In the last two minutes of the first quarter, Kobe Bryant’s presence today is more than a private Lakers attack. However, Kobe Bryant will not hold the ball for long today. After breaking through the difficult discipline and humiliation of the Clippers, Kobe Bryant will quickly move the basketball to a weak defensive position and let his teammates continue to attack their own balls. Immediately after that, the ball will run and continue to pull the Clippers’ defensive front.
The Lakers have such a great god to attract defense. Even if Kobe doesn’t have a basketball Clippers in his hand, he should devote a considerable part of his energy to him, so that Kobe will reduce a large part of the defensive pressure on his teammates.
Kobe Bryant’s running on the court involved part of the Clippers’ defensive energy. Farmar scored four points in the last two minutes by breaking through and stopping the jumper. Today, the Lakers’ scoring points became as even as in the first game, so the Lakers were the most difficult to deal with.
At the end of the first quarter, the score was 15:22, and neither team scored high. The Clippers even scored 15 points, setting a record for the lowest score in a single quarter in the playoffs this year.
Ji Guoqiu scored 4 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot in the first quarter. Ji Guojiao scored 3 points, 4 rebounds and 1 blocked shot. Artest scored 4 points and 2 rebounds. Billups scored 2 points, 1 assisted and Mobry scored 2 points.
Kobe Bryant scored 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, Farmar scored 5 points, Odom scored 5 points, Wharton scored 3 points, Schell scored 3 points and Bynum scored 2 points.
"People move the ball, we need more ball transfer and cooperation. Don’t live there. That will make it easier for the Lakers to defend. Let’s move and transport more balls to pick and roll and find a shot and an easy basket. Although the routines in our tactical training class are rigid, you should come out. It’s better to have routines than no routines."
Old Deng Liwei was a little excited after the first quarter. After a great victory, the players were obviously unable to find the state and tactics on the scene today. The execution was too arbitrary. It seemed decisive to make a direct shot when there were opportunities, but these opportunities were actually not good. Can you imagine the hit rate?
Clippers will never have a good effect if they continue to play against the Lakers in the same way. They played well on the offensive end, but it doesn’t make sense for them to die so casually today. The opposite Lakers are not weak, and they are not strong enough to win the game casually in the face of such a strong enemy as the Lakers.
In the second quarter, the two teams performed half a catty during the substitute period. In the first quarter, they were replaced by Jackson. In the second quarter, Gasol finally got the chance to kill on the spot!
When Jackson saw Gasol’s poor performance in the first quarter, he immediately replaced the Spaniard early, so that he could find confidence in the second echelon against the Clippers’ substitute. Gasol said that his strength should be in twins, but in the first three games, his performance was barely equal to that of the two, which kept the Lakers line at a disadvantage.
Phil Jackson knows that if his team line continues to be so windy, it is unlikely that the Lakers will win three more games. Gasol must play at the star level before they can advance
In the second quarter, the score was 3 seconds and 19:26. Old Deng Liwei changed the twins.
The difference between the two teams in the substitute war has not changed. Old Deng Liwei naturally didn’t think about it for that week, but he will not play well in the first quarter. Instead, he just sent Billups to lead the substitute array against Gasol in the second quarter. This is also a wonderful move by Jackson, so it was broken by the Clippers in a fog.
Old Deng Liwei said, "Did I just do something amazing?"
Gasol’s killing in the second echelon of the Lakers, Billups, also took the opportunity to explode Farmar’s two No.1 positions in the Lakers.
Billups, the clippers’ three-round series, has been playing steadily and efficiently. His data is not too bright, but when the team needs him out, Billups has lived up to the expectations of fans and hit many key goals most of the time.
In the second quarter, Billups, Ji Guoshame and Ji Guoqiu, the three absolute main forces, returned to the Clippers’ attack and got on the right track, and their feelings also recovered.
Kobe Bryant and the twins returned to the court at the same time. Peter Pan first hit a three-pointer on the offensive end. This shot was unreasonable, but Kobe wanted to control this unreasonable shot to a certain number of times. Phil Jackson encouraged him to throw it properly because of the high return rate.
