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Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Demon Buddha War
The number of ghost people teleported is small. (provide the latest chapters to read > only over one hundred! That’s it. Standing quietly opposite Zhang Xiaotian. Look at them.
"see your highness!" Just when the two sides face each other. More than a hundred ghost guards seem to be trained. Suddenly and without warning. Kneel to the ground in unison. Shouted in unison.
Facing the direction. It is Xiao Qing on Zhang Xiaotian’s side.
"Don’t bother. Get up! " Xiao Qing nodded with a smile on her face. Light said.
"Thank your Highness!" More than one hundred people stood up from the ground with a brush. Shouted in a deafening roar.
Zhang Xiaotian several people together when the machine!
What is this …
How did Xiao Qing become the princess of this group of ghost guards?
Suddenly. Zhang Xiaotian remembered the affirmation that Xiao Qing said to Xiao Ran! No wonder Xiaoqing is so sure. There is an 80% chance. Convince her people! It turns out. Xiao Qing turned out to be the princess of the ghost. Zhang Xiaotian suddenly!
"Uncle Ghost!" Suddenly. Aside Yang Xiao voice surprised shout.
"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotian some doubts twist a head. Immediately also noticed a familiar figure in this group of nether guards!
It’s the same Luo Xiu he met in the forest of trials! They sent many men out to look for it. And let the forces controlled by heaven and earth help search. It took a whole year to find it. But I didn’t expect Luo Xiu to appear here. And became the ghost guard of the ghost people! However, Luo Xiu gave them a cold look. There is no response.
"Ghost uncle! Uncle ghost! You don’t know me. I am Xiaodi! " Yang Xiao walked to Luo Xiu. A face of anxious shouted.
But … In Yang Xiao hands will catch Luo Xiu body. Luo Xiu made a flicker. Dodged.
"What the hell is going on?" At this time. Zhang Xiaotian noticed that Luo Xiu’s eyes were hollow. Right now. Zhang Xiaotian turned to look at Xiao Qing. Asked coldly.
"He … he seems to have been used by our people!" See Zhang Xiaotian face some ugly. Xiao Qing said haltingly.
"God? What’s that? " Zhang Xiaotian asked coldly.
"In the god to people! Will take away all the emotions in my heart. Leave only skills and accomplishments. All actions are subject to the ghost who is in charge of them! In this way. You can effectively use the strength of the Ghost Guard! " Xiao Qing was embarrassed and said.
Zhang Xiaotian look one leng. This art of receiving gods is somewhat similar to the puppet art of fixing truth! But … But it is countless times better than puppet art! Play puppet art Will reduce the combat effectiveness! And perform the art of receiving the gods. But it can greatly enhance the strength of the surgery! No wonder these ghost guards are so powerful. The attack is so neat! Zhang Xiao, as thought.
"How to untie this magic?" Use the magic of receiving the gods. Can improve the strength of the subject. Knowing this situation. Zhang xiaotian’s tone is slightly lighter. Asked faintly.
"God is very good to solve! Just let the performer take it back! " See Zhang Xiaotian no longer so angry. Xiao Qing said happily.
"They receive god art is given by the two of you? Don’t untie them quickly! " Say that. Xiao Qing looked at the two men standing in the forefront of this group of ghost guards and said sternly.
"yes! Your Highness! " Two people standing in the front of the nether guard respectfully replied.
Then. Two people turn around. Two pairs of purple wings appeared on the back. There are two dazzling lights in your hands at the same time! Then. Go towards more than 100 ghosts behind you!
Every point to a ghost guard! There will be a purple light from a ghost. Go back to those two people. Join those two dazzling lights. And being guarded by the ghost from point to ground is like just waking up from sleep. Look around in confusion.
"It’s really a ghost!" Just then. A voice passed into the stadium coldly.
"who?" Zhang Xiaotian deep and remote cold eyes. Sweep around. Purple spirit force in the body immediately into the whole soul force body.
"Amitabha! You remnants of hundreds of thousands of years ago. Let Laona visit you! " There was a Buddha’s name in midair. A voice said slowly.
A bald man dressed in a crimson cassock suddenly appeared in the air. There is a faint golden light all over! Seventh-order Buddha practice! "See the sudden appearance of the figure. Zhang Xiao, as shocked shouted.
