look at the two men and let them attack together.
Qi Yufeng hesitated for a moment when he handed a sword in the previous step. The "Great Xia" was covered with flaws, fearing that even when he had never crossed, he could not win, but he didn’t know it was good to attack him.
Tian Shuyan intends to see Qi Yufeng’s swordsmanship again, but he didn’t help boxing before. At this time, he couldn’t help but feel a little funny at the sight of this "Great Xia" sword.
Qi Yufeng also don’t want to think about it. He decided to stab Ji Jiumao’s forehead with a sword. When Ji Jiumao’s sword was blocked, he changed his sword and cut his beard slightly.
Ji Jiumao also moved quickly to wave his sword in his hand, and Qi Yufeng’s sword in his hand also bypassed his top door with a flick and gently cut off his hat together with a handful of hair.
Ji Jiumao felt his head burning and his head ached. When he was furious, he couldn’t take care of many long swords and stabbed Qi Yufeng forward. As soon as he turned around his side, he shaved his eyebrows with two swords.
Xia Ji Jiumao felt a little dizzy when he shone at the moment, and he almost collapsed to the ground. He was about to turn to face his opponent, but suddenly he saw his trousers slip away. It turned out that one of his belts was also cut into several sections for Qi Yufeng.
Ji Jiumao quickly lost his sword, grabbed his pants and found that his whole head was as clean as a salted duck’s egg, just like a barber shaved it, leaving some green stubble slightly. I couldn’t help but tremble and beg the young man to spare his life.
Qi Yufeng glanced at him and laughed. "Go away, you are so martial arts. You’d better not come out to walk in the Jianghu to uphold justice."
That Ji Jiumao bowed and turned away without saying a word.
On the one hand, the bartender was stunned to see that the surname had left and died, but Tian Shuyan suddenly walked slowly to the crowd and said, "I have asked Xia Ji just now. I wonder if I can ask you for justice now?"
The shop assistant looked at Tian Shuyan with a frightened face and a shrinking neck.