Ji Guo was ashamed that this defense was two steps away from Kobe Bryant. He didn’t expect Kobe Bryant to shoot one step away from the three-point line. Today, Kobe Bryant seems to have been playing very reasonably. He also said that the other side won’t throw such a ball again, and the result was miserable.
"How does it feel to get 5 points?" Ji Guo shamed Kobe Bryant when he ran forward.
"You’ll never know." Kobe responded nicely this time. Ji was ashamed because Fox had not scored 5 points.
After saying this, Kobe felt that his garbage words seemed to be very high today. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he continued to ridicule Ji Guo’s shame. "Do you know the feeling of 1 point? Oh … Maybe you’ll never know how it feels. What about 6 points? Well … I think it’s still very difficult. "
"The guy who can sit on the bench in the first season, when I get 4+, are you still sitting on the bench watching O’ Neill play?" Ji Guo’s shame was furious. His words were vicious, but they were not technical, which was not like his style.
Both of them were angry and glared at each other
Ji Guo’s shame has reached the frontcourt at this time. He didn’t find that Billups gave himself the ball and just flew by at this moment. He was too busy arguing with Kobe and forgot to catch it!
"This fool!" Ji Guoqiu sighed that the basketball was out of bounds and the dead fox made such a stupid mistake!
Ji Guo’s shame neck shrank and apologized to Billups repeatedly, because the mistake was not him but Mr. Key’s. This is a typical cheating, that is, shota, who had a good temper in Billups, would have gone wild at this time!
The Lakers got the ball back without knowing what was going on. Kobe Bryant’s offensive end forcibly broke through Ji’s shame and reached the free throw line. Suddenly, he made a sudden stop and turned around to make a shot, which shook the fox’s younger brother and then hit it easily, almost creating a 2+1 for Ji’s shame.
"Silly big see? If I want to score, I can get 5+ on your head at any time. "Kobe once again ridiculed Ji Guo’s shame, and now he is ahead of some damn dead fox root and can’t fight back.
Ji Guo was ashamed to cross his waist and angrily watched Kobe go back. Brother Panda served at the bottom line and smiled telepathically. "You know, garbage is not a universal stadium. Even if you can spit lotus flowers, you can still be hit in the face."
"Nonsense, I knew it. Didn’t I see that I was beaten in the face and couldn’t fight back? Boss, you’d better give me some good shots quickly, and I’ll hit you in the face. "
The clippers’ attack on the giant panda gave the poor fox a wonderful back, another time without watching the ball.
Ji Guoshi received the basketball, but he didn’t get a good shot. Rad Manovic didn’t care if others looked for him for personal defense. Ji Guoshi didn’t dare to throw a Kobe field. He also remembered that he didn’t get a chance to give the basketball to Artest again.
The Lakers didn’t double-team clippers today. Jackson told them to watch their defenders and make sure they didn’t lose their positions. If they were hit one-on-one, they would be hit!
Artest also failed to storm Odom’s defense and gave the basketball to Billups.
Among the five Clippers, the most obvious contraposition advantage is that Billups can’t keep up with other Farmar’s strength and experience. Mr. Key has the ability to blow up the lake. At this time, Clippers players naturally have to give basketball to the most sure person.
Ji Guo was depressed. Although Billups got scores in a row today, he didn’t have much chance to concentrate on defense, but even if he tried his best, Kobe could still get a lot of points on his head. He couldn’t do it. He just defended a game in a wrong position. Although he was also beaten by Kobe, he could at least fight back today, but Fox was so depressed that he felt blocked.
At the end of the half-game, the score was 43:3. The Clippers scored 23 points in the second quarter, which was neither high nor low. Most of them were obtained by Billups and Ji Guoqiu, but fortunately, they did a good job on the defensive end in the second quarter. The Lakers scored even lower in the second quarter. The Clippers beat the Lakers in the first quarter to make the difference five points worse.
Ji Guoqiu scored 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 5 points, 7 rebounds and 1 blocked shot. Artest scored 2 rebounds. Billups scored 11 points and 3 assists. Mobry scored 4 points and Posey scored 2 points.
