God stood in the middle, tearing and killing the fire. The dragon was seriously injured at this time, and it roared and fell into the fire …
"hmm? Is this a dragon? " Nami small core core asked.
Kay and Princess Sofia also looked at this sea of fire. I wonder if this double-headed fire has agreed to be a servant of God.
"Woo-hoo-hoo!" God is standing in that half, burying his face in one hand and laughing wildly and contemptuously …
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God laughed wildly there, and Nami Xiaoxin asked him, "Brother God, do those two monsters like you?"
This time Kay and Sofia both laughed.
Shinto said, "It has become my mount. This dragon is rushing to the fire to get something for me."
"Oh, get rich! It’s time to get little Qian Qian! " There’s Nami’s little pistil, which one is beautiful and which one is ostentatious.
In a short time, I saw the dragon roar and a fire and ghost rope hovering over the faucet.
God grabbed the rope to get a fire magic rope on his knees. Kay and Nami Xiaoruirui and others all saw this magic rope burning wildly, and it was very domineering vertically and horizontally.
The fire was beautiful again. Lalong flew to the cliff and stared at a pair of big longan. He looked at Nami Xiaoruixin and others. Nami Xiaoruixin walked over and held a big longan. "You look so weird!"
This fiery dragon has always been a different species of heaven and earth. It has always been discriminated against and can never fit in with other species. At this time, Nami Xiaoxin came over and hugged its big longan. This strange dragon likes to be proud.
Kay urged Andy, the little white dog and hellhound, "Andy dog, who is the boss, you or this dragon?"
The little white dog was not afraid to run to the edge of the cliff and roared at the dragon against the big fire and wind.
"This is not a model, is it?" Kay giggled at the back.
The double-headed dog looked at the Cerberus the size of a small room. The dragon and the dog didn’t know what to say. Finally, Andy, the little white Cerberus, ran to the cliff and lay down peacefully.
"It seems that they have reached an agreement," Princess Sofia said.
"It seems that no one can control anyone," Kay speculated.
Nami Xiaoruixin joked, "God, if you bully my puppy, stew it in dragon soup and add some salt."
God looked at the dragon with great appreciation. "It’s good that a dragon will be more handsome and handsome when it is very strong."
The double-ended fire pulled the dragon and looked at the people as if they couldn’t fully understand that they were making fun of it.
"How to get there later?" Nami small core core asked.
"Listen to your brother," Kiah said.
"My dragon can take you out," God said, and waved. The dragon crossed the cliff.
Kay and others came to this dragon body.
The double-headed fire pulled the dragon to roar and led the people to fly forward.
This dragonfly flies very quickly, and in this lava fire, they feel that the cliff is going backwards, and it is very novel.
"Kay, will you regret what I called you to do?" Nami small core suddenly very car-scrapping asked Kay way
Kay suddenly remembered these events for a while, but when she didn’t want to think about it well, she felt like a lifetime ago. At that time, she remembered the wind, snow, quiet coffee and wine in the pub, and then she met the girl Nami Xiaoruixin, and then she did something with her, how many gold coins, and then she came to Amodo Town.
Then unconsciously involved in the four major racial wars, and later God and other different creatures were summoned to this world by the great prophet Muxier, and Kay helped God to create the God clan because of a temporary interest. The last thing Kay can’t bear is that everyone still can’t figure out the origin of designing people involved in the war.
Kay thought of these slightly stunned Nami small core wryly pinched his way "are you thinking about me? Are you thinking about me? Who told you to think of me in the cloud of fire? "
"You little bad girl seduce people to think of you and call names at home?" Sophia for a pretence to teach Nami small core way
"Ha also said me? What are you doing with your brother God? Are you still so interested in the fire? "
"You still don’t understand some happiness, you little chick!" Sophia a little teasing little flirt tone way
"I’m too lazy to understand you bad people!" Nami small core deliberately a face of small airway.
At this time, the bear was drunk again and was pouring wine into the cold toad, making it look like a big red king.
"You this bear can not bully the king" Nami small core kicking the bear.
"Frog means it is a bear!" Kay corrected
Yi Long smiled at his back.
"Is it cold toad hair? Kay brother also drank a lot "Nami small core correct Kay way.
"Well, the bear is really not a good frog," Kiah agreed.
"Kay, you haven’t said you didn’t regret doing it with me?" Nami small core and burning kay name way
"Why? Don’t take the risk, kato. Talk? Besides, there is also a little beautiful girl to accompany with the adventure. "Kay has a face of serious tunnel.
"But Nami has a little regret about breaking V Lian. I don’t want to tear him up when I see him!" Nami small core unhappy way
"Well, I think your brother thinks so, too," Kay said
"Of course, V Lian, this schemer, I thought he was not pleasing to the eye to tear it up and feed it to the dragon." God also said in recent months
"The dragon said it didn’t eat this fire. Is it hair to eat a clean little girl? Nami’s little classmate? " Sophia there play way
"I just hugged it and it didn’t even eat my white and big princess. Be careful!"
A few people were in the fire, and Kiah remembered the first time he met Nami Xiaoxin. At that time, Kiah just defeated a group of flashing lizards, and then the little girl Nami appeared in front of him.
"hey! Hey, that red head is small … "
Kay remembered that the first sentence that Nami said to him was "Hello! Hey, the red head is small … "This sentence awakened Kay O Yunxi Haier, the little red-haired consciousness. Kay felt that Nami, the little girl, had a soft magic that could call a man’s heart.
"What’s your name?"
This is the first sentence that Kay and Nami Xiaoxin said. Kay felt that little girl Nami was just a little girl. Who thought she was so moving? This man makes people feel the new world? Kay was still looking at her with a fake adult smile! Kay didn’t expect that she would be bullied sweetly by this little sweetheart.
Then the little girl Nami said something about fifteen gold coins, but Kay didn’t care. Who involved herself in a war with these fifteen gold coins?
On that day, Nami Xiaoxin smiled brilliantly and reappeared in front of Kay. At that time, Kay promised to do it with her. The little girl smiled brilliantly on the dusty flowers, which often made Kay worth millions of opponents.
"Hey …" Nami Xiaoxin suddenly interrupted Kay’s memory.
"Please call me Kay or Kay’s brother." Kay pretended to be serious as that day.
"Well, hello, brother Kay." Nami Xiaorui knew that Kay Yunxi Haier was teasing him deliberately and restless.
"What are you going to feed Brother Kay?" When Kay met for the first time, she retaliated with Nami Xiaoxin.