"Your highness, come here! Let’s stop them! " Just then. The two ghosts who were commanded by Xiao Qing. A face of anxious shouted towards Xiao Qing. Meanwhile. Dozens of people. Neatly rushed towards the figure in mid-air. But those who haven’t had time to unlock the ghost guards. Dozens of people are swaying again! Immediately showed hundreds of figures!
"The light of a grain of rice. Dare to compete with the bright moon? Buddhism is boundless. Looking back is the shore! " Bald old a face of cool expression. A slight wave. A large piece of thick golden light rushed to the figure of hundreds of ghost guards who rushed up. Hundreds of figures. Not a single one is missing. Cover it all.
"Before! Sniff! Before "Zhang Xiaotian clearly see. After those ghost guards poured into the golden light. Thick black smoke from my body. The body began to disappear a little bit.
From pouring into the golden light. Until the bodies of all the ghost guards disappear! A total of only a few seconds!
"Hissing" to see here. Zhang Xiaotian heart not breath a mouthful of air conditioning. Fortunately, those two ghosts just solved Luo Xiu’s god-receiving technique. Otherwise. Among the dozens of disappearing ghost guards. Luo Xiu can’t escape either. Zhang Xiaotian knows. The reason why those ghost guards are so fierce and unwilling to die is to rush to the bald old man. It’s all because. Controlled by those two shadowy people who performed magic.
Although these dozens of ghost guards are the highest ghost-shaped period! But this bald old Buddha’s light is too powerful! Just a few seconds. I melted all the bodies of these ghost guards.
Buddha power is the bane of soul power! Zhang Xiaotian again remind of this sentence. Heart can’t help but smile.
It’s not that Zhang Xiaotian didn’t save those ghost guards. But Zhang Xiaotian didn’t dare to make a move! This bald man always appears strangely. Who knows if there are other buddhas around?
Most importantly. How do these Buddhist practitioners know that the ghost has awakened? Did the earth treasure king betray them? So … Where’s the earth treasure king?
Zhang Xiaotian alert look around. But I didn’t see anything.
"Old bald donkey! Are you alone? " Just then. Yang Xiao squinted. Asked at the right time.
"Why? Just me. Still can’t deal with you? " Hear Yang Xiao call rudely. Bald old eyes flashed a faint fade. The exit said. Wave a hand. A sharp arrow formed by thick golden light. Just shoot in the direction of Yang Xiao.
"I depend!" Yang Xiao cursed in his mouth. Move your body. Then flash away.
However, to Yang Xiao’s surprise. The golden sharp arrow didn’t hit the ground because of his evasion. Turn instead. Fly towards his body.
Scared Yang Xiao face turned white at that time. Move your body. Immediately turned into dozens of figures! The golden sharp arrow suddenly paused in the air. When I was about to fly to Yang Xiao! Was next to Zhang Xiaotian a punch to hit.
"poof!" Punch on the golden sharp arrow. The golden sharp arrow was smashed at once!
"Hey!" Next moment. Out of Zhang Xiaotian two not weak spiritual energy to bald old pole.
Mental attack! The degree is fast. Unbelievable!
See such a quick mental attack! Bald old not startled. Did not dare to despise. Four mental attacks. Immediately. Get out! Two to one. Just out of the body. Six mental attacks are right together. Zhang Xiaotian’s two mental attacks. Almost scored bald old body.
But … Zhang Xiaotian’s two mental attacks after destroying the bald old four mental attacks. There is still a little spiritual energy left! Then he disappeared into the bald old man’s body.
"Not the kui is the strongest ghost in ghost repair! What a mental attack! " The mental attack is very fast. It will be over soon! Although Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack entered the bald old body. But the power is not much! Being actively defended by bald old people. It’s just blocked. Right now. Bald old sighed. In the eyes. Is with a malicious and complete.
"The ghost! It’s all evil! Disciples. Come out! " Bald old sneer at 1. Wave a hand. A curtain of light appeared in mid-air! Groups of people flashed out from it.
"Buddha! So many Buddhist practices! " Seeing this scene. Zhang Xiaotian heart not breath a mouthful of air conditioning! These Buddhist practices are all from bald old space objects.
Quite a number. There are nearly a thousand people! But … The highest one is only the fourth order! See here. Zhang Xiaotian slowly out of breath.