Kobe Bryant scored 12 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, Odom 7 points, 3 rebounds, Gasol 6 points, 4 rebounds, Bynum 4 points, 3 rebounds, Farmar 5 points, Schell 4 points, Wharton 3 points and Rad Manovic 2 points.
"We did a good job in the first half, and the defensive end continued to restrict the Lakers from grabbing their frontcourt rebounds except Kobe Bryant. At the offensive end, we had the opportunity to hit the basket as much as possible. Today, the Lakers’ defensive concentration is very high, and the defensive intensity is also very strong. It is not worthwhile for us to shoot from the outside. It is the best choice to go to the free throw line more."
Old Deng Liwei was generally satisfied with the team’s half-time performance. In the first half of the first quarter, the team felt bad and dug a big hole for themselves. But in the second quarter, they tried to fill in half of it. They had to play well at half-time in the third quarter to try to equalize the score and save the decisive battle for the last quarter to solve the Lakers with one breath.
Ji Guoqiu saw the dead fox in the locker room and said to himself, "You volunteered to defend Kobe. Didn’t you decide to sacrifice yourself at that time?" Now that you have long known that defending Kobe will be humiliated by the other side, what is there to be depressed about now? "
Ji Guo was ashamed and took a sip of Gatorade. "It’s easy for mom to say. I’ve already defended well. I’ve done everything. I’ve made it more difficult for him to shoot, and it’s even more uncomfortable. But the king egg will still be thrown into such a thought. I might as well let him vote for MD. How to prevent it?" Ji Guo was ashamed to slap the chair at the thought of being depressed, then sighed and said in his heart, "But you’re right, I asked for it, and I will resist it again."
Ji Guoqiu couldn’t help laughing when he saw this virtue. "I know it must be very uncomfortable to be beaten by Kobe, but don’t you think that everyone praised you for doing a good job after you were so miserable?" It’s the same today. Your contribution to everyone will see that you can’t prevent it. That is to say that Kobe feels good. Since he feels good, you can let him vote, but you must not let him kill our line! " Brother Panda entered the coaching role and continued to comfort him. "I think you’re getting to the bottom of it. In fact, you’ve done a good job. It’s because you blocked him out that our overall defense was not torn apart by the Lakers’ attack. That’s the most important point. You’re Huang Jiguang who blocked the eye-catching perfectly and made it easier for us to deal with other Lakers players. Don’t you know how much you’ve contributed?"
Ji Guo’s shame raised his eyebrows and was flattered by Ji Guo’s hatred. He immediately felt a lot better, but when he took the data sheet and looked at his score, his face became extremely unhappy. "It’s only 5 points. I want to score half-time to help me block that Rad Manovic."
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Half-time playing elder brother
Old Deng Liwei also knows that it is not easy for Ji Guo to be ashamed of his coquettish character and sacrifice himself to become a team. He must comfort this little guy to prevent him from exploding.
Besides, Kobe can’t be defended by anyone. It’s necessary to be able to limit Kobe’s score to his average score per game. Then it’s even a defensive expert. Battier’s defense is good enough. When Kobe meets him, his score is reduced by 1 point, and his shooting rate is reduced by 1 percentage point. It’s still very commendable that Deng Liwei can do this at halftime. He praised Fox and hoped that he would continue to find abuse and block the eye-catching.
Phil Jackson is also in distress at the moment, just as Ji Guoqiu said that defense is not simple, and mechanical one-on-one defense of basketball is five human events. Successful defense is to maximize the help of the other team in the game to reduce the attack on their own. It is true that discipline and national humiliation defense Kobe Bryant has little change from other civil air defense, and even Kobe Bryant will get a 4+5+ easily.
Many neutral fans watched the half-court game and felt that Kobe Bryant always threw in front of Ji’s national humiliation, how could he help shouting and how to prevent it? It’s no different from Yi Jianlian’s defense effect! But they don’t know that in Ji’s humiliation, the Clippers’ overall defense will not be torn apart by the Lakers’ attack
Who is the core of Clippers’ defense? It’s not Artest, it’s not Percy, it’s the line twins who have twins in the Clippers’ defense. Their height and line deterrence are far more than the so-called blocked shot data and brocade, but a team with a super line is afraid of fouls, and Duncan Gatt is the same, so once the opposing perimeter defender can easily break into the penalty area, although the blocked shot data of the two brothers will be better, it will do too much damage to the overall defense of the team.
