Xiaofei strolled forward and took a few steps to lie in front of the enemy. Fu Kangan looked down at the little beast, but it was more than a foot long, with lovely jade and snow, and his eyes shining very likable. I couldn’t help laughing. "Master is not overrated, right? What can this little fox do? Pei Hu, do you rely on this fox to save your life? "
The old monk in white said in a hurry, "Fu Dashuai, this is the polar blue fox, which was served by Bai Lianzong, a great god for quite a year. Tu Shan, the woman married by Yu Wang, is the incarnation of this god. Don’t underestimate it. Please stay away and ask him to find another opportunity."
Fu Kangan smiled, and his eyes were full of disbelief. He hummed, "Kill this fox and make me a fox skin inlay. Those who catch it will be rewarded."
The words sound just fell and there was a bodyguard chasing and intercepting the white fox. Flying and flying, waiting for the pursuer to get close to the front, jumping to the next tree and crouching in the tree, watching Fu Kangan with great interest.
Fu Kangan see this little beast swift if a pair of eyes clear than staring at his obviously deep spirit xing, also some hair mouth shouted "she arrow! Shè Arrow! "
Xiaofei heard that he suddenly got up and behaved in a dignified manner. He gathered a good half-day and opened his eyes to reveal a pair of Qinghua eyes. In the dark, there was light and he suddenly jumped up the tall tree.
They felt that there was a flash of white catkins in front of them, and then they heard it when a guard fell to the ground with a single knife in his hand and waved around a few times. He suddenly threw himself forward and fell to the ground without moving.
Although he fell for a moment, all the experts at the scene could see clearly that there was a hole in his throat and he was bleeding profusely. Obviously, he was bitten to death by White Fox Xiaofei.
Fu Kangan was shocked when he saw it, and quickly retreated and shouted, "Kill quickly!"
The guards around him flew quickly, jumping from left to right, scratching before and after, and rolling around like a somersault cloud, instantly killing the besieged enemy, with his eyes fixed on Fu Kangan’s paw and a recruit.
Fu Kangan stared at the little beast in an instant, and felt that it was going back and forth so fast that it was incredible. Looking at those eyes, I couldn’t help but feel afraid.
Look at it for a while and see that J and jīng light in its eyes forced her to be fascinating and could not help but have a slight shock in my heart.
He suddenly stepped forward with a clatter of words in his head.
Many great masters around him immediately stopped him in a hurry, but Fu Kangan made a sudden snatch and grabbed a dagger "before" and stabbed him into the chest of a bodyguard around him.
The bodyguard has been following Fu Kangan for more than ten years in the wind and rain, and immediately looked at his chest bleeding eyes full of unbelief and fell dead.
Fu Kangan killed the guards and felt happy, light and beautiful. He couldn’t help laughing. The guards around him felt weird and couldn’t help but panic. When they stood still and stepped back a little bit, how far away from Fu Kangan, they let him suddenly and violently kill people.
Fu Kangan knew something was wrong in his heart, but he couldn’t deter his mind. He laughed and walked into Xiaofei and knelt down and worshipped three times.
Xiaofei fell to the ground and was breathless. Obviously, it was also a long battle. It was too weak to move Taiqi for a good half-day before it struggled to get up and lift its tail at Fu Kangan and gently sent a stream of gas in the past.
Fu Kangan felt sweet and comfortable, and a wisp of fragrant wind swept over him immediately, forgetting myself and kowtowing one after another, and a long laugh grew louder and louder.
On the moon, I saw a well-dressed man laughing at a white fox, and everyone became more and more scared. They all felt that the scene was so strange that they were speechless.
White fox Xiaofei sees Fu Kangan with a smile, a curved mouth and crescent-shaped fangs.
Listen to Fu Kangan laugh a few times and cry and tremble as if it hurts. Yu was just about to help a few bold guards when he heard Fu Kangan shout, "To Zhai, to Zhai Shanling, to Heaven and Earth, to dare to be a monarch!" Emperor Amar gave me a high official, Hou Lurong, to spoil Tianpi, but how could he take you away? "
Heroes such as the Red Cross Society, Heaven and Earth Society and so on are fearless of life and death, and they take it for granted. Even if they shed their blood, they are not in the words, but they can’t help but be frightened. They immediately gasped and were stunned.