And the value of Ji Guo’s humiliation is reflected here. Fox can’t prevent Kobe from jumping shot and holding back Kobe’s power. Today, he can’t prevent Kobe from organizing and controlling the game, but he is always calm and "putting his shot and not letting it go" (relatively speaking), so that Kobe can be successfully kept away from the restricted area and Ji Guo’s hatred. This is the most important place for the Clippers. He sacrificed himself to let Ji Guo’s hatred guard the deterrent force in the restricted area. Although it is not as good as the two of them, someone has to sacrifice in the face of Kobe, right?
Phil Jackson’s understanding of these things may be more thorough than that of Deng Liwei’s. Defending Kobe Bryant in a misplaced way, then their fourth player will have to face James Posey or Artest, which should be a place to make a fuss. However, the four-person defense of the Clippers has greatly avoided this defect. Brother Panda has been chasing the ball with altruism. Once Kobe Bryant talks about basketball to the line, Gasol, Odom or Bynum will be more or less disturbed by Ji Guoqiu. The giant panda actually works more on the defensive end. He almost has to help prevent every lineman of the Lakers from oppressing the Lakers attack in a wide range of defense and let the Lakers players shoot in the restricted
Looking at their own teams, these two line Jackson sighed and couldn’t help thinking yy. If the twins were the Lakers, his fourth consecutive championship was assured. Gasol is good, but if the twins want to exchange, Phil Jackson won’t hesitate. In addition to their potential, maybe the Lakers will have a chance to kill the Clippers this year, but it will be more and more difficult for them to beat the Clippers as time goes by. How can he imagine where these two little guys will grow up in a few seasons?
The Clippers’ array was greatly adjusted in the half-time battle. Old Deng Liwei was replaced by Billups, Artest, Ji Guoshi, Amir Johnson and Ji Guoqiu.
Jackson’s brow wrinkled, and the Clippers’ three-line combination was unheard of, which made him uneasy and confused about the Clippers’ true intentions.
Billups hit a three-pointer at half-court, which seems to indicate that the Clippers’ counterattack is coming.
Kobe doesn’t have the nickname "Mr. Key", but everyone is still impressed by Peter Pan’s ability to throw the key ball, especially when he is on time, such as now …
After one and a half games, Ji found that he was one and a half steps away from Kobe Bryant, which was the most appropriate distance. If he was closer, he would not be able to let go of the breakthrough. If he was farther away, he would have an impact on Kobe Bryant’s shooting. Although this distance is a bit unable to prevent shooting or breakthrough, it can also be said that it can interfere with shooting and affect the breakthrough.
Kobe Bryant made a tentative step to Ji Guo’s shame outside the three-point line, and then jumped up and threw his hand back regardless of the dead fox’s reaction …
Ji Guoshi stretched his arm and put a face of lost face in Kobe’s eyes. However, his handsome appearance is really fierce. At most, he looks cunning and young, but he feels a little cute.
"Hey!" Basketball hits the box and bounces into the net!
Ji Guo’s shame may have had some effect on Kobe Bryant two years earlier, but Battier has been defending Kobe Bryant for several years. Now Peter Pan has been obsessed with this trick for a long time, and he still gets high marks. It is impossible to defend Kobe Bryant except for two people and one base.
"See no one can stop me!" After Kobe scored, he provoked the boss to Ji Guo’s shame. This is really not rubbish, although it has the same effect.
"O ‘Neill can stop you!" Ji Guo’s shame came in a hurry, which made Kobe stunned, and then Fox added, "It seems that Malone can do it."
Kobe flew into a rage. It’s wicked to say that Ji Guo was humiliated, but Peter Pan was angry and angry. Today, he kept his anger from falling into singles mode. A fiasco seems to keep Kobe awake for a long time.
Gasol received a basketball defense online. He was a one-on-one contest between Ji Guoqiu and Ji Guoqiu in the low post.