He Shen and nave, the chief college students of today’s first-class loyal xianggong, didn’t expect the Palace Dazhong to have such a secret history!
While the guards also did not consider the previous rescue, several of them immediately fell down with a soft foot and a bad cold in the center of the earth.
These two men are riding a horse and whipping a bloody battlefield, and a flashy emperor is in charge of Gankun. Both of them are proud of hūn’s wind and handsome, which is a model of the Qing Dynasty’s history.
Moreover, the two men have always been fighting each other in the court. I didn’t expect such an earth-shattering story in private?
This, this, this information is a little too much, isn’t it?
It is said that Fu Chang ‘an, the younger brother of a guard, is also a one-party He Shen, and his brother is like an enemy. Is this why he came?
Seeing Fu Kangan’s tears splashing on the ground, he gradually disseminated ferocious lines, and then shouted to the sky, "Yong Yan, you bullied my beauty and took me away, but you pitied me and loved me, but I didn’t know it, but you gave your life to Emperor Ama because of your jealousy. I really want to eat your flesh and sleep your skin!"
After a long call, he fell to the ground and wept bitterly. He murmured, "Andrew’s tactic will never teach you to miss life and death." The scene was terrible at the moment
He said this sentence by sentence, although Miao Renfeng’s work is profound and profound, the horse has gradually become fascinated, but he also feels that his heart is a little overwhelmed by the impact of this extraordinary love, and immediately stabilized his mind. "The wind tied this person’s mouth … and stuffed it."
Road flyover Chen feels that he is not filial to Zhu Fuhua. These people think it is not so hateful than if.
Qi Yufeng and Xisisi glances at her, staring at a pair of big eyes, full of confusion and horror, knowing that her outlook on life and values has been ruined, sighing lightly and walking to Fu Kangan near, pulling out a hero sash and trapping him firmly.
The old monk in white was stupefied. He just reacted to start work before, but suddenly he threw up his stomach.
He covered his chest and shook his mouth, saying "Amitabha, Amitabha …"
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Chapter 16 A sword through heaven
The face of the old monk in white is uncertain. Obviously, he doesn’t want to miss this great opportunity, and he is afraid that the white fox will play a trick on him like that Fu Kangan. That would be a living hell.
The two sides gathered around a cave on the side of the courtyard wall, and gradually divided into two wings. Only the white fox Xiaofei was leisurely and prone. ZH not NGY ā ng understated, tickled and wagged his tail from time to time, as if he ignored both sides.
Both sides are in danger, but one side is afraid of this day, and the animals dare not move forward. All is silent and the breathing is faintly discernible.
The old monk in white hesitated for a long time, fearing that after all, he could not cover up his greed for the treasure of King Chuang. A long knife flashed in his hand and said, "The white fox fairy will offend the little monk if he doesn’t let me."
After saying a word, Pei Pei spat two times in his hand and daubed it on his eyebrows. Then he murmured and waved a long knife to exorcise evil spirits. However, this step-by-step fighting and chanting kung fu was not a bit nondescript when he was a monk.
Qi Yufeng usually Xiaofei is most familiar with it. Although the surface is at ease, it is actually struggling to support it. A pool of shiny liquid is flowing behind its belly, which is obviously in labor.
He was anxious and couldn’t help looking at Hu Miao. Miao Renfeng also frowned and sighed and said, "Come here."
Qi Yufeng walked to Miao Renfeng and crouched near Miao Renfeng, looking at Xiaofei’s eyes and showing bitterness. Se said, "Little Pegasus is going to give birth. Go and bring him back. Don’t let us clowns break its spirit and beast’s incense. I can’t pay off its favor. How can we let it sacrifice our lives?"
Qi Yufeng nodded his head and sat silently beside Yu’s action. Master Green of Wudang suddenly said, "Wait a minute …"
Qi Yufeng bowed his head and went back to the green path. "Your fencing has become my method to teach you, but your work is too poor to fight this demon monk …"